How to Play Keno

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Page  created  06 Apr, 2023


Welcome to the complete guide on how to play keno online. Learn keno rules and the best strategies to help you win in minutes. Our experts have tips and tricks for you to make the most out of popular games, like Starship Keno and Tutan Keno. Let's jump into it.

  • Join one of our top online casinos and start playing keno.

  • Pick your favorite numbers from the online keno card.

  • Select the size of your bet and place it.

  • Follow the draw to see how many numbers you match.

  • Claim the payout, enjoy your winnings, and play again.

How Do You Play Keno?

  1. Join a trusted online casino. Simply pick one of our featured sites and register for free in just a few minutes. Start up a game that you like and play keno. We recommend Keno by Play'n GO.

  2. Select numbers on the online keno card. You can click them or use autopick. There are 80 options (1-80) to choose from and you can pick between two and 20, depending on the game. In this example, let's select 10 lucky keno numbers as your spots.

  3. Place your bets. Use the buttons at the bottom to set the stake you want. This ranges from 50¢ to $5 in most games. We recommend starting low and $1 is a perfect size for most people. Look out for a multiplier option on some games.

  4. Play a round. Simply click on the 'Play' or 'Draw' button to start the game. 20 numbers, usually represented by balls, are selected using a Random Number Generator (RNG) and highlighted on the online keno card. In some keno games, you can start several consecutive rounds.

  5. Check the results. You receive a payout if you catch enough numbers. In the Keno by Play'n GO example, you can get between 1x your bet for three matching numbers and 10,000x your bet for all 10. Keno odds and payouts depend on the selected game.

  6. Go again. A new round is now ready to begin. You can keep the same numbers and stake, or change things up. You could even play using a mobile casino.

Keno Rules

Keno rules are very simple. The game is like an instant online lottery or a custom bingo game. You can pick between two and 10, 15, or 20 numbers from the 80 available. The game will then select 20 numbers at random and award a payout based on how many you matched.


Keno Strategy

The best keno strategy is not about winning one round. It is about adding structure to your gameplay and improving overall results. You win more by managing your balance properly and not betting too big, too early. This will allow you to always stay in control.

How to Win Keno

A few small tips can go a long way when playing keno online. Our experts share the best keno tricks that you can start applying today:

  1. Play at Reliable Sites – Only play keno at online casinos that are safe, licensed, and verified. Check our featured sites for more details.

  2. Check the Payouts – The lower the house edge and the bigger the keno payouts, the better. Also, look for games that pay out for just a few numbers.

  3. Practice for Free – Before you bet at real money online casinos, try out free keno games online. These allow you to practice without any risks.

  4. Take Advantage of Bonuses – Online gambling sites offer generous casino bonuses for keno. Use the extra funds to bet for free and hopefully boost your winnings.

  5. Play Responsibly – Always set a balance and play within your limits. You can bet small and still win big playing real money keno online.

Keno Glossary

Learning keno can mean taking on a lot of fresh information. Our glossary will help you get up to speed in no time:


The game function which randomly selects numbers for you on the online keno card.


The amount of money available for betting on the game.


These are used to represent the numbers drawn and relate to the numbered boxes in the game.


The amount of money placed for one or multiple rounds of keno online.


The numbers you selected which match the ones from the keno drawing.


The process in which 20 numbers are randomly selected in a keno round.


A rate by which the payouts are increased. Can range from 1.5x to 5x.


One of the 80 available options for betting on the online keno card.


The probability of matching numbers or winning during a keno round.

Online Keno Card

The grid with 80 keno numbers on which the game is played.


The prizes you receive for matching numbers.

Payout Chart

The table which shows the available prizes based on how many numbers you selected.


Selecting numbers from the card for the next keno draw.

Quick Pick

A function which provides a fast selection of random numbers for a quick keno game.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The software used to ensure that keno results are fair and random.


One or multiple numbers on the online keno card selected by you.


How does keno work?

In keno, you can pick up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers from 80 available options. Then, 20 numbers are selected randomly by the game. If enough numbers match, you receive a payout based on your bet.

How many numbers do you need to win keno?

It depends on the game and on the keno rules. In most keno games with a maximum of 10 selections, you need to match at least three to win. The more numbers you match, the higher the payout.

How do you play keno and win?

You can play keno online by joining a trusted online casino and starting the game. You just have to select numbers by clicking on them and then start the round. Practicing on free casino games is also a great way to prepare before applying our keno tips to real money games.

Is there a strategy I can use to win more?

There is no keno strategy that will guarantee a win. However, bankroll management and some betting patterns can improve the results in the long run. We recommend playing responsibly and not chasing losses.

How can you predict keno numbers?

The numbers are selected using random number generators, so the best keno numbers cannot be predicted. Keno results are completely random and this is what makes the game fun. If you get lucky, you win.

Which numbers hit most in keno?

Every number has the same probability of being selected by the game. However, you may notice that some numbers hit more often than others in the short term. These are known as hot keno numbers and are displayed in some games.

How much do you win on keno?

Keno payouts can start from just 1x your bet and go up to 200,000x your bet. The jackpots depend on the game. We recommend keno games that have payouts for landing just a few numbers because they offer the chance to win more often.