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Best Video Poker Games Online

Multiple video poker games exist, and while some varieties are more common than others, online casinos will at least feature the most popular versions. The rules and gameplay are essentially the same between all games, with the main differences being in the hierarchy of hands, number of cards, and probability odds.

Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights

In this version, hands containing four-of-a-kind eights or aces, and to a lesser extent sevens, result in higher payouts compared to other video poker games.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

Alternatively known as 'Draw Poker', Jacks or Better requires players to have as a minimum a pair of jacks in their hand to win a payout.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker

This is like regular video poker, only the addition of a joker card to the deck means players can use it as a substitute for other cards in their hand. To reflect the improved odds to players, the minimum qualifying hand is a pair of kings.

Progressive Poker

Progressive Poker

Progressive jackpots on video poker online games take a proportion of each bet and build up massive real money jackpots. These can then be hit by lining up a certain winning hand.

Video Poker Free Games

Video Poker Free Games

These free games provide newcomers with the useful opportunity to learn a new version of video poker before playing for real money, and pros the chance to brush up on their strategies.

Free Video Poker Games

For new players, free video poker games are useful for learning the rules, building strategies, and increasing confidence. As there's no chance of losing money or facing any serious repercussions if a strategy doesn't work, they offer newcomers the chance to practice before moving to real money video poker games. While it is not possible to win real money playing free games, online casinos do offer no-deposit bonuses.

Alternatively, players can enjoy their favorite casino games, including video poker, for free on our site, with no registration or download required.

Play Real Money Video Poker Games

Whether it's tournaments or the variety of games to play, there's numerous reasons to play real money video poker games. The predominant appeal comes from the large payouts, particularly in progressive video poker, where thousands of dollars can be won. Casinos also offer higher promotions and rewards in real money games, which can be valuable in extending gameplay.

Before playing any video poker games for real money though, check the potential payouts and pay tables. Not all offer worthwhile cash payouts when playing with small sums of money, and consequently players can risk losing a lot of money rapidly if luck isn't on their side. We only recommend fast payout casinos, so you can get your winnings quick. Our team can find top casinos online right now that offer big welcome bonuses when you join, as well as regular promotions and the latest games.

When you play real money video poker online, choose casinos that offer strong security protocols for users' personal and banking details. Avoid any blacklisted casinos that have multiple complaints of unreliable systems or a history of failing to pay any winnings.

Best Video Poker Apps

More players are moving to mobile casino apps to enjoy their favorite video poker games. These apps offer the same gameplay experience as online casinos, but with the added benefits that players can access them no matter their location. Here are a few of the best mobile video poker games to play with Android or Apple devices.

1. Betway Casino

This popular casino site's app offers players six video poker games to enjoy. Players will find the same bonuses and promotions on the app as on Betway's site, and the app has the best performance across all Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

2. Video Poker by Super Lucky Casino

Players can enjoy offline video poker games on their phones with this app. It's one of the highest-rated apps for free video poker games, making it a popular choice for new players. This app is available for free on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

3. Video Poker Classic Free

With over 39 classic video poker games to play for free, this casino app from developer Tapinator ranks as one of the most popular on Google Play and Apple App stores.

4. Video Poker

This video poker app by developer Pokerist offers free play on a range of classic and multi-hand video poker games. It offers the highest quality graphics found in video poker apps on both Android and iOS devices.

5. Ruby Seven Video Poker

This free app promises players video poker tournaments, frequent bonuses and classic games. Players can also use the app's leaderboards to compare their gameplay against their friends.

These video poker apps offer a mixture of real money games and free play. Choose the app that best matches what type of video poker games you want to play. Always remember to use a secure network when logging in and keep your personal details safe.

How to Play Video Poker Online

Video poker is a simple game to learn, whether in a land-based casino or online. For those who want to learn how to play video poker straightaway, just follow the steps below:

  • 1

    Decide which video poker game to play

    Bettors will find several variations of video poker games online: Jacks or Better, Joker's Wild, and Double Bonus Video Poker, to name a few. Each has its own variations, so pick one that suits your bankroll and gameplay style.

