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What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) created by developer Riot Games. Since launching in 2009, this eSport has grown into one of the world's most popular video games.

According to Riot, League of Legends attracts 100 million active players every month, worldwide. Its global popularity has spawned hundreds of multi-tiered international tournaments, with prize money hitting the millions.

Many bettors credit League of Legends' popularity for developing eSports into the fun and lucrative sensation it is today.

A Simple Guide to League of Legends Modes and Gameplay

League of Legends features several different modes: ARAM (all-random-all-mid) in Howling Abyss and various temporary maps that incorporate numerous events. However, League of Legends' flagship mode (and the one used for all professional tournaments and leagues) is the 5v5 mode called Summoner's Rift.

In this mode, each team has five players that assume one of the following roles in the game:

  • 1

    Marksman/Attack-Damage Carry (ADC): The ADC inflicts the most physical damage to enemies (besides the tank) but has a low base health and defence. The marksman's duty is to destroy the other ADC and any big threats in team fights. ADCs are found in the bottom (bot) lane of the map.

  • 2

    Support: As the name suggests, the Support helps the marksman with kills and protection. They also aid their team with vision, damage tanks, and distraction strategies. Given they are low on damage and high on hit points, Support roles can flex between defensive and aggressive abilities.

  • 3

    Jungler: While others battle in specific lanes, Junglers stick to the wilderness. Their primary role is to build reserves of gold and experience points (XP) so they can start ganking (adding power to a lane). Controlling the jungle means players control focal points of the map, which is vital early in the game.

  • 4

    Bruiser/Tank/Top Laner: The Tank can take a lot of damage, meaning they're usually found fighting in the middle of their enemies. Their distraction techniques help teammates with high attack damage eliminate other players. Bruisers are especially important in the early and late game stages in LoL.

  • 5

    Ability-Power Carry (APC)/Middle Laner: Alongside the ADC, mid-laners dispense the most amount of damage in LoL. An APC's position in the middle of the map is crucial, as they can be ganked from different positions. This, along with good vision, gives them opportunity to set up situations in the game for their team.

Players then choose from a roster of more than 148 champions. Each one has unique fighting, healing, or other supporting roles in the team, and there are even other champions called flex picks, which are versatile enough for several lanes or positions. Before a match starts, each team has the option to ban five champions from their rival's list. This is one element of strategizing that LoL teams do to have the edge over their rivals.

To win in League of Legends, players must fulfill a simple mission: destroy their rival's nexus (the crystal in the center of each team's base). Getting there is anything but simple, though.

Generally, a LoL match is broken into three stages:

Early game

The first part, the laning phase, sees players choose from one of three lanes or the jungle, nd fight other champions or their minions in 1v1 or 2v2 mode. Players earn gold whenever they defeat their enemy, which they can use to buy precious items that boost their stats and experience levels in LoL.

Mid game

Deadly towers line each lane and protect a team's nexus by firing at their opponents. Players must defeat these turrets to access more of the map and eventually their opponent's nexus. Generally, the mid game of LoL begins when a team destroys the first turret. At this point, teams must make strategized plays to improve their chances of winning, such as accepting an objective or engaging in colossal 5v5 team fights, which help speed up the game.

Late game

After the first turrets have been destroyed and teams have acquired the major items, players group for the late game. Here they simultaneously engage in team fights while also attempting to defeat the Baron and Elder dragons.

In League of Legends, strategizing is key. Every decision influences a team's chances of winning, from choosing a champion to selecting an objective. Teams can deploy an infinite number of strategies in LoL, which makes betting on this eSport so entertaining.

League of Legends Tournaments — Find the Best Events to Bet On

For professional eSports players, the height of LoL excellence is getting the chance to lift the Summoner's Cup (not to mention the multi-million-dollar prize). This is awarded to the best team in the world at the annual League of Legends World Championship tournament.

The LoL World Championship, or 'Worlds', is spread over a month and consists of six events held in six different cities that players can bet on:

  • 1

    Play-in Stage

  • 2

    Group Stage, Round 1

  • 3

    Group Stage, Round 2

  • 4


  • 5


  • 6


While Worlds is the biggest event in League of Legends gambling, it is far from the only one. League of Legends is so popular that players compete year-round in franchised leagues, regional championships, and smaller supporting events across the globe.

The main competing regions include North America, Europe, South Korea, and LPL, and each has its professional league: League of Legends Championship Series (USA and Canada), the League of Legends European Championships (Europe), League of Legends Champions Korea (South Korea) and League of Legends Pro League (China). A small number of wildcards are offered to teams that do not fall within these regions.

