For various reasons, George Carlin (dead), Andy Burnham (engaged in his own political battles), and Borat (any reason will do) won’t attend Thursday’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden. But all three are represented in various debate prop bets put out by Ladbrokes and MyBookie.

Presidential Debate Prop Bets
Both President Donald Trump (left) and Democratic challenger Joe Biden offer numerous ways to make money during their third and final presidential debate on Thursday night. Both Ladbrokes and MyBookie are offering a plethora of prop bets on everything from tie styles to word choice. (Image:

Debate Winner (Decided by CNN Snap Poll)

Joe Biden 1/6
Donald Trump 7/2

Source: Ladbrokes

The two offshore bookmakers created a plethora of prop bets for Thursday’s debate, coming to you from the Curb Event Center in Nashville, TN. Speaking of Tennessee, that explains why MyBookie makes Tennessee a -165 favorite to be the first state mentioned by either candidate. Ladbrokes makes the Volunteer State a 1/3 odds-on choice to be mentioned.

Before we delve into the plethora of debate props, let’s dispense with the formalities. Ladbrokes makes Biden a 1/6 favorite to win the debate, with Trump a 7/2 underdog. The book uses the CNN Snap Poll as its arbiter. And MyBookie’s oddsmaker, David Strauss, puts Biden as the -160 favorite to win the election with Trump as the +120 underdog.

But you don’t have to wait until Nov. 3 to find political action. Not with a variety of debate props so large that word association takes you to a prop bet. Take Carlin, for example. The late comedian, known for his acerbic social commentary, became the posthumous arbiter of one of MyBookie’s props.

Swear to Yourself You’ll Make This Bet

That prop asks if either candidate will swear. A “Yes” bet gives you +700, while a “No” requires you lay -2,500. The definition of swearing? The word must be one of Carlin’s famous “Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television” – one of his most iconic routines.

Speaking of comedians, Ladbrokes offers you 3/1 Borat’s name will come up in the course of the debate. That’s the same odds it offers for mentions such as “American Dream,” “Crooked Hillary,” “Brave Troops,” “Hard Working Americans,” “Lock Him Up,” and “Nobody Thought it was Possible.” Think “Alaska” will be mentioned? That pays 3/1 as well.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester – England, not New Hampshire – somehow found himself on Ladbrokes’ prop bets list. The book posted 100/1 odds either candidate mentions Burnham’s name.

MyBookie Empties Vault on Presidential Debate Props

MyBookie’s Strauss, known for his ability to create eclectic prop bets on everything from global warming to shark sightings, created 54 props for just this debate. He starts with what phrase will be said first by either candidate. The words “fraud,” “liar” and “corrupt” all pay +165.

Strauss dresses up seven of his props, which concern the candidates’ sartorial splendor. Those focus on the color and style of each man’s tie, whether Biden will wear a mask and a pocket square, and a Biden/Trump Tie Parlay. The favorite there, at +125, is that Trump will wear a solid tie and Biden a striped tie.

Trump-Biden Tie Style Parlay Prop

Tie Combination Odds
Trump Solid Tie-Biden Striped Tie +125
Trump Striped Tie-Biden Striped Tie +250
Trump Solid Tie-Biden Solid Tie +350
Trump Striped Tie-Biden Solid Tie +450

Source: MyBookie

Did someone say “global warming?” MyBookie makes Biden a -190 favorite to mention that phrase first. Opt for noted global warming denier Trump to throw that phrase out first and you get +145. That’s one of 10 MyBookie props on which candidate will say a phrase or buzzword first.

Counting Words Can Pay Off for Savvy Bettors

The book also offers over/under props on how many times Trump will mention words such as “ISIS,” “Antifa,” “Email,” and “Laptop,” along with how many times either candidate will utter the word “Russia” or “Russians.”

How Many Times Will Joe Biden Say “Covid”

Over 8.5 -120
Under 8.5 -120

Source: MyBookie

Strauss breaks it down further, offering props on which topic will be discussed first (COVID-19 is your +300 favorite). He also offers six props with five to six individual buzzwords per prop, asking you to pick which buzzword in that prop the candidates mention first.

Will Donald Trump Say “Sleepy Joe?”

Yes -170
No +130

Source: MyBookie

For example, one of the props lists five words: “Russia” (+125), “Ukraine” (+125), “Putin” (+300), “ISIS” (+500), and “Antifa” (+500). Your job is to pick which one of those five either mentions first.

Do You Have “Fake News” on Your Debate Bingo Card?

Ladbrokes offers bets on 36 buzzwords mentioned by either candidate. They cover everything from “Tremendous” at 1/10 to the aforementioned Burnham at 100/1. In between, you’ll find such phrases as “Dr. Fauci” (1/5), “Laptop” (1/4), “Fake News” (1/3), “Sleepy Joe” (1/2), “Q Anon” (2/1), “Peaceful Transition” (2/1), “Unfit for Office” (2/1), “Are You Kidding Me?” (5/1), and “Beautiful Wall” (8/1).

Which State Will Get Mentioned By Either Candidate (Top Choices)

Washington 1/20
California 1/10
New York 1/10
Florida 1/4
Pennsylvania 1/4
Tennessee 1/3
Texas 1/3
Ohio 4/6
Delaware 1/1
Michigan 6/4

Source: Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes also issues individual odds on all 50 states being mentioned by either candidate. The favorite is Washington at 1/20, with tiny Rhode Island being the biggest underdog at 50/1.

Which State Will Be Mentioned First

Tennessee -165
Ohio +250
Florida +250
Michigan +500
New York +600

Source: MyBookie



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