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Types of Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker, Omaha Hold'em or Omaha High are all names for this incredibly popular variant of the traditional Texas Hold'em format. However, in most poker rooms you will also find many other versions of free and real money Omaha, including:

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker
Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

Rules remain the same as standard Omaha, but players maximum bets are restricted to the total sum of chips in the pot.

No-Limit Omaha Poker
No-Limit Omaha Poker

This game type has no restrictions, meaning players can bet as high as they like and keep raising their bets.

Omaha Hi-Lo
Omaha Hi-Lo

This unique variation sees the pot split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest qualifying hand.

Five-Card Omaha
Five-Card Omaha

As the name suggests, this format follows exactly the same rules as Omaha Hold'em but players are dealt five hole cards, instead of four.

How to Play Omaha Poker

Learning how to play Omaha poker is simple. The object of the game is to beat your opponents by creating the best hand using exactly two of your hole cards and three of the five community cards from the board. Online Omaha poker makes use of the same dealer and blind rules as Texas Hold'em, with action proceeding clockwise. Players will also have the opportunity to bet, call, raise, or fold during each round, just like in real money Hold'em.

Omaha Poker Rules

  • 1

    Players will receive their four hole cards before the pre-flop betting round.

  • 2

    Once betting is complete, the dealer will place the flop or three cards at the center of the table.

  • 3

    After another betting round, the dealer deals the fourth community card, which is also known as the turn.

  • 4

    Following a subsequent betting round, the dealer deals the fifth and final community card known as the river.

  • 5

    The remaining players now have to reveal their hands for the winner to be deided. Players must make the best hand using two of their hole cards and any three of the community cards.

Pro tip

Don't limp into hands if you're not confident you can win. By the turn, you should have an idea of what you wish to complete the round with.

Texas Hold'em & Omaha Poker

TopicTexas Hold'emOmaha
Hole CardsEach player receives two hole cards. Each of these cards can be used on its own with the community cards.Each player is dealt four hole cards. Only two of these cards can be used in the player's final hand.
Community CardsFive face-up 'community cards' available to all players.Five face up community cards, with any three available to all players.

Omaha Poker Hands

During the Omaha poker showdown, players reveal their hands in succession. Typically, the player who bet last before the showdown goes first. If nobody bets prior to the showdown, then the player located clockwise to the button reveals his or her cards first. The top hand wins the pot, but it will be split in the event of a tie. Online poker players should keep in mind that all hands must be made from exactly two hole cards and three community cards. Here's a table of the best Omaha hands:

9H 8H 7H 6H 5H

1. Straight Flush:

This hand consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit.


2. Four of a Kind:

This includes four cards of the same rank and an additional fifth card (the kicker).

KS KD 3C 3H 3D

3. Full House:

Three cards that are of the same rank and two cards of another rank.

AD 10D 7D 6D 2D

4. Flush:

This hand involves five cards of the same suit.


5. Straight:

Five cards that are of consecutive ranks and from different suits.

KH JS 8H 8C 8D

6. Three of a Kind:

Three cards from the same rank and two cards from different ranks.


7. Two Pair:

This hand holds two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank, plus a kicker.


8. Pair:

Two cards of one rank and three different cards from different ranks.

AH QC 6H 4S 2D

9. None of the Above:

This is when you have a high card. This would be the top ranking card you hold. The player with the highest rank wins if everyone has a high card.

Free Omaha Poker

Free Omaha Poker allows you to familiarise yourself with the rules first, especially if you've moved from a Texas Hold'em table. Omaha rules will take some getting used to, and tactics you may have used in other poker games won't be relevant. Free Omaha Poker will get you up to speed without losing any real money, but remember, there is only so much you can learn in practice.

Play Omaha Poker Online for Real Money

Playing Omaha poker online for real money is exciting and challenging in equal measure. You'll be playing a game which relies on skill, strategy and quick thinking. It's important to know your odds with every move you make, because as the hand changes, so does the strength of your cards, the odds of you winning and the money in the pot.

How to Win at Omaha Poker

Since Omaha is a complex game, it may be difficult to execute a stringent strategy, but there are some things you can remember which will serve you well when at the table.

  • 1

    Use your position: As with regular Hold'em, your position at the table gives you a huge advantage. Use your time away from the blinds to really compose yourself and make educated decisions as to whether you should play the hand.

  • 2

    Drawing is natural: With more cards on the table, you will naturally have more outs. That said, still be wary of limping in and crossing your fingers. The showdowns in Omaha usually include very strong hands.

  • 3

    Bluff less: Bluffing is a strong tool in poker, but even more so than Texas Hold'em, it should be used sparingly. By the turn you should know your outs and your betting amounts for the upcoming round.

  • 4

    Bet Smart: Especially in no-limit Omaha, trying to force others out of the hand with low betting just won't work. Know the pot totals and bet accordingly, otherwise you will found out.

  • 5

    Remember the rules: It can take beginners time to adjust to the additional hole cards. If the four community cards are clubs and you have one club as a hole card, you won't be able to complete the flush as you must use two hole cards.

Disclaimer: Ohio bettors must be 21+ and physically located within OH to place wagers in the state. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER to speak confidentially with a trained specialist 24/7.

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Choosing the Top Omaha Poker Sites

All of our recommended poker sites not only offer low limit tables, but you can also play for free. Just sign up at any of the best Omaha poker sites to get started. You'll even get a great welcome bonus of free chips, a deposit match or tournament entry.

When choosing the perfect poker site, you should pay attention to game variety, mobile compatibility and a strong selection of promotions along the way. However, one of the most important aspects is safety and security. All our recommended casino sites will keep your personal details in safe hands.

Best Poker Sites

WOW Vegas
High 5 Casino
Fortune Coins
Golden Hearts Games
Lucky Bird

Omaha Poker Glossary

  • Hole Cards The first four cards that are dealt face down to each player.
  • Community Cards The five cards which are dealt to the table throughout the game.
  • Flop The next three cards that are placed face up on the table.
  • Turn The forth card that is placed face up on the table.
  • River The fifth card that is placed face up on the table.
  • Pot The total money the winning player will earn.
  • Bet When money is placed in the pot.
  • Check When a player chooses not to bet when another player has bet before them.
  • Call Money that is equal to another player's bet in the pot.
  • Raise When the amount of money other players have to pay is increased.
  • Pot Odds Mathematically figure out if it is profitable for a player to call a bet.


  • How do I play Omaha poker?

    The aim of the game is to beat your opponents by creating the best hand using exactly two of your hole cards and three of the five cards from the board.

  • What's the difference between 'pot limit' and 'no limit'?

    In Omaha poker, pot limit refers to a betting structure in which a player may bet or rise while with no limit there's a minimum amount that is required to bet so as to open the action of the game.

  • Do you have to use 2 cards in Omaha?

    Yes. You must use 2 of your hole cards when forming your best possible hand.

  • What is the best starting hand?

    The best starting hand in Omaha is Royal Flush.

  • What is Omaha High/Low?

    All players have to use two cards from their four hole cards and three cards from the board to have the best five card poker hand possible. The pot is divided between the best hand for high and the best hand for low. That is where the name, Omaha Hi/Lo, comes from.