Teams earn points in these leagues that help them secure a place in qualification events that take place throughout the year. Competition is fierce, with household names and up-and-coming teams battling to qualify for the main LoL events. Gambling in these leagues can be exciting and rewarding, but it pays to do some research. Use our betting tips to give yourself the best chance of winning real money in these League of Legend events.

Besides Worlds, the second-biggest event in the LoL calendar is the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Held between the spring and summer seasons and hosted by Riot Games, MSI pitches the world's best teams against each other. This event may be smaller than Worlds, but there are still plenty of LoL bets to make in this event.

For more experienced LoL bettors, the smaller leagues and events can be the most fun – and lucrative. Up-and-coming teams can knock regulars out of tournaments in surprising upsets, and new kids on the block can make a name for themselves without being overshadowed by the pros.

Bettors can find League of Legends odds on the big sportsbooks, as well as on specific League of Legends gambling sites. Simply choose a regulated and licensed site to bet on, register an account, deposit some credit, and start winning today.

Understanding League of Legends Odds

eSports is a growing market, one that generates much competition between online sportsbooks and LoL gambling sites. When calculating LoL odds, bookies consider several variables, such as a team's current win rate, their performance at past events, individual players' performances, historical results between the teams, and more. Tournament structure, including the three-round matches, also affect the LoL odds sportsbooks offer bettors.

Given that LoL is a purely multiplayer-focused game, Riot wants to keep gameplay fresh for both players and spectators alike. The developer releases patches, or updates, every week that tweak various aspects of the game. These tweaks include item changes, champion editions as well as changes to creatures on the map. Online sportsbooks follow these patches with interest and amend their LoL odds with each update.

Every few months Riot makes major changes to the game, known as meta shifts. These updates mean players cannot use the same champions in every game. Based on what is 'in-meta' at the time, different teams and compositions can be more effective than others. eSports bettors can win big on these meta shifts if they back an underdog in a tournament.

Thanks to these meta shifts, the League of Legends betting scene remains exciting and fresh. These updates prevent one LoL team from gaining an unfair advantage and avoid League of Legends tournaments from becoming too predictable and boring.

To start betting on League of Legends, check out our compilation of the most common LoL wagers below.

League of Legends Betting Options

League of Legends may be a complex and sometimes chaotic game, but gambling on this eSport is as simple as you make it. Given eSports betting is structured in the same format as other sports leagues, bettors can enjoy making the same wagers with their favorite sportsbook online. Check out the common LoL bet types below or read up on the basics with our odds guide if you're new.

Moneyline Bets

Bets placed on the outcome of a single-match, moneyline bets are perfect for beginners who are looking to build a bankroll but don't know the title or teams very well yet.

Futures/Tournament Outrights Bets

Also known as future market bets, these wagers focus on overall tournament results than individual matches. Examples of outright bets include which team will win the whole tournament, or which teams will reach the final.

Accumulator/Parlay Bets

These combo bets are composed of several wagers that, if successful, will see their odds multiplied together to produce a larger overall payout than what the individual bets alone offer.

Live Bets

Also known as in-game or in-play bets, these are wagers players make while the match is in action. Live bets can add an extra element of tension to watching a match.

Handicap/Spread Bets

Although LoL matches follow a best-of-three format, the spread is continuously fixed at +/-1.5. This is good news for bettors backing the underdogs, as they can win money on spread bets even if the team only wins one round of the match. Conversely, the favorite must win the match with a 2-0 minimum for bettors to cash out on their spread bet.

Over/Under/Total Bets

As League of Legends matches only last three rounds, the total is always set at 2.5. If you think one team will dominate, take the under bet; if you expect it will be a close match, take the over.

Special League of Legends Prop Bets

League of Legends' complexity means fans can make plenty of special prop bets in matches. Not only are these wagers exciting to watch play out, but they give eSports bettors more ways to potentially win real money than other sports leagues.

Compared to the wagers above, these bets focus on special elements in the game. Special LoL bets focus on the first team/player to complete a task or specific kills, but here are examples of the most common LoL special wagers:

  • 1

    First Blood

    Referring to the first kill in a match, the outcome of this LoL bet is usually concluded within the first 10 minutes of the game. Bettors can make this wager on teams or players, with the odds increasing greatly on players. We recommend studying player or team stats for this special LoL bet; otherwise, you're simply making a punt.

