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We strive to be informative and engaging in all our news coverage, and seek to build a community that elevates discourse for sports bettors and online gamblers.


The pursuit of accurate, relevant, and timely information is the driving force behind what we do.

OG News believes in integrity and transparency in our efforts to serve readers in the betting community.


We put a premium on sharing news that is factual and in context. Our reporting on all platforms will be truthful, transparent, and respectful. Our facts will be accurate and fairly presented. Our analysis represents our best independent judgment.

Contributing Writers

OG News hires independent contractors to provide quality coverage of sports and entertainment that we believe will interest our readers.

We maintain a roster of talented writers who promise to professionally report the news and never intentionally mislead readers. We don't steal content. Plagiarism is a fireable offense.


We find and develop news from reliable sources, including press releases, social media, local media, trade publications, mainstream news organizations, and gaming industry contacts who at various times provide information, perspective, and confirmation of facts. Got something juicy? Send to newstips@onlinegambling.com.


Our news team always produces unique content.

We credit the original source material obtained from other websites.

Plagiarism, fabrication, and misappropriation of intellectual property are fireable offenses.


All links on OG News are editorial in nature, directing readers to related pages within our website or reputable and relevant sources elsewhere online.

OG News will never intentionally mislead readers by sending them to an inappropriate URL.

Special Contributors

OG News occasionally welcomes submissions from outside contributors. To be considered for publication, articles must be timely, relevant, and not promotional in nature.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and style.

If you are interested in pitching a story, contact editor@onlinegambling.com.


Errors happen, and we correct them as soon as possible when we find them. We work quickly to fix mistakes within a story, and provide details when any significant change is necessary. If you see an error, please let us know at corrections@onlinegambling.com.

Social Media

Our contributors maintain independence on social media, and are expected to observe professional practices in their online activity.

OG News writers agree to not violate terms of service of any social media outlet.

Trolling, stalking, harassing, or intentionally misinforming will not be tolerated. Any behavior that misrepresents or reflects poorly on Online Gambling can be grounds for dismissal.

Business Relationships

OG News is editorially driven and not influenced by Online Gambling's business operations.

Our writers have no financial relationships with subjects of their stories, and are expected to inform their editor(s) when secondary employment or freelance work creates a conflict of interest.

Online Comments

OG News believes in open discussion and public discourse, and thus welcome comments on our articles and social media channels.

While sharing relevant links is allowed, all reader-submitted comments will be moderated for spam.

Write for OG News

Online Gambling users are welcome to submit story ideas and op-eds for publication. We are particularly interested in hearing from industry insiders, published authors, former professional athletes, college professors and other experts in gambling and sports.

Pitches of up to 200 words should explain why your story is timely and relevant for a wide audience. Finished stories usually run between 800-1,200 words and must not be promotional in nature. We reserve the right to edit for length and style. To convince us of the brilliance you can bring to our pages, please contact newseditor@onlinegambling.com.

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