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Online Video Poker

Looking for the best game in online gambling? Video poker could well be your new favorite. When playing the game online, it takes the great machines you've played in that Las Vegas casino and puts it right there on your desktop.

The graphics and gameplay is the same, but the range of real money games will be wider and the potential jackpots much higher.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of our top gambling online video poker rooms today and you'll be hitting a Straight Flush with your choice, even if you miss out on the big payouts.

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Video Poker: A History

When it comes to the history of online gambling, Video Poker certainly deserves its place on the web.

Betting machines have been around in the US since the 1970s, and you can still find plenty of terminals offering the video variants today. In Australia, meanwhile, "pokies" fill up bars and pubs around the country, with simple 5-Card Draw games displayed across the screen.

With the online casino explosion, players can now enjoy a massive range of real cash gambling with online video poker games. You can even play on the go on your smartphone or tablet with the latest mobile video games of poker and internet gambling offerings.

The best online casino sites will have several real money variants of video poker online gambling available. The only thing you have to decide is where to play.

Learn the Game

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker gambling online is simple to learn, and most games will display the possible odds and payouts on-screen for you to check.

When you have decided your coin bet amount, hit the 'Deal' button. You will be dealt out five cards face up on the screen. You then have to decide which cards to keep ('Hold') and which to discard, the aim being to create the best 5-card poker hand possible.

Holding cards is easy (just look for the Hold button underneath each card). Once you have redrawn cards, the computer will pay out any winnings.

Study the Payouts

Each variant of the game will have different payouts depending on whether it has wild cards and what the lowest qualifying hand is.

For example, in a game of Jacks Or Better, the minimum winning hand is a pair of Jacks. You can set the betting amount from 1 to 5 coins, and it goes without saying that a good strategy is to bet as much real cash as you can afford.

Payouts on a basic game of Jacks Or Better run something like this:

Sequential Royal (e.g. 10s-Js-Qs-Ks-As suited, in a row): 10,000 coins

Royal Flush (e.g Ah-Jh-10h-Qh-Kh, out of order): 4,000 coins

Four of a Kind (e.g. 10s-10d-10c-10h): 250 coins

Full House (e.g. Js-Jd-Jc-2s-2d): 45 coins

Flush (e.g. 3h-6h-7h-10h-Kh): 30 coins

Straight (e.g. 5d-6h-7h-8c-9d): 20 coins

Three-of-a-Kind (e.g. 3s-3d-3h-Ad-Kh): 15 coins

Two Pairs (e.g. 2h-2d-Ad-Ah-Ks): 10 coins

Pair of Jacks (e.g. Jd-Jh-2d-4h-7s): 5 coins

It's worth noting that there is a jackpot for the 'Sequential Flush' in this game, which hitting the straight flush in numerical order. It's something to consider when deciding what cards to hold or discard.

Game Variations

Video Poker Variations

If you're looking for great gambling online, Video Poker has plenty of variants to keep you interested.

Double Joker betting games have two jokers in play, which let you form winning hands with any card value, while games like Deuces Wild make all 2s wild. This can turn no-hopers into winners and bump up that bankroll a whole lot more.

If one hand doesn't quite cut it, you can opt for Power Poker or 4-Lines Jacks-Or-Better, both of which feature four hands at a time.

But while 4-Lines just lets you play multiple hands, Power Poker lets you replicate 'held' cards across all four hands. Get a nice Wild card, for instance, and suddenly your four hands become very valuable indeed.

Finally, big progressive jackpots on Video Poker online gambling games take a proportion of each bet in online video poker and build up massive real money jackpots. These can then be hit by lining up a certain winning hand.

Find a Top Online Gambling Site

Our team has been playing the Video Poker machines since the very begining from the Vegas trips to the new Internet games you find today. We hunt the net in search of top jackpots, great software and good variety.

We also test customer support to make sure the rooms we list offer good service if you get into difficulties, and each of our listed Video Poker online gambling sites have fast cash-out times so you can get your real money winnings quick.

We love finding the best sites offering online gambling. Video Poker nuts like us can find top casinos online right now that offer healthy welcome bonuses when you join up. Take advantage today and earn some free cash, just for playing the games you love.

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