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See our full schedule for the 2021 NFL regular season and find today's matchups, live scores, and results.

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Want the latest NFL betting lines and odds from the leading sportsbooks? Head to our NFL Odds guide for point spreads, totals, and moneylines.

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Get weekly NFL picks right here as we deliver articles and tips from our NFL experts.

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Turn your 2021 NFL predictions into profits with our NFL futures guide and live odds table.

NFL Schedule, Scores, and Results

Want to check upcoming NFL game weeks? Perhaps see who triumphed in a previous matchup? Or how about view live scores for games happening right now?

You can do all of these on our dedicated NFL schedule page. With all fixtures in date order, never miss a throw, kick, or touchdown during the 2021 NFL season.

NFL Playoffs Explained

A perfect guide for both beginners and seasoned bettors. Find an easy-to-understand breakdown of how the Playoffs work, as well as an updated bracket and expert betting tips.

Super Bowl 2021 Betting Guide

Tool up with live odds, dedicated picks and predictions, and a betting breakdown before the biggest event in global sports. Updated throughout the season.

How to Bet on NFL Games

To bet on NFL games throughout the 2021 season, you must first understand NFL odds and the basic bet types, along with how to use them on sportsbooks. With a selection of our guides with live data at your disposal, find some summaries below of NFL bets you can make this season.

Point spread

Betting against the spread is the natural progression from betting the moneyline, especially if you love an underdog story. Not only will you win money if the team wins, but also if they lose by less than the point spread. This is probably the most popular bet type across the NFL, allowing you to really drill down into offensive and defensive statistics to base your wagers on.

Totals (over/under)

Betting the over/under is a step away from predicting the winner of any matchup. Most commonly based around the total number of points scored in a game, you can bet whether that total will be over or under the point total set by the bookmaker. When betting on totals, it's essential to do your research beforehand, looking at head-to-head matchups for how the teams have fared against each other in recent fixtures.

Moneyline bets

NFL moneyline bets are the bread and butter for all bettors, especially amongst beginners. For maximum value with moneyline bets, it's essential you bet the underdog, especially as the season rolls on, with form, standings, and injuries playing a bigger part in each matchup. However, unless you believe you know something the bookie doesn't, wagering big bucks on the underdog isn't advisable.


NFL futures bets are perfect for bettors wanting a long-term investment with their wagers. The earlier you place futures bets, the more value you'll usually get, unless you pick an under-performing team during the season to succeed. Popular futures bets in the NFL include picking a team to win their division, make the playoffs, or even win the Super Bowl.

Prop bets

While prop bets for the Super Bowl can be as random as the color of Gatorade poured over a coach, regular season proposition bets focus much more on player performance. Essentially, any bet which doesn't directly impact the final scoreline can be seen as a prop bet, including markets like First Touchdown Scorer, Wide Receiver Receiving Yards, or Quarterback Passing Yards. These markets would be presented as over/under prop bets, meaning you would be betting on whether the player would achieve the total set by the sportsbook.


Making parlay bets on the NFL is as easy as selecting multiple moneyline bets across several fixtures. However, you can also mix in a range of markets to broaden your bet slip and get better odds. Check out our schedule for a full list of the games, so you can plot favorable matchups and get yourself a parlay win this season.

Live NFL Betting

Live betting is extremely popular in NFL, mostly due to the many breaks in play that allow for bets on the next drive or play, player performance, or other prop bets. Of course, another major part of live betting in NFL is the cash-out (buy-out) option, allowing you to settle your bet early for what is usually a reduced price. Live betting in NFL is dependant on the line movement throughout any game, which is affected by the time on the clock, scoreline, or momentum of play.


Where to bet on NFL games?

Throughout the 2021 NFL season, you can place bets a selection of sportsbooks that are recommended by us. Our top-rated sportsbooks include Bet365, Betway, 888, and William Hill.

How to bet on NFL this week?

If you're ready to bet on the NFL this week, simply check our NFL schedule, select the game you want to bet on, and begin to review the fixture. Once you've looked at the form guide and previous matchups, select our recommended sportsbook with the best odds for you. From there, simply deposit into your account and place your bet.

How to bet NFL parlays?

Betting on NFL parlays is really easy as it's just a selection of bets on the same bet slip. Essentially, you're selecting two or more bets which would need to come in simultaneously for your bet to be successful.