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NCAA Basketball Betting Online

While the NBA is famous all over the globe for its high-flying action, it's hardly the only game in town. In fact, the NBA doesn't even have a monopoly on basketball excitement. Whether you prefer to just watch or are ready to take advantage of online gambling, NCAA basketball is beyond electrifying. It doesn't make a difference if it's the regular season or March Madness, there's always great online gambling with NCAA basketball. Even if you are new to the world of wagering, college basketball is a great place to start. We found that offers the best basketball betting odds in 2022.

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Although it's easy to find places to place real money bets, sites vary considerably in quality. Luckily we've tested and reviewed dozens of leading sportsbooks to find the country's best NCAA basketball online gambling. Here's what you'll find when you visit a recommend casino or online sportsbook:

  • Fully licensed and regulated NCAA betting with great odds

  • Quick, easy, and safe deposits using top banking methods

  • Fantastic promotions and huge real cash welcome bonus

College Basketball Season Structure

When online gambling, NCAA basketball gets a lot of attention after the Super Bowl. Even people who don't follow sports have heard of March Madness. While the heated tournament inspires everyone from your mechanic to the President of the USA to set their bracket, it's much easier to bet on individual games at online gambling sites, sportsbooks, and online casinos.

More importantly, there's a whole regular season full of NCAA gambling opportunities. Leave room on your calendar for NCAA basketball starting in late November. There's lots of coverage on ESPN in USA Today and across the internet in 2022. Don't forget that starting early can help you up your own personal betting game with the mayhem begins in March.

NCAA Basketball Odds

When enjoying online gambling with NCAA basketball, you'll need to know how the odds work. While there are dozens of ways to bet on most games, most people choose to either bet on the money line or using a spread. While the money line lets you pick the outright winner, you can get better odds by betting with the spread or line as it is often called. Betting real money on the over-under or total points scored in the game is also widely popular. Let's start with the money line or outright NCAA basketball online gambling bet. Consider a game between North Carolina and Iowa State. You may encounter a line that's similar to the following:

North Carolina -150

Iowa State +130

When online gambling, NCAA basketball odds are almost always displayed in American style with plus and negative signs. The numbers beside the school names indicate the odds of choosing that team. While this may look confusing, there are only two things you need to know here. A negative number indicated the amount of real money, you'll have to wager to make a $100 profit. A positive number tells you how much profit you stand to make by betting $100. In this case, betting $150 in real cash on North Carolina team means you'll get $250 back if your team wins. After you subtract your original $150 stake, you'll have made $100. Positive numbers are naturally more straightforward, as they display your profit right off the bat. You can tell that a $100 Iowa State bet will give you a $130 profit just by glancing at it. Of course, the best sites let you bet any amount in 2022. Your wagers will be adjusted proportionally based on these odds.

Understanding Basketball Spreads

Given the disparity among teams, especially early in the season, the odds on some games can be terrible even at top sites. In fact, many online casino gambling sites skip many NCAA since there isn't much demand for weak odds even on a sure thing. Of course, we're talking about the money line here. If you want expand your horizons by factoring a margin of victory, NCAA basketball bets can pay handily. Let's take a look at the spread for the same game we discussed earlier.

North Carolina -6.5 -110

Iowa State +6.5 -110

In this situation betting $110 on either team is all it takes to make a $100 profit. The key difference is that in order for North Carolina to be declared the winner, as far as the bet is concerned, they'll need to win by at least 6.5 points. As there are no half points, it will take a comfortable 7-point margin. Likewise, betting on Iowa State with the spread might not be as lucrative as the money line, yet they don't have to win the game. Instead, they just need to come with 6.5 points. That's a more realistic goal, even if it's less lucrative. The main takeaway here is in the world of sportsbook online gambling, NCAA basketball gives you lots of options to increase your odds of winning real cash.

Best Online NCAA Sports Betting Sites

You don't have to be an alumnus to enjoy NCAA basketball online gambling. The games are not only action packed but they give you a glimpse into the future of pro basketball. More importantly, you can win big dollars at top sportsbooks with very little research. As with all forms of online gambling, NCAA basketball bettors shouldn't jump at the first bookie they encounter. We've compared and reviewed dozens of sites to find the best casino online sportsbooks. Log on now and discover excellent odds and claim a giant welcome bonus.

NCAA betting proves that college basketball can be just as exhilarating as its big league cousin.