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What is the best side bet in blackjack?

It depends on your priorities. In terms of biggest rewards, landing the top hand on Super Sevens will give you a 5,000:1 payout on your wager. You can use card counting for Over/Under 13 and Super Sevens, depending on the casino's rules. If your focus is on winning side bets more often, you may want to prioritize these wagers. See our side bets 101 and the best and worst side bets in blackjack videos for more tips from Mr Blackjack.

How do you win a blackjack side bet?

Players must fulfill the terms of the wager set by the casino in order to win side bets. Casinos can adjust the payouts and rules for these bets, so double check with the dealer before staking any cash. Remember. few side bets in blackjack can be won using strategy. Most side bet wins are purely down to luck, so stake only what you are comfortable losing. See our video on whether you should play side bets for more detail on if it's the right decision for you.

How do you know what side bets are available at a blackjack table?

Side bets are usually printed on the felt on blackjack tables. You can also ask the dealer whether specific side bets are available, too. Online casinos will usually display information about side bets in the 'info' panel in their blackjack games.

Is 21+3 part of a standard blackjack game?

21+3 is a side bet, so isn't considered part of blackjack's standard rules and objective. However, it's one of the most popular side bets casinos offer, so you can find it in most blackjack games.

What is a royal flush in blackjack?

The 21+3 side bet uses 3-card poker hands for its payout structure. While a royal flush isn't included in blackjack games, a straight flush (cards of successive value and of the same suit) and a flush (cards of the same suit) are included and can result in good payouts for players.

How do you get Perfect Pairs in blackjack?

Your first two cards must be identical suit, color, and value to get a Perfect Pair in blackjack.

Does anything beat a blackjack?

Nothing beats a blackjack, unless the casino's table rules state otherwise.

How much do side bets pay in blackjack?

Each side bet has its own payout structure in blackjack. As a range, the payouts start from 2.5:1 to 5,000:1. A few casinos will also add progressive jackpots to blackjack side bets like Spin the Wheel or Royal Match, which can reach thousands of dollars in payouts.

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