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How to Play Free Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack online for free is simple and easy. Follow these quick steps to begin playing free blackjack in no time.

  1. Choose your blackjack game type and press 'Play'
  2. Enable Flash if needed
  3. Select the bet size you'd like to play with
  4. Click on the table to place your bet
  5. Press 'Deal' to receive your 2 hole cards
  6. Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down, depending on your cards
  7. Win, lose or push after the dealer's second upcard is revealed

These steps are extremely basic and only to show you how to play blackjack online free. We recommend learning more about blackjack rules before playing for real money.

Free Blackjack Games

Much like other free casino games, playing free blackjack games for fun also has very few restrictions. While you won't be able to play all the variants of blackjack, including live dealer blackjack, the most popular games are available for free at most online casinos.

  • American Blackjack
    Referred to by many as standard blackjack, this game type includes the dealer and players being dealt two hole cards. The dealer will only show one hole card and players can take advantage of many side bets.
  • European Blackjack
    Very similar to American Blackjack but the dealer only deals their second card once the player(s) have completed their hand. This is known to have a higher blackjack house edge than other variants.
  • Las Vegas Strip Blackjack
    Free Vegas blackjack is incredibly exciting and offers players many chances to win. This type of blackjack is recommended to be played for free first, given the complex rules.
  • Pontoon
    With different terminology and other subtle rule changes, Pontoon is another extremely popular blackjack game. Like European blackjack though, the rules and house edge favor the dealer.

Benefits of Free Blackjack Online

Playing free online blackjack has many benefits which attract millions of players each year. While playing for real money offers more variation, reward and quality, here are the top 5 advantages of playing blackjack for free.

No Risk
Free blackjack doesn't cost anything. You won't have to deposit to play and you can bet any stakes without worrying about your bankroll.
Learn the Rules
Blackjack can be quite a simple game to learn, but a difficult one to master. Free blackjack allows you to make all the mistakes a beginner should without any consequence.
Practice Strategy
Free blackjack isn't just for beginners. Even those who have played before should play for free to practice their strategies and see if it works. Basic strategy charts can still be used when playing for fun.
No Distractions
This isn't so relevant with online blackjack but playing for free means it'll just be you and the dealer, which will be automated. You can focus on your goal without other players distracting you with side bets or chat.
No Downloads
You can play without downloading any software, apps or signing up to a casino. Free games are extremely accessible. Simply follow our steps to playing free blackjack above to get going.

Free Blackjack Apps

Free blackjack apps are the best way to experience offline blackjack. These apps will provide similar gameplay and sharp graphics, like casino sites' games, but won't require an internet connection. Check out our iPhone and Android pages for a full list of mobile casino games, but enjoy blackjack apps now and hone your skills while on the move.

What is Free Bet Blackjack?

Many believe free bet blackjack to be the free variant of the popular casino table game. However, it's actually a real money variant which features some 'free' side bets. Learning how to play free bet blackjack is easy. All the rules of American Blackjack run true, but players are offered free doubles on card totals of 9,10 or 11 and free splits on all pairs expect 10s. There is a caveat to these generous rules though – the dealer pushes on 22.

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