Best Free Blackjack Apps for Fun with Friends

Social gaming apps are hugely popular in US states or countries where real money gambling is prohibited. While you won't get any payouts, social gambling apps come with special features that make them equally exciting to play.

The best free blackjack apps for fun play come with weekly tournaments, clubs for various ability levels, and plenty of choice of blackjack games. The chat box functionality on these apps means you can interact with your friends or other players worldwide. If you just want to play online blackjack for fun with friends, then social gaming apps are an ideal choice.

These are the top free blackjack apps to play for fun, as recommended by our team:

Putting the Best to the Test: Blackjack — World Tournament vs Blackjack 21

Blackjack World Tournament vs 21
OG Recommends

When it comes to playing blackjack with friends or for fun, players are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of free blackjack apps offering social gaming features, but Blackjack World Tournament by NEON Games and and Blackjack 21 by NEOWIZ are the top choices.

Both blackjack apps are free to play for fun, with daily opportunities to refresh your chip balance. You will find ample opportunities to play with friends in private rooms or go head-to-head with other social gamers around the world in both apps. Go from amateur to blackjack billionaire in either app's ranking tables and VIP levels.

If we had to choose just one though, Blackjack 21 by NEOWIZ beats NEON Games' offering with its multilingual support, and its immersive graphics and animation quality in fun themes. It also offers private rooms with the dealer to practice card counting. You will even find other popular casino games like Texas Hold'em and slots — great for when you want a break from blackjack.


"For the the best free blackjack tournament play with the most players I highly recommend Blackjack 21. There is always a seat open at one of their tables or live tournaments."

Best of the Rest:

If you want more fun blackjack action, check out these other top free social casino apps:

  • Blackjackist:

    This app has a wide variety of certified RNG blackjack games, so you can trust them to be fair. If you can ignore the intrusive ads, Blackjackist by Kama Games is a decent app to play with friends.

  • Blackjack 21:

    Upskill your blackjack knowhow while competing in tournaments with players worldwide in this app by Funstage.

  • Blackjack Legends:

    Embark on a journey that takes you to all the top gambling locations around the world with this free blackjack app by Wildcard Games.

Best Blackjack Apps for Strategy & Card Counting Practice

Being a blackjack expert takes practice. Free blackjack games are good for testing your gameplay with zero risk, but if you want to improve your blackjack basic strategy knowledge and card counting skills, then you need some specialized tools.

Blackjack apps offer the perfect solution. With these, you can practice your card counting speed and accuracy, and receive stats on your performance. These pocket-sized blackjack experts will also give you hints and feedback on your strategy knowledge, and let you customize the blackjack game rules to whichever variation of the game you prefer.

Train yourself to win at blackjack with our shortlist of the best blackjack apps for card counting and strategy practice:

Putting the Best to the Test: Blackjack Joe vs Blackjack All-in-One Trainer

Blackjack Joe vs All-in-one Trainer
OG Recommends

The battle between Blackjack Joe and Blackjack AOT boils down to this: do you need to practice basic strategy or card counting more?

Want perfect basic strategy skills? Then go for Blackjack Joe from CodeByJoe. This app focuses on specific basic strategy topics, like weak hands, with exercises that give you an extra option to keep a running count. There are also regular tests on what you've learnt that take you through the lowly beginner ranks to blackjack master. This is particularly helpful if you want to see your progression.

If it's card counting you want to master, then Blackjack AOT by AdvPLyr is the whole package. This app offers guides, drills, hints, index charts, and extensive customization options, such as a card dealing speed. For an extra fee of $0.99, you can also receive blackjack simulations as well. Blackjack AOT also has basic strategy training, with a handy errors chart that records your hands and the better move too.

For those that want both, Blackjack AOT ultimately offers the most complete experience. Blackjack Joe's has a clearer interface and design, and is cheaper, but Blackjack AOT has the edge in terms of the strategy tools and information it offers players.

Best of the Rest:

  • Blackjack Verite Free:

    Created by blackjack author Norman Wettenberger, this app was one of the first card counting apps to be released. Dated design aside, the vast customization options Blackjack Verite Free offers makes it ideal for any player.

  • Blackjack Trainer Pro:

    Budding blackjack players will appreciate this app's clean design and regular hints throughout the training exercises. Blackjack Trainer Pro is available on all devices from Hornetapps.

  • Blackjack by Brainium:

    This simple app by Brainium offers hints, statistics, and hand tracking so you can perfect your basic strategy. Card counting exercises aren't included, but the deck transitions make it easy to practice at least.

