Blackjack Side Bets Explained

Did you know there's more than one way to play blackjack? Whether you're fortunate enough to be in Las Vegas or find yourself seated at an online casino table, you aren't limited to standard twenty-one. There are over a dozen popular real money variations with quirky names like Super Fun 21, Vegas Downtown, Stravaganza, Double Attack, Pontoon, Vegas Downtown, Double Exposure, and countless others. Yet nothing beats the addition of side bets. When gambling online, blackjack side bets have the potential to make things really interesting and lucrative in the process. We've found that offers the top blackjack side bets in 2021.

Whether you are planning on making serious blackjack side bets or are just searching for great games, you can count on our top rated online casinos. Here's what to expect when you pay a visit to a recommended real money casino online:

Our Top Rated Blackjack Casinos

What is a Blackjack Side Bet?

If you've ever played blackjack, you've probably noticed that the potential payouts and house rules are written right on the felt, often in big bold letters. You might have seen that blackjack pays 3 to 2, the dealer must stand on 17, and insurance pays 2 to 1. Technically speaking that third provision fits under the broad category of blackjack side bets. In its simplest terms, a blackjack side bet is simply any option or supplemental bet made on top of the regular action. In this case you are protecting yourself in the event of the dealer having a natural blackjack. Anyone who bothers to crunch the numbers will tell you that insurance is a waste of your precious dollars in 2021.

How Do Side Bets Work in Blackjack?

If you're in the market for blackjack side bets, online gambling sites have plenty of options. Of course, you'll have to choose games that explicitly offer side bets. It's worth noting that blackjack side bets are not always wise. Traditional blackjack tables offer players some of the best odds. If you play correctly, the house advantage is negligible. Yet if you make some real cash side bets, you can give the house an extra advantage.

Keep in mind that the odds of winning internet gambling blackjack side bets are true over time. What happens over the short term is anyone's guess. Part of the beauty of gambling is that any outcome is possible, even those that are statistically remote. Still there's no harm in knowing the likelihood of landing a few extra dollars. We'll run down a few of the most popular blackjack side bets online players will likely encounter. You can learn about others by visiting our individual blackjack game guides.

Super Sevens Side Bets

Lucky number seven could pay loads of real money when you take advantage of super seven or triple seven blackjack side bets. You'll get rewarded handsomely for landing sevens in your hand. Many sites pay as much as 5000:1 if you land three suited sevens, 500:1 for three unsuited sevens, 100:1 for two suited sevens, 50:1 for two sevens, and 3:1 for the far more viable first card seven.

Bonus Blackjack Side Bets

When you play bonus blackjack variations, you'll have the opportunity to place an optional online casino side bet that pays handily when you land a blackjack. The payouts usually vary depending on the cards that make up your blackjack. Some of the best betting sites also offer versions that reward you if the dealer lands blackjack.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

There's no shortage of online blackjack side bet gambling options. Perfect pairs isn't just one of the more popular blackjack side bets, but there are several online casino blackjack variations named after the side bet. In general, you'll win your side bet if your first two cards are a pair with increasingly better payouts if your pair is the same color or suit.

Progressive Jackpot Blackjack Side Bets

When it comes to side bets, casino fans usually flock to progressive blackjack tables for the top prizes in the business. The beauty of progressive blackjack side bet internet gambling is the amount of real cash that is potentially up for grabs. That's because the jackpot increases every second. Whenever a player enjoys online gambling with blackjack side bets, a portion of the wager gets added to the pot. As you can probably guess, things can add up pretty fast. It's possible to win over $100K or more. Keep in mind that you'll have to land four consecutive same suited aces in your hand to land the top prize, but there are lots of secondary hands that command major dollars.

Sweeten the Real Money Pot

Blackjack side bets always add extra pizzazz to your game. Even when the odds aren't on your side, it's still fun to chase a big jackpot in an otherwise safe casino online card game. If you're ready to experience blackjack side bets for real, our casino online experts have plenty of amazing recommendations. We've taken the time to test, vet, and compare every legal and licensed online casinosa so you can count on a great gambling experience whenever you log on. Not only will you find the most side bets with the biggest payouts, but you can also claim a generous welcome bonus. That's plenty of extra cash to pad your wallet before placing your inaugural side wager.

Blackjack side bets are a great way to inject extra excitement into every hand.
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