  • 2

    Check the game's paytable screen

    Before inserting funds, players should look at the game's paytable to ensure they are happy with the game's odds and payouts.

  • 3

    Choose your coin size

    Some video poker games let players adjust their coin size before playing. A single coin can vary in value from $0.01 to $100.

  • 4

    Press the 'Deal' button

    The player will be dealt five cards face up on the screen.

  • 5

    Make a hand

    You then must decide which cards to keep ('Hold') and which to discard. To win, players need the highest hand in the game.

  • 6

    Discard and draw extra cards

    After choosing which cards to keep, players should redraw cards and then hold when they are done.

  • 7

    Compare hands and collect any winnings

    If the player has the highest hand in the video poker game, the computer will deposit the winnings into the player's account.

Once players are confident they know the rules to video poker, they should learn which games offer the best odds and payouts.

Video poker
Video poker

Video Poker Hands & Payouts

Understanding paytables and payouts is key to knowing how to win at video poker. Once players understand how to read these tables, they can make smarter bets in video poker games online.

Whenever a player mentions payback percentage, or slot payout percentage, they are referring to the amount of money a machine will pay back to the player out of their original bet. On average, a video poker game has a payout percentage of 96% and will rarely go lower than 90%. Players should look for games with the highest payback percentage and then choose strategies that maximize their payouts.

Let's look at a paytable of Jacks or Better video poker as an example:

Paytable of video poker

First off, the paytable shows that players can receive disproportionately higher payoffs if they bet the maximum coins on a hand. This is particularly true when looking at the highest-ranking video poker hands. Not only that, but the value between a flush and a full house also jumps in value, even on the single coin bets.

This version of video poker is called 'full pay' or '9/6 Jacks or Better' video poker. While this is the original video poker game that other variations are based on, not every video poker game offers these payout odds. To help players calculate their potential payback percentage quickly, use the table below or visit our other video poker games pages for more detailed information.

Video Poker Payouts – Jacks or Better

Pay TableFull Pay (9/6) Jacks or Better9/5 Jacks or Better8/6 Jacks or Better8/5 Jacks or Better7/5 Jacks or Better6/5 Jacks or Better
Payout Percentage99.54%98.45%98.39%97.30%96.15%95.00%
Drag table

Along with this, players should know which hands to aim for in video poker games. Here is a video poker hand order sheet players can use for quick reference:


1. Royal Flush:

Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards, all in the same suit.

9H 8H 7H 6H 5H

2. Straight Flush:

Five cards in a sequential row, all in the same suit.


3. Four of a Kind:

The same card, in each of the four suits.

KS KD 3C 3H 3D

4. Full House:

A pair, and a three of a kind.

AD 10D 7D 6D 2D

5. Flush:

Five cards in the same suit, but not in numerical order.


6. Straight:

Five cards in numerical order, but not in the same suit.

KH JS 8H 8C 8D

7. Three of a Kind:

The same card in three of the suits, and two non-paired cards.


8. Two Pair:

Two sets of matching cards, and a non-matching or sequential card.


9. One Pair:

A pair of matching cards, with three non-matching or sequential cards.

AH QC 6H 4S 2D

10. High Card:

The highest-ranking card in a hand with no matching cards, no consecutive order, and at least two different suits.

Players should remember that video poker games will have different hand hierarchies depending on whether it has wild cards or not, and what the lowest qualifying hand is in that game variation. The example above should only be used as a rough guide.

How to Win at Video Poker

In addition to looking at paytables and memorizing poker hands, players can use simple strategies to improve their chances at winning in video poker games. Here are just a few tips to try to beat the video poker machines:

Play the maximum coins. Players can receive disproportionately higher payouts on winning hands when making the maximum coin bets in video poker. Only try this strategy if you can afford to do so, though.

