Tim Lavalli

Tim Lavalli, PhD, is an expert in sports psychology whose research has focussed on the mental aspects of competitive games. He helped co-author (with Amy Calistri) poker pro Mike Matusow's autobiography, Check-Raising the Devil. His coverage area for OG is broad, but he can't help but pay special attention to the Big Ten.

A photo of the Iowa State Capitol.  In the foreground is the Bicentennial Fountain, which was installed in 1992.  Constructed between 1871 and 1886, the Iowa State Capitol was Designed by John C. Cochrane and Alfred H. Piquenard.  The French Baroque Revival building, located in Des Moines, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This photo © Capitolshots Photography, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Legal Sports Betting: Where Does It Stand in All 50 States?

With Iowa set to become the 11th state taking legal sports bets on Thursday, it’s time to check in on the status of sports betting across the United States. Since the US Supreme Court acted to effectively turn sports betting over to the states, the will to allow this form […]

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2019: Worst to First or Just Preseason Hype?

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2019: Worst to First or Just Preseason Hype?

Nebraska football fans believe their Cornhuskers are poised to take on the powerhouses in the Big Ten conference. But is the team from Lincoln ready to make the leap into contention for a Big Ten championship? After a lackluster campaign in 2018, is the resurgent Nebraska program worth the long […]

Iowa Ready to Launch Live Sports Betting at Casinos This Week

Iowa Ready to Launch Live Sports Betting at Casinos This Week

The State of Iowa will join the growing list of legal sports gambling States this Thursday, Aug. 15. The state legislature recently approved live sports betting at the already established casinos in the Hawkeye State. This will make Iowa the 11th State to offer legal sports gambling. The official launch […]

Pick a sport any sport and the Detroit professional sports franchise is guaranteed to disappoint. (Image: eSportsReport)

Detroit Sports Teams Supported By America’s Most Long-Suffering Fans

Detroit sports teams are terrible and the loyal fans know it. All professional sports franchises have their ups and downs. Cities suffer with mediocre teams and painful streaks of losing seasons. Fortunately, large cities have professional franchises in three or four major sports, which can spread the pain by delivering […]

Redskins To Offer Free Gambling Option During Preseason Telecasts

Redskins To Offer Free Gambling Option During Preseason Telecasts

Washington Redskins fans will get a chance to win cash without risking a nickel during the team’s four preseason games. In the latest integration of betting technology with a major sports league, NBC Sports Washington will offer in-game wagering as an experiment in preparation for eventual real-time sports telecast betting. […]

Adventuresome readers can gain new insight into every aspect of their life. (image: dailygrind)

READ: Four Not-Exactly-Gambling Books for Gamblers

Sports betting doesn’t exist in a vacuum. All kinds of outside influences affect the games, the players, and ultimately the outcome. Yes, a bit of math is always necessary, but a more robust understanding of the risk-reward world we live in can improve your odds in nearly every aspect of […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks to be in line for another Emmy or two this year. She's already collected more than any other actor.

Emmy Awards Betting Odds: Game of Thrones, Veep Poised to Dominate

Odds on the 2019 Emmy awards came out last month, and they don’t leave a lot of room for entertainment gamblers to play longshots. At least not with any confidence. The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 22. […]

Bandwagon Betting: When Not to Follow the Crowd

Bandwagon Betting: When Not to Follow the Crowd

When everyone thinks the same way about a game, we call that a bandwagon. Jump on board, we’re all going to win. In the real world, things are seldom that simple. ‘We all got it right’ seems like a sentiment we should easily avoid. But sometimes we can get swept […]

Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey speaks during the NCAA college football Southeastern Conference Media Days, Monday, July 15, 2019, in Hoover, Ala. (Image: Butch Dill/AP)

Sports Gambling and Players’ Mental Health: Hot Topics at SEC Media Days

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey opened the SEC’s annual Media Days event by touching on some tough topics. Rather than speak about the 2019 Football season, he chose to speak first  to the mental health of SEC athletes. He followed those comments with some concern and insight into potential effects […]

Baltimore Ravens rookie orientation session. (image: baltimoresun)

Inside NFL Rookie Camp: What New Football Pros Learn First

The National Football League opens 2019 training camps for rookies this week. Besides the drills and sweat and inevitable hazing when the veterans get to camp, the NFL also mandates a Rookie Transition Program for all new players. Let’s see how the NFL welcomes its new recruits. Welcome to the […]

The NHL's position on gambling has rapidly evolved with the times. (image: Getty)

Line Change: How the NHL Flipped Its Position on Gambling

Slowly American sports leagues are coming around to the fact that gambling on their product is inevitable. Nowhere has this realization come faster than with the National Hockey League. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has done a complete about-face on the subject. The League has embraced the gaming options completely. The […]

California vs. the NCAA: ‘Fair Pay to Play’ Shakes Up College Sports

California vs. the NCAA: ‘Fair Pay to Play’ Shakes Up College Sports

Earlier this year, Senate Bill SB-206, the “Fair Pay to Play Act” was introduced in California. After passing both the State Senate and the Assembly committees, the legislation now goes to the full legislature for what appears to be a late summer approval. The bill has got the NCAA up […]

Has the Time Come for Esports Athletes to Form a Players Union?

Has the Time Come for Esports Athletes to Form a Players Union?

Esports gaming has become big business. With revenues crossing the $1 billion barrier, players begin to clamor for a bigger piece of the industry’s ever increasing pie. But what are some of the hurdles to an esports players union? Wired Magazine predicts a surge in union organizing among esports players. […]

Are you cutting the cable too soon? (image: flickr.com)

Getting Your Sports Information: Streaming or Cable?

Most of us get our sports information from some combination of television and the internet. Today, the question many are asking: Should I cut the cable and stream my data? Be careful before you do. The trend toward going all internet all the time could cost sports junkies vital information, […]