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What Is Keno?

Keno is an exciting casino game that is similar to lotteries and bingo. It is generally played with 80 numbers (1-80), 20 of which are randomly selected as the winners. You can pick your numbers and when to start the round. The keno results are almost instant and the payouts can be massive. Some keno jackpots award up to 200,000x your bet, depending on how many numbers you match. The simple rules allow you to learn how to play keno in no time.

Types of Keno Games

A range of keno games are available at the best online casinos. The basics stay the same but they add something special to the mix – from fun themes to increased payouts. After all, variety is key to keeping all customers happy. And so, we present the most popular types of keno right here:

  • Classic Keno

    A straightforward game with 20 winning numbers. You can choose between two and 10 numbers from the online keno card. Match 10 numbers for a payout of up to 200,000x your bet.

  • Themed Keno

    Keno games with more entertaining themes than the classic machines, like Monkey Keno and Tutan Keno. The improved visuals can make it more fun.

  • Multi-Card Keno

    A special version where you can have up to 20 online keno cards per round. All the cards share the same bet and selected numbers.

  • Multiplier Keno

    You can add a bonus multiplier for a larger bet. The multiplier is randomly selected before the draw and can range from 1.5x to 10x.

Free Keno Games

Free keno is ideal if you are new to the game, if you want to practice a new keno strategy, or if you just want to have some fun without spending any cash. You play with demo credits so you can even apply different betting patterns. Check out the free keno games on our site and also play at featured online casinos.

Free Keno Game
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Where to Play Keno?

Online casinos are the answer to your question. The sites featured above offer a variety of keno games that you can enjoy right now. A popular pick in the US is Keno by RTG, which is user-friendly and has an Asian theme. You can pick up to 10 numbers and win up to 50,000x your bet. Keno Draw from the Bodog Group is another top choice with a jackpot of 100,000x your bet for matching 15 numbers.

Keno Apps

It is now easier than ever to play casino games on your phone. Mobile keno allows you to keep the action going at any time, from any location. You can take your pick from the casinos featured above and you are guaranteed a smooth mobile experience. Some have downloadable casino apps, while others have instant play versions directly from the browser. Whatever the case, you can play keno and scratch cards on your iPhone or Android device right now.

Keno App

Keno Odds

Keno odds are very straightforward. They are based on the amount of numbers selected and on how many of them are matched. The more numbers you select, the better the odds offered to you are for catching some of them. These odds also determine the prizes.


For example: Player A picks nine numbers. The odds of matching five numbers are 1 in 31. Player B picks seven numbers. The odds of matching five numbers are 1 in 116. Player C picks five numbers. The odds of matching five numbers are 1 in 1,551.

Keno Payouts

Keno payouts can range from 1x to up to 200,000x your bet, depending on how many numbers you match. It is also important to note that not all keno games have the same payouts. Here is an example pay table, based on a one credit bet per game, with 80 numbers in total, and a maximum pick of 10:

Keno Payout Chart

Number Picked Numbers Matched Prize Amount in credits (for each one credit play) Odds
1111 in 4
22101 in 17
33251 in 73
221 in 8
44501 in 327
351 in 24
211 in 5
555001 in 1,551
4151 in 83
321 in 12
661,5001 in 7,753
5501 in 324
451 in 36
311 in 8
775,0001 in 40,980
61501 in 1,366
5151 in 116
421 in 20
311 in 6
8815,0001 in 230,115
74001 in 6,233
6501 in 423
5101 in 55
421 in 13
9925,0001 in 1,380,688
82,5001 in 30,628
72001 in 1,691
6251 in 175
541 in 31
411 in 9
1010200,0001 in 8,911,712
910,0001 in 163,382
85001 in 7,385
7501 in 621
6101 in 88
531 in 20
031 in 22
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