The Best Online Gambling Reviews in 2018

Best 2018 Online Casino Reviews

Did you know there are hundreds of places to gamble online? While having access to more online casinos than there are days in a year might sound exciting, choice isn't all it's cracked up to be. Unfortunately, not all casinos are reputable and even the legal ones vary widely in quality. Fortunately, our online gambling reviews are here to set the record straight. It's always ideal to have trusted info and reliable reviews and fans of online gambling can count on us for in depth analysis and recommendations. We found that has some of the top slots and casino games in 2018.

Online gambling casino reviews are invaluable when playing for real money. Yet even if you aren't spending your hard earned dollars, don't you deserve authentic games? Here's what you'll find at a top casino online:

We Have Objective Casino Reviews

How much can you trust casino reviews? Online gambling sites don't want you to know this, but many internet casinos write and post their own positive reviews across the Internet. While this is obviously unethical, this happens more than you might hope. Fortunately, and it's no accident, we are completely independent. We don't work for any casino and don't care if you chose one gambling site over the other. We're simply a group of gambling experts and online casino fans who want to shed a little light on an industry that often gets a bad rap. If you read our casino reviews, online gambling sites run the gamut. There are just as many amazing casinos and card rooms as ones that ought to be avoided at all costs.

Our Casino Review Methods

How are Casinos Reviewed?

One of the problems with many casino reviews is that they aren't comprehensive. They seem like hack jobs at best. Too many review sites create their review by copying info from the casino's landing page and adding in some industry lingo for length. It's fairly obvious that whoever writes these online gambling reviews, and we use the term loosely, has never signed up or logged onto the casino online. Of course, we aren't like other online casino review sites.

We take pride in our knowledge and our methods at every stage of the game. When evaluating a casino, betting site, or poker room, we pose as new players. That means we sign up, claim a bonus offer, make a deposit, download the software, play games for real money, test customer service, cash out our winnings and more. We spend hours putting sites through the ringer before writing a single word of our casino reviews. Of course, if something goes awry then we'll let you know. We're here so you can learn from our mistakes.

Assessing the Action

Before beginning to write any online gambling review, we check a site's credentials. Not only do we ensure that the real money casino or poker room is fully licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling commission or governing body, but we dig deeper. We make sure the license is still valid and look into the management team and their history. When creating reviews, online gambling sites typically have additional third party certifications. All reputable real money gaming websites make use of random number generators. These need to be inspected and certified. We make sure the inspections are up to date.

When browsing online casino reviews, gambling fans are most interested in the games. That’s why we test them all. Even if there are hundreds of games, we'll take them all for at least a quick test drive to gauge the quality, reliability, authenticity, and overall experience. Whether you prefer to download an app or play in your browser, we'll let you know how it all measures up. Our casino reviews acknowledge that people use all sorts of different devices in 2018. That's why our internet gambling reviews consider all the top platforms like Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones as well as tablets.

Real Money Matters

Play at Online Casinos for Real Money

Although you can play for free at a top casino online, most people like playing for real cash best. When it comes to casino reviews, online gambling fans want to know what methods are accepted, what security measures are in place to protect deposits, and how long it takes to start playing. Of course, most players hope to win at least a few dollars. That's why in our reviews, online gambling sites are put to the test. We see how long it takes to get paid and whether the advertised cash out speeds are true.

Customer Service

When you check out our reviews, Internet gambling sites are assessed for the level of customer support they provide. While many people just want to hit the tables, it's important for sites to be accountable. Most gambling sites operated from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It's important to get answers whether you need technical support or have questions about your payment.

Get Started at the Best Online Casinos

While our online gambling reviews are invaluable, some people just want to play. Fortunately, you don't have to love reading to benefit from our casino reviews. Online gambling fans can head directly to any of our recommended sites and start playing to win right now. You'll not only have full access to action that you can trust, but you can profit from a generous welcome bonus and plenty of rewarding promotions. Why not play to win today?

Top rated casinos are easy to find when you read up on all of our online gambling reviews.
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