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Can you make a living counting cards in blackjack?

Earning a living card-counting is possible but it requires time, unwavering bankroll management, hefty capital, solid card counting skills, and perfect blackjack strategy. These are essential for balancing out the casino’s edge. Even then, a player’s profit percentage in blackjack hovers at 1-2%. Take expected variance into account, and players will need a bankroll worth between $20-50,000 so they can spend hours riding out any negative variance and win enough money that qualifies as a living wage.

When should I bet when counting cards?

Card counters follow several betting patterns in blackjack. When the running ‘count’ of the cards is high players generally increase their bets and vice versa. Players counting cards will also make larger bets when the dealer nears the end of the shoe. Some card counters will also make side bets that conflict with basic strategy, such as taking insurance bet. These betting deviations occur when card counting indicates the odds are not following basic strategy mathematics.

Can you win blackjack without counting cards?

There are several advantage-play strategies players can use to win at blackjack without card counting. Popular methods include ace sequencing, edge sorting, shuffle tracking, and hole carding. These strategies can give players a better advantage than card counting, but they require specific conditions and only qualify for specific blackjack games. Not only that, but they also require more practice to master than card counting. See Mr Blackjack's video on how to win blackjack without card counting for more tips and advice.

Is it difficult learning to count cards in blackjack?

All card counting systems take time and practice to learn, but some are more complex than others. The Hi-Lo system is the simplest version, and many players find it the easiest to learn. Wong Halves is widely considered the hardest card counting system to memorize due to its complexity. See our video on how to learn card counting faster for more tips and advice.

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