How We Reviewed These Blackjack Apps

Our reviews focus on giving you the best blackjack experience for your time and money. While our reviews cover the most important app features for our players, we also inspect free, social gaming, and real money blackjack apps using the additional tailored criteria chosen by our team and our users.

Social Blackjack Apps

  • Animation quality:

    We only choose apps with high resolution animations and picture quality.

  • Fair gameplay:

    If players report suspicious game patterns in the blackjack games, or underhand sales tactics to get you to buy chips, we don't recommend them.

  • Game provider reputation:

    Our team inspects every game company to ensure they are professional and have no reports of unethical behavior towards players.

  • Data usage:

    If the app consumes an unusually high level of data, it won't appear in our recommendations.

  • Variety of games:

    Our team are dedicated to finding you the social gambling apps with the largest choice of blackjack games and themes.

  • Social features:

    Players want a realistic blackjack casino experience on mobile. We look for social features like chat boxes and tournaments on social blackjack apps.

  • Betting limits:

    Apps need betting limits that suit low rollers and whales to rank with us.

  • Spam:

    We do not promote social gambling apps with annoying excessive adverts or notifications.

Blackjack Card Counting and Strategy Apps

  • Configuration:

    We only choose apps that let you adjust the table rules, dealer rules, and decks in play so all players can practice their preferred blackjack game.

  • Tailored exercises:

    Apps must offer more than free games. They need specialized exercises that develop specific skills in blackjack, like counting accuracy or memory for strategy.

  • Ability levels:

    We look for apps with beginner to advanced experience levels, so you get the right training in your blackjack apprenticeship.

  • Expert feedback:

    Strategy and card counting apps should give you accurate hints on moves, or advice on how to improve your performance at the end of a session.

  • Stats:

    Players need stats on their gameplay performance to improve. We only choose practice apps that give you a clear rundown of your wins/losses, and the cards in play.

  • Cost:

    We check all the features against the app's prices to judge whether they are worth your money.

  • Information accuracy:

    We check apps apply basic strategy and counting probability accurately to exercises.

  • Spam:

    If an app has an overwhelming number of ads, or spams you with notifications, it won't appear on our list.

Want to learn more about our reviews process for casino apps and other online gambling sites? Our How We Rate guide gives an in-depth look to our process.

Get the edge with our blackjack strategies

Play smarter with basic strategy tips from our expert, Mr Blackjack.


I only want to play real money blackjack games on my mobile. Why won't casinos create apps for individual casino game types?

It's simply not in the casino's best interest. Creating individual apps for every game type they offer would cost the casino huge amounts of money and resources. Having only one app is less expensive for the casino, plus you can explore other games.

Can I earn real money playing blackjack on social gaming apps?

No — you can only play these apps for fun. Bonuses, tournament rewards, and other daily promotions may be offered by social gaming apps to keep you playing, but you cannot withdraw these winnings for real money.

How can I find other safe casino apps for real money blackjack games?

Reading casino reviews will help you find trusted casino sites with the games you want. Licensing, game variety, and bet limits are a few points you should consider to find safe and fun casino apps for your blackjack play.

What is the most realistic blackjack app?

Real money blackjack apps offer the most realistic experience. These offer live blackjack games, which livestream videos of dealers playing blackjack games in real time in a studio.

Can I play blackjack apps on iPad?

Yes. If the blackjack app is available on iOS, you should be able to play it on an iPad.

Are there any blackjack dealer training apps available?

There are a half-dozen blackjack dealer training apps available through iOS or the Google Play store. Learning To Deal Blackjack by LTD is the most popular. Created by dealers for dealing schools and croupiers, the app offers practice on totaling player hands, blackjack payouts, and using table racks.

Do I need to download special software to play blackjack on mobile?

Our recommendations only require you to download the app via your operating system's preferred source. If you play blackjack on a browser though, you may have to download HTML5 or similar software for some casino sites.

Are there bonuses for mobile blackjack apps?

Players can enjoy the same bonuses in a casino's app that they find on their site. Casinos will occasionally offer mobile bonuses to encourage players to interact with a new feature or game they add to their apps. As for training or social gaming blackjack apps, any bonuses they offer will be for virtual chips you can use in free play.

What if I want to play real money blackjack games on apps with my friends?

The only option is to enter the same live blackjack game together at an online casino. There you can play together and use the chat functionality to talk. is an independent and impartial authority in gambling. For 20 years we’ve committed to finding players the best online casinos. Today more than 1,200,000 players worldwide trust our reviews process to help them play safely online.

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