Tim Lavalli

Tim Lavalli, PhD, is an expert in sports psychology whose research has focussed on the mental aspects of competitive games. He helped co-author (with Amy Calistri) poker pro Mike Matusow's autobiography, Check-Raising the Devil. His coverage area for OG is broad, but he can't help but pay special attention to the Big Ten.

Presidential Race 2020: Seeking Data to Handicap Betting on Democrats

Presidential Race 2020: Seeking Data to Handicap Betting on Democrats

How do you handicap a presidential race with more than 20 candidates? Just like any other decision, you need solid data. We searched for some solid comparisons in the swelter of social media, canned stump speeches and double dueling debates. Can you count on your politicians? More importantly can you […]

As more and more legal gambling spreads, so do the calls for funds to treat problem gamblers. (Image: Maxx Studio/Shutterstock)

Should Responsible Gamblers Have to Pay a ‘Problem Gambling Tax’?

The National Council on Problem Gambling recently stated that the legalization of sports gambling in the US will increase gambling participation and problems associated with gambling. They propose to pay for treatment of gambling problems with a “problem gambling tax.” But who exactly should be paying that? A surcharge on […]

James Harden and Chris Paul are teammates 'til the end. (Image: Sports Illustrated)

NBA Alpha Males Fight: Chris Paul and James Harden

Why aren’t two stars players able to set aside their differences to achieve the goal they both seek — an NBA title?  Neither Chris Paul nor James Harden can say exactly why they can’t cooperate on the court to win it all. But more than likely the Houston Rockets will […]

AD not a happy camper. Photo: USNews

Disgruntled NBA Free Agents: Why So Much Discontent?

“We sucked. Nobody was interested in playing.” Those were post-game words from Anthony Davis in February, after his New Orleans Pelicans were crushed 118-88 by the Orlando Magic. Nevermind that Davis produced a grand total of 3 points in just 21 minutes of floor time. These words of frustration came […]

Fifty years ago, in Super Bowl III, Joe Namath helped crystallize the myth of the underdog in American sports. (Image: New York Post)

The Underdog Illusion: Why Sports Fans Love Betting Longshots

The underdog Toronto Raptors will get two more chances this week to take out the champion Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. In the NHL, the St. Louis Blues get one last opportunity to take home their first Stanley Cup, after 52 years of frustration. But if these feelgood […]