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The first of three scheduled Presidential debates will be held Tuesday between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and there are at least 40 prop bets gamblers can make. (Image: Getty)

FanDuel Offers Free Money for Picking 2020 Election Results

After casting your votes today in the 2020 election, you can head to FanDuel to bet the ballot, choosing which aspects of the election will be won by Democrats or Republicans. The free-play contest will award $50,000 in total prizes, with the winner getting $5,000. Predict 2020 Election Results Using […]

Joe Biden (right) enters the 2020 presidential election as a favorite over Donald Trump (left), but not everyone agrees on the size of his advantage. (Image: Jonathan Newton/Washington Post/Getty)

2020 Election Odds Guide: The Numbers You Need to Know on Election Day

We’ve written a lot about betting on the 2020 elections over the past few weeks and months. From swing states to key Senate races, and even how election odds are determined, we’ve covered just about every angle for bettors interested in putting money down on this year’s races. Even if […]

A wager on how many votes Kanye West will earn could prove to be one of the more popular election prop bets in 2020. (Image: Michael Wyke/AP)

Election Prop Bets: Beyond the Battle for the White House

Presidential election betting has become big business, with millions being wagered across the globe on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will claim the presidency in 2020. Many bettors also scour the odds of each individual state race, particularly in battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Arizona. For those who really want […]

MyBookie Chief Oddsmaker David Strauss said his book took in more money on the presidential election than it took in on the Super Bowl. With two days remaining until the election, President Donald Trump remains an underdog over challenger Joe Biden. (Image: The Independent)

Political Betting: Setting Election Lines Isn’t a Pollster’s Game

The first thing David Strauss wants you to know about political betting is to forget the media. As far as the chief oddsmaker for MyBookie.com is concerned, what you hear from the pundits and the polls is different from what you hear from the bettors. Strauss explained to OG News […]

President Donald Trump scored an upset victory in Wisconsin in 2016, and comes in as an underdog in the 2020 presidential election as well. (Image: Scott Olson/Getty)

Wisconsin Presidential Odds: Can Lightning Strike Twice for Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton held what appeared to be a safe lead in Wisconsin heading into Election Day in 2016. But Donald Trump outperformed his polling in the state – along with Michigan and Pennsylvania – in what ultimately proved to be the key to his electoral college victory. Now, Joe Biden […]

President Donald Trump finds himself playing defense in Arizona, long a Republican stronghold in presidential elections. (Image: AP)

Arizona Presidential Odds: Biden Holds Slim Lead in Traditionally Red State

Republicans have won Arizona in 16 of the past 17 presidential elections. So while the Grand Canyon State hasn’t been the deepest of red states in recent decades, it has remained a reliable GOP stronghold, delivering wins for Republicans by comfortable margins every four years. That began to change four […]

Donald Trump won Georgia in 2016, but faces a stiff fight from Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. (Image: Chris Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Election Odds: Trump, Biden Both Have Georgia on Their Minds

Republicans have been able to count on Georgia to deliver a victory for the GOP candidate in virtually every presidential election since 1984. This year, however, there are signs that Democrats are making up ground in the Peach State, and many believe 2020 could be the year that Georgia flips […]

Gamblers who want to wager beyond just the straight odds between who will win the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden have a multitude of election prop bets to choose from at online sportsbooks. (Image: AP)

As Election Prop Bets Flourish, Political Wagers are No Sure Thing

The US Presidential race will be finished in a week, though it’s possible we’ll have to wait at least a little while to know who the winner is. In anticipation of an ongoing election battle, overseas sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and Ladbrokes are seeing brisk business on the US election, […]

Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has been a staple of Congress for more than a quarter century. Despite recent controversies, he is still a favorite to keep his seat. (Image: Mother Jones)

Lindsey Graham Election Odds Tighten After Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

Longtime US Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican once considered a near-lock for re-election in 2020, has seen his odds shrink after flip-flopping on Supreme Court vacancies, heavy fundraising by his Democratic opponent, and polls that show him in a dead heat with Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. Graham is […]

Both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden offer numerous ways to make money during their third and final debate. Both Ladbrokes and MyBookie offer numerous prop bets on Thursday night's debate. (Image: FoxNews.com)

Presidential Debate Props: Betting on Dirty Words and Fashion Choices

For various reasons, George Carlin (dead), Andy Burnham (engaged in his own political battles), and Borat (any reason will do) won’t attend Thursday’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden. But all three are represented in various debate prop bets put out by Ladbrokes and […]

Polls show Joe Biden with a lead over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, one of several key battleground states in the 2020 presidential election. (Image: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

State of the States: Betting Odds for the Biggest Presidential Battlegrounds

Every middle school social studies student knows that the United States presidential race isn’t one election, but actually a series of state-level contests for electoral votes. That’s great news for bettors, as it means sportsbooks are offering odds not only on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the overall […]

Democratic challenger Joe Biden attracted 81% of wagers -- numbers that knocked his odds down to among their lowest of the 2020 presidential campaign. (Image: Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

Election Betting Numbers Keep Adding Up for a Biden Victory

As Democratic challenger Joe Biden takes in larger amounts of money, and with polls in battleground states and nationwide turning sharply against him, President Donald Trump’s re-election odds climbed to their highest points of the campaign. After taking them down following Trump’s positive test for COVID-19, overseas books put Trump’s […]

President Donald Trump's poor debate performance was surpassed thre days later by his postive coronavirus test. That prompted bookmakers around the world to suspend betting on the US presidential election. (Image: AP Photo)

Books Suspend Presidential Election Betting amid Trump’s COVID Uncertainty

With a few exceptions, betting markets across the world suspended US presidential election wagering in the wake of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19. Shops from the United Kingdom to Australia took odds off the board and halted betting on the hotly contested election. […]

Many oddsmakers around the world shut down their presidential betting markets in the wake of news that President Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. (Image: Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Trump COVID-19 Announcement Rocks Presidential Betting Markets

Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 test has thrown a new degree of uncertainty into the US presidential election – enough so that bookmakers around the world no longer feel confident offering odds on the contest. President Trump announced that he had tested positive in the early hours of Friday morning. Oddsmakers: […]

DraftKings is offering players the chance to win $5,000 picking occurrences from the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. (Image: USA Today)

DraftKings Offers Free Contest Picking Presidential Debate Moments

How will President Trump and Joe Biden greet, who will hone in on China, and will they discuss Bernie Sanders? These are among the questions proposed by DraftKings in the DFS operator’s free-play contest for tonight’s presidential debate. The contest features a $50,000 prize pool, with $5,000 going to first […]

The first of three scheduled Presidential debates will be held Tuesday between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and there are at least 40 prop bets gamblers can make. (Image: Getty)

Tuesday’s Presidential Debate Prop Bets Include Drinking Water, Cursing

The first presidential debate is Tuesday between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump, and while political pundits have been handicapping who will win, oddsmakers are presenting gamblers with a myriad of prop bets. Two Internet sportsbooks, BetOnline and MyBookie, are offering debate props on everything from what the […]