  • 2

    First to Take Baron Nashor

    Killing the neutral monster Baron Nashor is a key objective in League of Legends, one that can alter a team's stake in a match. Study a team's Baron Nashor stats and tactics though, and this LoL prop bet can be rewarding.

  • 3

    Team to Destroy First Tower

    Like first blood, this bet is resolved early in the game, and can have a significant effect on a team's morale and performance for the rest of the game.

League of Legends Betting Tips — Make Smarter Wagers

Pro players are not the only ones with the chance to win big in this eSport. Once you know League of Legends' gameplay, the tournaments, and the best bets to make, you too can win real money on LoL. Check out our tips below to give yourself the edge next time you place a LoL bet.

  • 1

    Focus on a specific team or player.

    Follow a team on Twitch and learn the essentials: their gameplay style, recurring champions, opponents, history, etc. This information will help you make smarter futures and prop bets.

  • 2

    Specialize whenever possible.

    With so many teams and tournaments happening annually, focusing on a particular tournament or region will allow you to research in more depth, resulting in smarter betting decisions.

  • 3

    Bet selectively.

    Compare LoL odds and withdrawal fees from multiple gambling sites to get the most from your wager. Our odds calculator will help you determine which sportsbook promises the biggest payout.

  • 4

    Consider the win rate and bet value.

    Betting on the team with the highest win rate may feel safe, but the payouts are pitiful and LoL tournaments usually have surprise upsets. Compare the win rates of several teams and their odds to find the best deal.

  • 5

    Don't limit yourself to major events.

    Minor tournaments and local events that feed into majors often feature unknown teams. They have the potential to upset their more famous rivals, making for juicy wins for smart bettors.

Meet the Pros: The Best League of Legends Teams & Players

With millions to win in prize money, it pays to be the best in League of Legends. Teams win the prizes, but it's the players that people celebrate and follow in eSports. For those new to League of Legends, here are the world's best teams and players, along with essential stats every LoL bettor should know:

League of Legends World Championship – Past Winners

YearLocationWinning TeamRunners-up
2020ChinaDamwon GamingSuning
2019ParisFunPlus PhoenixG2 Esports
2018IncheonInvictus GamingFnatic
2017BeijingSamsung GalaxySK Telecom T1
2016Los AngelesSK Telecom T1Samsung Galaxy
2015BerlinSK Telecom T1KOO Tigers
2014SeoulSamsung WhiteStar Horn Royal Club
2013Los AngelesSK Telecom T1Royal Club
2012Los AngelesTaipei AssassinsAzubu Frost
2011JonkopingFnaticagainst All authority (aAa)

T1 is the most successful LoL team, with three Worlds under their belt. Their regional league, League of Legends Korea, has produced the most successful teams in Worlds history. When it comes to League of Legends competitions, this region is the benchmark of excellence for the rest. League of Legends Pro League in China is one to watch, too. It's ambitious and has made concerted efforts in recent years to snag top players from other leagues.

Like other sports, League of Legends has its own superstars. Whether amassing millions in prize money or setting new records, these LoL pros dominate the sport.

Top 10 League of Legends Players

Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok)
(League of Legends Champions Korea; Team: SK Telecom T1)

The three-time Worlds champion is nicknamed the Unkillable Demon King for a reason. This mid-laner exerts overwhelming pressure on his opponents and is renowned for his ability to create opportunities in the late stages of the game. His spotless competitive record is a testament to his MVP status in LoL.

Rookie (Song Eui-jin)
(League of Legends Pro League; Team: Invictus Gaming)

Widely considered one of the best mid-laners in League of Legends history, Rookie excels solo and in a team. His aggressive gameplay style and strategizing send more experienced gamers running.

Caps (Rasmus Borregaard Winther)
(League of Legends European Championships; Team: G2 Esports)

A consistent performer on the international scene, Caps is known for his mechanical skill and talent to exert dominance in a game. After leaving rival team Fnatic for G2 Esports in November 2018, Caps became the first Western back-to-back Worlds finalist.

TheShy (Kang Seung-lok)
(League of Legends Pro League; Team: Invictus Gaming)

This top laner combines unmatched aggression and mechanical skill to obliterate his opponents early in the game. His ability to split push (rare in top laners) and draw pressure on his opponents creates numerous opportunities for his teammates.

Deft (Kim Hyuk-kyu)
(League of Legends Champions Korea; Team: Hanwha Life Esports)

Deft is the first and only player in LoL history to reach 1,000 kills in two regions. This AD carry player fuses his mechanical talents, killer instinct, and game knowledge to cause devastation to his rivals, making him a target in most matches.

