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Eating out leads the way for Americans and the spending of their disposable income

Discretionary And Disposable Income Trends In The U.S.

There has been a significant impact on how Americans spend their discretionary and disposable income after a tumultuous two years. Discretionary income is the money you remain with after you have met the cost of all essentials, while disposable income is the money you remain with after meeting your tax […]

(Left to right) Eminem, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige and Snoop Dogg led a widely praised Super Bowl halftime show. (Image: Keith Birmingham/Getty)

Data: How ‘Unpaid’ Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Performers Scored Big

The LA Rams produced a sensational comeback on home turf to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI. But it wasn’t just Cooper Kupp’s late touchdown that wowed the 70,000-strong crowd at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, and millions more watching at home. Rappers who performed at the […]

Floyd Mayweather may be "retired" from professional boxing, but he's still making a pretty penny as a social media pitchman. (Image: Instagram/floydmayweather)

Who Are the Top 12 Highest-Earning Boxers on Instagram?

Until the introduction of social media, the only time you’d be able to follow a professional boxer’s journey would be during a TV interview, press conference, weigh-in, or fight night. Now, thanks to platforms such as Instagram, we’re able to get an insight into the lives of the most formidable […]

Esports: The World’s Highest-Earning FIFA 21 Superstars

Esports: The World’s Highest-Earning FIFA 21 Superstars

FIFA has risen to become one of the world’s top esports titles, attracting players from every corner of the planet. Games are being played every second of the day, by teenagers in their bedrooms, all the way up to professional players fighting it out in international tournaments. These professional FIFA […]

Mikaela Shiffrin, Simone Biles, and Holly Helm are just some of the women who receive regular abuse online. Star athletes know all too well the price strong women often have to pay for their success. (Image: AP/Newsweek/Getty)

REVEALED: The Most Trolled Female Athletes in the World

Sportswomen are subject to some of the most vile and hate-fueled abuse on social media but still manage to perform at elite levels all year round. However, the unapologetic and cowardly online trolls rarely face consequences for their actions. Over the past six months, we here at OG News have […]

Bollywood influencers on Instagram are able to capitalize on their global fame. (Image: Times of India/OG News)

Bollywood Buzz: Cinema’s Biggest Instagram Earners

Being an Instagram influencer is thirsty work. But the biggest celebs get paid handsomely for it, sharing glimpses into their glamorous lifestyles alongside a truckload of endorsements, promos, and sponsorships. With tens of millions of online followers each, and avid global fanbases, it makes sense that Bollywood’s best and brightest […]

Data: A Complete Guide to Swearing by Online Gamers

Data: A Complete Guide to Swearing by Online Gamers

We all know that swearing is pervasive in the world of online gaming — you won’t be able to play a session of Call of Duty or often a single match in FIFA without a curse-laden outburst from at least one passionate, angry, or over-excited player. Here at, we’ve […]