Roulette Bets and Payouts Guide in 2019

Roulette Bets & Payouts

One of the great things about roulette is the variety of bets you can make. While baccarat players are traditionally limited to betting on the banker or player, roulette bettors have endless options. From individual numbers to more combinations than most people care to count, the world is your oyster. Whether you play live or prefer the convenience of online gambling, roulette bets payouts are worth getting to know. While you can certainly hit the tables and follow your gut, the most successful players have taken the time to master roulette bets. Online gambling fans can test their knowledge at , which offers the best internet casino roulette in 2019.

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Roulette Options

Before running down roulette bets payouts, players should know that there's more than one way to play roulette. When you visit a casino online, you'll usually have the option of playing American or European roulette. American roulette adds an extra slot number 00 to the wheel and table, reducing your odds of landing any single number. When playing for real money always opt for the European game, as you will instantly improve your online roulette bets payouts. Gambling always favors the house, so why not reduce the online casino's advantage by playing the right game?

At least a few recommended casinos online also offer French roulette. The game uses the same wheel as European roulette, but with house rules that slightly benefit the player when the wheel lands on 0. As the exact rules vary, we've only included internet gambling roulette bets, payouts, and odds for traditional American as well as European games.

Online Roulette Bet Payouts

When gambling online, roulette bets payouts terminology is fairly straightforward. Aside from self-explanatory terms, you'll also find nicknames for bets, which we'll run down below. Online gambling roulette bet payouts are often classified as either inside or outside bets. This refers to geography on the table. Inside bets are simply the individual numbers and combinations, which literally occupy the interior of the betting area. Outside bets occupy the surrounding areas and cover more numbers at once. You'll have a much greater chance of winning an outside bet, but the payouts are less lucrative.

Outside Roulette Bets and Payouts

Color Bet

When gambling online, roulette bets and payouts can be incredibly simple. It shouldn't be shocking that wagering on red or black is the most popular bet. Although it only pays 1:1, you'll win almost half the time. The probability of winning is 47.37% in American and 48.65% in European roulette.

Even or Odd

If you like color roulette bets and payouts, casino online gambling fans can mix things up by wager on even or odd. The probabilities and payouts are the same as if you bet on red or black. Keep in mind that 0 and 00 are neither even nor odd.

Low or High

Highs and lows are great for anyone who likes being conservative when online gambling with roulette payouts. The low bet covers 1 through 18 while high bet covers 19-36. Again, the payouts and probabilities are identical to red, black, odd, or even wagers.

Dozen or Column Bet

You can get a 2:1 payout by wagering on the first, second, or third dozen numbers by placing you chips on the marked areas immediately to the left of the numbered grid. Alternatively, you can cover non sequential thirds by wagering on any of the three columns immediately underneath the numbers 34, 35, or 36. The odds of winning real cash are 32.43% and 31.58% respectively on European and American roulette.

Inside Roulette Bets Payouts

Single Number

Betting on a single number is the ultimate long shot with just a 2.7% chance of happening in European roulette and 2.63% at American tables. Yet with handsome 35:1 roulette bet payouts, online gambling fans always see the allure.

Split Bet

If you don't find the ultimate long shot appealing, you can increase your chances on split bet that covers two numbers. Just let your chips straddle the line between those adjacent numbers. You'll get paid 17:1 on this wager that has a 5.41% or 5.26% chance of panning out.

Street Bet

Commonly called a line bet because it covers a single row or line, this three number wager pays 11:1. The likelihood of winning real cash is 8.11% playing European roulette and 7.89% at American tables.

Four Number Bet

By placing your chip on the corner of four numbers, you stand to win eight times your bet. The roulette bet, which is also called the corner or square bet for obvious reasons, has a 10.81% or 10.53% of occurring.

Five Number Bet

This uniquely American roulette bet is also called the basket or top line bet. It covers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. You'll get paid 6:1 if one of your numbers comes up, but that has a measly 13.16% chance of happening. It's of one of the more popular roulette bets payouts. Online gambling enthusiasts use it to hedge themselves against the ball landing on 0 or 00.

Double Street

Also known as the six line or six number bet, this real money wager lets you cover two adjacent rows. Double Street pays 5:1 and the probability of winning is 16.22% at European tables but only 15.79% in American roulette.

All Roulette Bets are on at Top Gambling Sites

Once you've mastered roulette bets payouts, online gambling will be infinitely more fun. That's what happens when you put yourself in the best position to win. Nothing beats the experience of winning at roulette. Bets, payouts, and gameplay are at least as good online as they are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. If you're ready to start winning real money, we've found the top online roulette available. You can even get ahead of the game by claiming an exclusive real cash bonus. Get started now at these top rated online gambling sites.

Whether you prefer longshots or betting on a sure thing, there are roulette bets just for you.
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