Tarzan (Lee Seung-yong)
(League of Legends Pro League; Team: LNG Esports)

Regarded as one of the best junglers in South Korea, Tarzan has an uncanny ability to be in the right place, at the right time. His game knowledge and strategizing skills mean opponents that target him frequently find themselves outmaneuvered and outplayed.

Perkz (Luka Perković)
(League of Legends European Championships; Team: Cloud9)

After enjoying great success as a mid laner with his then-team, G2 Esports, Perkz shocked the LoL community by swapping to the AD carry position. He silenced the naysayers by becoming the top marksman in Europe and winning the 2019 MSI within his first year in the role.

Wunder (Martin Nordahl Hansen)
(League of Legends European Championships; Team: G2 Esports)

Wunder came to prominence in 2018, when he joined G2 Esports and defeated the favorite Royal Never Give Up at the Worlds. His creative champion pool, pocket picks, and carry plays has caused many to regard him as one of the best top laners in Europe.

CoreJJ (Yong-in Jo)
(League of Legends Championship Series; Team: Team Liquid)

When it comes to support players, CoreJJ is one of the best. He's a reliable team member with unparalleled vision control, making it difficult for CoreJJ's opponents to strategize too far ahead in the game.

Jankos (Marcin Jankowski)
(League of Legends European Championships; Team: G2 Esports)

An accomplished jungler, Jankos is known for his early game aggression and his ability to juggle multiple lanes and his enemy jungler with deadly accuracy. Since joining G2 Esports Jankos has won several domestic and international titles, such as the 2019 MSI and both LEC 2019 splits. Jankos is also the first player in European history to get 1,000 kills and 2,500 assists in LoL.


  • Can you bet on League of Legends?

    Yes, people can make bets on the League of Legends eSport game at most online sportsbooks. As the biggest eSport in the world, there are plenty of bets people can make on tournaments, teams, players, even on specific elements in League of Legends. Most sportsbooks allow bettors to make wagers before and during a LoL match, too.

  • Is League of Legends gambling?

    While League of Legends itself doesn't incorporate any gambling, there is a healthy environment of gambling surrounding its tournaments and franchises. Many online sportsbooks offer LoL odds on teams, players, and tournaments year-round.

  • Is League of Legends luck-based?

    League of Legends is primarily a skill- and strategy-based game, although some elements of luck can come into play in specific scenarios. For instance, single players can be randomly allocated to a team with lower stats.

  • How much money does League of Legends make?

    According to SuperData, League of Legends generated over $1.5 billion in revenue for Riot Games in 2019. Much of this money comes from microtransactions, such as skins and other cosmetic customization features, or from eSports events.

  • How do I start betting on League of Legends?

    Thanks to the growing popularity of eSports betting, getting started has never been easier. Choose a match, team, or player you want to wager on, and decide what type of bet you want to make. Then, choose a LoL gambling site that best suits your personal needs. Create an account, make a deposit, and head over to the betting field.

  • Why is League of Legends betting so popular?

    League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive titles of our time, with 100 million active players every month logging in to play. With such a competitive community backing it, this eSports scene is one of the most lucrative, offering players huge sums of money and prestige for their efforts. LoL has a healthy year-round international tournament schedule, allowing bettors to capitalize on favorable odds on underdog teams.

  • What kinds of bets can I place of League of Legends games?

    Thanks to its similarities with traditional sports betting, players will find that the kinds of bets you can place on matches in LoL are like traditional wagers. Choose from moneyline bets, accumulators, outright bets, and special LoL bets, such as first kill.

  • Can I bet on League of Legends tournaments?

    Yes! Thanks to the growing support of eSports betting options many reputable gambling sites offer bettors the chance to bet on a few League of Legends tournaments. Bettors can use our list of recommended LoL gambling sites on this page.

  • How much real money can I win?

    As with traditional betting, you decide how much a wager is worth. How much  real money you can win is entirely up to you. With odds ranging from 1/4 all the way to 1/600 for underdog teams, bettors always have the chance to win big.

  • Is League of Legends the most popular option for eSports betting?

    League of Legends is one of the most popular options for eSports betting, with several sites dedicated just to betting on this one eSport. Other popular games include Call of Duty.

  • Where can I find the best gambling sites for Leauge of Legends betting?

    Our experts have done the hard work for you in finding the best gambling sites for LoL betting. Choose from our list of recommended sites for a guaranteed top-class betting experience through reputable, safe sites that offer the best odds, biggest rewards and the widest range of betting options to suit every bankroll.