O’rangers… oh my! The O’rangers added their second gold medal through four events in the marble racing Olympics. The O’rangers finished in first place in Marble League 2020 E4 Newton’s Cradle, the first duo event in the Olympics. They are now tied with the Minty Marbles with two gold medals and two first-place finishes after completing the fourth of 16 events.

Marble League E4 Newton O'rangers
O’rangers wins gold in Marble League 2020 E4 Newton’s Cradle. (Image: YouTube)

John Oliver sponsors the current series of Jelle’s Marble Runs, which is the marble racing version of the Olympics. Without the real summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo due to the coronavirus outbreak, the marble version has been a fun way to celebrate the postponed Olympiad.

GOLD: O’rangers
SILVER: Team Galactic
BRONZE: Raspberry Racers

The Minty Maniacs won the first event, Balancing, when the Marble League kicked off in late June. They added a second gold medal with a first-place finish in E3 Funnel Endurance, over the weekend.

O’Rangers won E2 Halfpipe with a record-setting performance and almost won E3 Funnel Endurance but were edged out by the Minty Maniacs.

E4 Newton’s Cradle

The latest event in the Marble Olympics appeals to physics nerds. Newton’s Cradle involves two marbles, a striker and a skipper, on each team. The goal is to launch the marble out of the cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton. The strikers rushes down a ramp and impacts the cradle. The transference of energy passes through the cradle and launches the skipper up the ramp.

The O’rangers, with the tandem of Clementin (striker) and Tangerin (skipper), posted the highest score with a 107.55 push up the ramp. The O’s locked up gold for first place. Team Galactic (Starry and Pulsar) took second with a launch of 106.55. The Raspberry Racers (Rizzy and Rozzy) finished in third with a 105.1 launch for a bronze medal.

1. O’rangers 107.55
2. Team Galactic 106.55
3. Raspberry Racers 105.1
4. Crazy Cat’s Eyes 104.85
5. Midnight Wisps 104.5
6. Minty Maniacs 102.4
7. Hazers 100.5
8. Bumblebees 100.2
9. Savage Speeders 99.8
10. Green Ducks 99.6
11. Team Momo 96.5
12. Oceanics 95.4
13. Balls of Chaos 92.5
14. Thunderbolts 91.65
15. Hornets 90.75
16. Mellow Yellow 89.1

Eight teams posted 100-plus scores. Only three teams posted scores above 105, and all three qualified for a medal.

Crazy Cat’s Eyes bubbled the podium with a fourth-place finish at 104.85. They were edged out by the Raspberry Racers by a mere 0.25.

The Minty Maniacs, who took gold in two of the first three events, finished in a respectable sixth place.

On Deck, O’Rangers Top Leader Board

The Marble League 2020 features 16 different events to mirror the Olympics. The next three events on the schedule include E5 Long Jump, E6 5-Meter Hurdles, and E7 Block Pushing. There’s no word out yet about the names of the other events.

Each first-place winner earns 25 points for the leader board. Silver finishes are awarded 15 points, while Bronze earns 10 points.

O’Rangers 3 (2 Gold, 1 Silver)
Minty Maniacs 3 (2 Gold, 1 Bronze)
Raspberry Racers 2 (1 Silver, 1 Bronze)
Crazy Cat Eyes 1 (1 Silver)
Team Galactic 1 (1 Silver)
Midnight Racers 1 (1 Bronze)
Savage Speeders 1 (1 Bronze)

In the overall standings, O’rangers (76 points) lead Minty Maniacs (75 points) by one point. Crazy Cat’s Eyes sits in third with 53 points, followed by the Raspberry Racers in fourth place with 49 points.

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