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Gone are the days where the only way gamblers and gaming enthusiasts had to go to Vegas, Reno or Monacco to play in style. Today there are vibrant casinos all across the world and in some cases in your own town. Out of the countless varieties of options people today seem to have as ways to spend their leisure time, it is hard to think of any that evoke more passion among more people than gambling. For millions of people, live casino and online gambling is an integral part of their everyday lives, as much a part of their customary routine, if not more, than working, eating, exercising, socializing, and sleeping.

With online gambling, no longer is betting relegated to backroom poker games and expensive trips to faraway places. Modern times brings with it many interesting shifts in the gambling climate. 2018 will prove to be a transitional point in the history of gambling as we will witness more and more countries identifying the benefit in legalizing physical and online gambling and subsequent revenue from such. Online poker and casino giants are merging so as to both strengthen the financial outlook and provide state-of-the-art service and software to people around the world.

The Need for Control

The casino enthusiast knows that it is more than gambling, it is night life, energy, socialization, great food and awesome entertainment. Fortunately, for the vast majority of those who gamble, the activity is fun and exciting, and possibly even relaxing and stress relieving. Because of the wonderful balance and variety that casinos and online gambling offers players, they are also able to keep it within reasonable bounds so it remains that way and does not escalate into a compulsion they can no longer control.

But for many people, what might have started as an enjoyable pastime has mushroomed into such an overwhelming need that it becomes the focal point of their existence. Some people will do almost anything to stay in action, running up staggering debts, alienating loved ones and friends, perhaps running afoul of the law. The costs to the individual and to society are staggering.

Despite the many people who have opposed gambling, there are many who have come to understand that controlled gambling is a great way to both boost much needed tax revenues in their communities as well as provide a place for the people of the region where the casino is located to enjoy adult entertainment. All of it is a boost to the economy. For those who are vehemently opposed to both live casino and online gambling they can rest assured that government agencies, mental health organizations and other entities have responded with ample support and investments to help curb the potentially dangerous side of "out of control" gambling. Even casino owners and operators are keenly aware of the problem and in kind respond with necessary support systems. Some of these people have expressed deep concern particularly over the growing popularity of online gambling among both those not yet 21 and the elderly. Now that not just casino gambling, but also online gambling, has seemingly taken over most of the developed countries of the world, the temptation to gamble is greater than ever and with the opportunity online. Gambling is ubiquitous. It is also an activity that very few people today are neutral about. No matter how you slice it, the desire to gamble, wager a bet and be on the lucky side of the street has been around since the dawn of man.

Play All Over the World

The casino industry, online and land-based casinos are growing at an unprecedented rate. Greater access to multiple casinos around the world has diversified the revenue away from current giants such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau. But, despite the loss in revenue seen over the past ten years, there is sufficient enough revenue scattered throughout the country and online to continue to justify new casinos, and current expansions. It is an exciting time for the gambling industry.

Our team of experts take an in-depth look at gambling in 16 foreign countries as well as in the two primary gambling meccas of the United States, Las Vegas and New Jersey. For each location, the report is divided into three sections: history of gambling and important laws; gambling in that region today, including online gambling; and the extent of problem gambling and what is being done to address it. When it comes to gambling, online or the brick and mortar variety, the world is your oyster and the choice is yours.

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