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What should I do after mastering basic strategy?

Once you know basic strategy like the back of your hand, you should learn card counting. There are systems to suit beginner to advanced players, and can give you a crucial edge over the casino.

Where can I find more tutorials on blackjack?

Our Blackjack Academy video hub covers everything you want to know about becoming a winning blackjack player.

Does the dealer hit on soft 17?

Some casinos have table rules stipulating the dealer must hit on soft 17. Players should always check for this rule before joining a game, as it will affect how they play basic strategy.

What is no bust blackjack?

No bust blackjack is a strategy that requires players to stand on busting hands (12-16) in the hopes the dealer busts. The theory behind this blackjack strategy is that players will win more by default just for staying in the game.

What is DAS in blackjack?

DAS stands for 'Double After Split' and the acronym appears frequently on strategy charts. It refers to a rule that lets a player double down after they split a hand.

When does the dealer have to hit in blackjack?

The dealer must hit if their hand totals less than 17 in blackjack. Some casinos have a rule stating the dealer must hit if they have a soft 17 in their hand.

Does dealer hit on 16?

The rules of blackjack force the dealer to hit on 16, even if it's likely they will bust.

What is the payout in blackjack?

Generally, the payout for blackjack is 3:2. Some casinos offer lesser payouts of 6:5, which players should avoid.

What numbers should players split in blackjack?

Aces and 8s should always be split in blackjack as they create stronger hands when combined with nearly any other card. A pair of Aces equals 2 or 22, but when combined with a face card or 10 can give players blackjack. The only way a player can win with a pair of 8s is by the dealer busting. Splitting them allows you to create more competitive hands.

How to calculate house advantage?

To calculate how much the casino takes from your bets as a profit, just multiply the house edge in decimal form with your wager amount. So, if a blackjack game had a 1.5% house edge and you wagered $100, that would be 100 x 0.0150 = $1.50.

What are the odds for blackjack?

The odds in blackjack vary depending on the number of decks in play, table rules, and whether players are using basic strategy. Blackjack has the best odds of winning out of any casino game though, with a house advantage of 0.5-2.0%.

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