NFL Football Online Betting Guide

NFL Football

Although baseball is our national sport, what happens on the gridiron definitely gives the boys of summer a run for their money. Football is massive everywhere in the USA even if the closest team happens to be hundreds of miles away. It shouldn't be shocking that NFL online gambling is equally huge. NFL betting eclipses all other forms of sports gambling in Las Vegas. From the preseason to the Super Bowl, billions of dollars in real cash are wagered on football. Yet there's no need to visit Nevada if you want to bet. Thanks to online gambling, NFL football bets are always just a click away. We found Slotomania offers the best real money bonuses.

If you're looking for great real money NFL internet gambling, we've compared dozens of top tier bookmakers to find the best odds and bets. Here's what else you'll find at a recommended online sportsbook:

The NFL Season

The NFL Season

When online gambling, NFL football bettors will want to mark Labor Day on all their calendars. The regular season begins the week following the holiday and ends in late December. Each of the league's 32 teams play roughly once a week during this stretch for a total of 16 games. NFL online gambling fans should note that not all teams play each other. The league is currently divided into two conferences known as the AFC and NFC with each having a four-team east, west, north, and south division. The schedule is created using a complicated formula, but you should know that each team has a home and away date with their divisional rivals. Whether or not you plan on gambling online, NFL games are mostly scheduled on Sunday, but there are some Monday and Thursday games.

NFL American Football Playoffs

If you are hoping to enjoy online gambling with NFL football, it doesn't get bigger than the postseason. All of the division winners enter the playoffs along with four wild card teams. The top two teams in each conference get to skip the first round, which is known as the wild card. NFL online gambling enthusiasts love the playoffs because of its elimination format. Unlike baseball, hockey, and basketball, which make use of best of five or seven game formats, if you lose and NFL playoff game, you go home. Of course if you aren't on the field, the next week on the calendar represents more real money NFL internet gambling opportunities. The wild card round is followed by a divisional round, conference championships, and ultimately the Super Bowl in early February.

Betting on the Super Bowl

In the world of online gambling, NFL's Super Bowl is the biggest game in town. No single event in the world attracts more real money betting. Americans who don't ordinarily gamble, regularly participate in office pools or log onto sites that offer online gambling with NFL football. The great thing about the big game is the number of ways you can wager. In 2018, what happened on the scoreboard was just a fraction of the betting action. People wagered on the length of the national anthem, the first song Coldplay belted out during the halftime show, and the color of the Gatorade that was dumped on the coach. Even average online casino sites and sportsbooks offer dozens of novel bets. By placing a modest online NFL gambling wager, you can make the game interesting.

Making Sense of Odds and Spreads

Odds and Spreads

NFL football betting isn't just about picking outright winners. It's far more common to wager on the spread, which factors in a margin of victory. Although you will find money line NFL bets that you bet on the game winner and over-under wagers that let you predict game totals, the spread or line is less self-explanatory. When online gambling, NFL football fans may encounter a line that looks like this:

Cincinnati Bengals -2.5 -120

New York Jets +2.5 +110

The first column indicates the team, the second is the spread, and the third is the online gambling odds. A negative sign in the spread tells you that a team is the favorite along with the margin of victory required for a bet on the team to count as a win. In this example, the Bengals need to defeat the Jets by at least 2.5 points for your real cash bet to count as a win. Yet If the Jets were to either win the game or lose by fewer than 2.5 points, then a bet on the Jets would win.

The amount of cash you can potentially win is indicated in the odds. The negative sign beside the odds means that the number signifies how much real money you'll need to bet for a $100 profit. A positive sign means the number indicates how much profit you stand to make if you wager $100. So in this example, you'll need to wager $120 on the Bengals to get back $220 for a net profit of $100 after factoring in your initial wager. Meanwhile if you bet $100 on a winning Jets team, you'll receive $210 in real cash including your initial wager for a handsome $110 NFL football profit.

Start Betting At Top Online Casino Sportsbooks

It's not hard to get into NFL online gambling. With so much coverage on TV, across the internet, and likely wherever you work, it's easy to make informed bets when online gambling. NFL football betting is available at all bookmakers and also many sites that offer online gambling. Yet there's no point picking a random site. We've found the best NFL football betting in the country. Just visit any of these top rated sites to claim a big bonus and get started.

Whether you are a spectator, tailgater, or gambler, nothing is more thrilling than the National Football League.
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