NBA Playoff Odds & Lines

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NBA Playoffs Props and Parlays

Of course, moneyline bets are extremely popular across most sports, but for the NBA Playoffs especially, props and parlays have an enticing appeal.

Adding more value to your bets and more excitement to the on-court action, NBA prop bets and parlays allow you to win big and flex your statistical nous.

Below is a brief breakdown of each bet type, with some tips on how to take advantage of these bet types during the NBA Playoffs and Finals in 2022.

NBA Prop Bets

There are two types of props fans can bet on during the NBA Playoffs, those based on player performance and those related to team-specific performance. As these bets don’t have to directly influence the outcome of the fixture, they are very popular with bettors who like some action throughout each quarter.

The most important part of a successful prop bet is the research you do beforehand. Studying the form and history of the players and teams will help you build a picture of what might happen in each game. This becomes easier later on in a series too, when there is more recent form data. We recommend asking yourself some questions before each game.

Has Jimmy Butler been outscoring Victor Oladipo? Has Oladipo been cold from the floor? Have defenses been ganging up on him? Is Oladipo due to explode?

Answering these questions will give you the confidence to wager on NBA player props and place team-focused bets, even if the odds are wide; smart prop bets are a great way to win big payouts.

NBA Parlay Bets

Parlays during the NBA Playoffs are a great way to spread your bets across both the Eastern and Western Conferences. These are classic risk-reward bets; you may get bigger payouts, but your chances of winning are much slimmer.

These tips can help you reduce that risk:

  • Don’t get greedy - It will be really tempting to add a leg or two to boost your potential payout, even if you’re not as confident with the picks. Such legs will be the ones you lose causing you to lose the bet.
  • Bet small - If you normally bet $50 every time you place a wager, go with $10 on your three-leg parlay. Your payout will still be substantial and you still have $40 you can bet elsewhere.
  • Diversify your bets - Make sure you consider every eligible type. Parlays are a great way to combine moneyline, totals, ATS, and prop bets.
  • Consider advantages - Going with the favorites may be advisable in the opening round, but after that, home-court advantage, injuries, and form will make all contests much closer.
  • Utilize picks - Basketball experts sometimes include parlay selections among their picks. Make the most of their extensive knowledge to help you place the best NBA bets today.