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The UEFA Nations League promises to deliver more meaningful international soccer in Europe, but has also left some players and managers confused over the format. (Image: Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone/AP)

UEFA Nations League Promises Improved Friendlies, Confounds Players and Managers

The UEFA Nations League is set to kick off on Thursday, marking the start of a competition that Europe’s soccer federation says will eliminate the need for so many meaningless friendlies. But players and managers have already expressed confusion over the format, which will play a role in qualifying for […]

Benfica celebrates during their victory over Turkish club Fenerbahce in the third qualifying round of the 2018-19 Champions League. (Image: AA)

Champions League: 12 Clubs Battle for Final Six Spots in Playoff Round

The last six slots into the Champions League group stage will be determined over the next two weeks, as 12 hopeful sides will face off in the tournament’s playoff round, which starts Tuesday. While Europe’s biggest clubs have already been awarded their positions in the final 32, some famous teams […]

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho is again the topic of firing talks after his team lost to Brighton. (Image: Getty)

Odds of Man United Firing Jose Mourinho a Shaky Bet at Start of EPL Season

This was not the way Manchester United was supposed to start the season, and it may have put their manager Jose Mourinho in peril. After a lackluster win against Leicester City to start the season, followed by an embarrassing loss to Brighton, who finished 15th out of 20 in the English Premier League […]