Top Basketball Betting in 2019

Betting on Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and every day massive numbers of people head online to place bets on a variety of different basketball markets. At, we aim to be your hub for information relating to basketball online gambling, providing you with everything you need to know about things such as the different basketball leagues, and the types of bets available to you.

We also aim to allow you to find the top online gambling basketball sites to bet with – the sites offering the best bonuses, the biggest range of basketball gambling bets, and the highest levels of security. To do this, we’ve thoroughly reviewed nearly all of them, offering our expert opinion on each. Our top online sportsbook can change, however at the moment our number one place to bet on basketball is FanDuel.

At this site, you’ll be able to:

Handicapping in Basketball

Handicapping in Basketball

Handicapping is one of the most popular types of online basketball gambling, as it levels the playing field, giving each team roughly the same chance to win. The result is a far more exciting opportunity for people to bet on basketball, almost eliminating the walkovers that often happen when stronger teams play weaker opposition. Handicapping is also the preferred type of betting for many experienced people who enjoy betting online, as it allows them to follow trends and use their skill and knowledge to accurately predict the end result. If you’re interested in learning more about handicapping in basketball, we’ve got everything you need to know at

NBA Betting

There’s no doubting the fact that there’s one competition above all others that captivates the hearts and minds of fans and gamblers alike: the NBA. The National Basketball Association has the biggest teams and the best players, and accounts for the majority of basketball bets every year. There are many different types of bets you can make on the competition, ranging from standard money line bets, through to predicting which team will be victorious when the end of the season comes around. At, we’ll help you find the best NBA online gambling sites, as well as the best bonuses for basketball betting fans.

“Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and every day massive numbers of people head online to place bets.”

College Basketball Betting

College Basketball Betting

Betting online on college basketball is also really popular, especially in the USA, where the college teams are household names, and matches are watched by huge amounts of people, both live and on TV. The NCAA is the proving ground for many of tomorrow’s biggest stars of the sport, and the competition is usually fierce between rival teams. NCAA basketball betting is offered at many online sportsbooks, and we’ve found the very best ones around – the ones offering the most markets, the biggest bonuses, and the best security to players who like placing online bets.

We Find the Top Basketball Betting Sites for You!

If you’re new to the world of basketball online gambling, you’ll probably find it tough to choose between the many sportsbooks offering online basketball betting. After all, there are absolutely loads of them, so how can you tell which one is best? Well, there’s no need to trawl through every sportsbook offering basketball bets, as you can simply read the reviews on this site, which will allow you to find the basketball betting site that best suits your preferences. Once you’ve found a great site, you’ll be betting on basketball in a matter of minutes!

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