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The Savage Speeders win the 2020 Marble League with medals in seven events. (Image: YouTube)

Savage Speeders Dominate Marble Olympics, 2020 League Champions

The Olympics-inspired version of marble racing ended after 16 events were played out over the past two months. The Savage Speeders earned a gold medal in three events, and medaled seven times overall to win the 2020 Marble League. The O’rangers won three events and finished in second place. The […]

O'rangers wins gold in Marble League 2020 E4 Newton's Cradle. (Image: YouTube)

Marble Olympics: O’rangers Win Another Gold in E4 Newton’s Cradle

O’rangers… oh my! The O’rangers added their second gold medal through four events in the marble racing Olympics. The O’rangers finished in first place in Marble League 2020 E4 Newton’s Cradle, the first duo event in the Olympics. They are now tied with the Minty Marbles with two gold medals […]

Marble League 2020, aka the Marble Olympics, continues with E3 Funnel Endurance. (Image: YouTube)

Marble League 2020: Minty Maniacs Ship Gold in E3 Funnel Endurance

Gold again for the Minty Maniacs! The Minty Maniacs triumphantly locked up their second gold medal in three events in Marble League 2020 after dominating the 10-funnel course in E3 Funnel Endurance. O’rangers finished in second place to secure a silver medal. Savage Speeders took third for the bronze medal. […]