Compare paytables. Bettors should never play the first video poker game they see. Online casinos usually offer multiple video poker games; compare their pay schedules and choose the one with the best payouts.

Understand which game you're playing. Sometimes casinos do not make the video poker game type immediately clear. Players should always check before inserting funds, as some games have higher starting hands than others.

Take your time. When playing video poker online, bettors can pause the game whenever they want. Players should use this to check whether they are playing with the strongest possible hand, and their chances of winning.

Take advantage of bonuses. Casinos regularly dish out bonuses to new and returning players. These can extend your bankroll, which is useful to any video poker strategy.

Video Poker Strategy

As you gain confidence on the free video poker games, you will soon want to play video poker for real money.

Video poker is different to playing regular online poker with people. The influence of psychology is removed from the game, and everything becomes strictly centered on probability and math. To achieve the best possible odds in a payout, it is important to have a strong understanding of hand hierarchy and the progressive probability of achieving a specific hand.

Some video poker games will contain four, 10, even 25 or 50 'lines'. These refer to the number of games a player is simultaneously playing; it also means the number of coins bet per round will be multiplied per line. Multi-line video poker is important to any player's strategy, as any guaranteed win will count on all lines. This also means any losses will be reflected across all lines, too.

Casino bonuses should also be considered in any video poker strategy, as these can greatly extend gameplay. Many casinos offer a generous welcome bonus upon signup, or similar rewards throughout games, such as bonus poker rounds.


  • What is the best way to play video poker?

    Players should always bet the maximum coin amount they can afford in video poker. These games give players disproportionately higher payouts on max bets compared to small coin bets, meaning players stand to win more with the same hands.

  • How do I know which video poker machine is hot?

    There is no way to tell if a video poker machine is ready to pay out eminently. Video poker machines operate on random number generators (RNGs), a software system that creates millions of potential play options per second in a game. As it is completely random, players cannot influence the operation of a video poker machine to pay out, nor are there any tell-tale signs that indicate when the machine will distribute any jackpots.

  • How do you win at video poker every time?

    To a certain extent, video poker is a game of chance and so it is impossible to win every time. That said, players can take steps to increase their chances of winning. Some of these include checking pay tables for the games with the best odds, understanding rules of the video poker game they are playing, and taking their time to make smart bets in the game.

  • Are video poker machines really random?

    Yes; video poker machines operate on RNGs, a software system that recreates the randomness of live casino games. Every second the system generates millions of potential play options, before the video poker machine randomly selects one to play through.

  • Is video poker better than slots?

    While slots are entirely based on chance, players can use strategies to influence their odds of winning jackpots in video poker. The payback percentage in slot games varies greatly between 74% and 99%, while video poker games average at 96% and rarely dip beneath 90%. Video poker might not have jackpots as big as some slot games, but players can exercise their skills to influence their chances of winning real money.

  • What is video poker at casinos?

    Video poker is an electronic version based on the casino game five-stud draw poker. It is played on a screen and uses software instead of a live dealer, and gives players the chance to participate in up to 50 games at any one time.

  • What video poker game has the best odds?

    Deuces Wild video poker gives players the best odds of winning, if they play a perfect strategy. Players should always check the paytables of a video poker game first to determine they are getting the best odds.

  • Is video poker a game of skill?

    Yes, although a healthy dose of luck is also helpful. Experienced players understand the probability odds of each game, and execute strategies based on their hand to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves.

  • Where can I play video poker?

    Most casinos will have video poker machines available to play on-site. It is also possible to play online through our recommended casino partners.

  • How can I cheat at video poker?

    Cheating video poker machines is highly difficult and not recommended, as it can result in government authorities bringing charges against those caught. Reported methods include hacking into a machine's random number generator and rigging it with favorable odds or tricking the machine into thinking money has been inserted. More rarely, some have taken advantage of a bug in the video poker machine's system to earn large payouts.