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All about the gambling. If there�s money to be made on an activity you can watch, she�s got it covered.

NHL Favorites Struggling in Playoffs, Driving Bettors Crazy

It�s tough to be a Chicago Blackhawks or Washington Capitals fan right now. The two top teams are not acting like it and in turn are frustrating people who have wagered on them to win the Stanley Cup. The Capitals and the Blackhawks were the No. 1 seeds in their […]

Internet Wagering on NFL Draft Still Better Bet than Sportsbook

When Nevada sportsbooks announced Monday that they had been given approval to allow betting on the NFL Draft, it seemed like great news for those who want to wager on it. But while the state�s gaming commission approved the new form of gambling, it did so with several conditions, unlike […]

Football Fans Voice Support For Legalizing Sports Betting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might not want sports betting legalized but football fans certainly seem to. A Morning Consult Poll conducted by the American Gaming Association revealed that fans of every team in the league overwhelmingly welcomed betting on sports allowed in their state. Those asked said they thought states […]

Batty Proposition Bets Available for 2017 Baseball Season

Opening day is April 2 and sportsbooks are enticing bettors with some standard and downright kooky proposition bets for the season. Every year gambling sites rack their collective brains trying to come up with unusual wagers they think will attract casual to diehard fans and this year is no different. […]

NFL Gambling Stance Moving from Disdain to Acceptance

It was a vote by the NFL owners on Tuesday, that not only overwhelmingly approved the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas, but also told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that he needed to evolve with the times. The leader of the most popular sport in the US was being chided […]

Oddsmakers Make Tiger Woods Huge Masters Underdog

It�s hard to think of Tiger Woods as a huge underdog, but if the 14-time major championship winner decides to play in the�Masters in April, he is given little chance of winning by oddsmakers. The one-time No. 1 golfer has battled scandal, injuries, chipping yips and poor play off the […]

A fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has been rumored for more than a year, but might be coming closer to reality. (Image: Getty Images)

Mayweather-McGregor Fight Not if, but When it Will Happen

Those in the know are confidant that an anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will happen, but no one can seem to answer when it will occur. It was an intriguing match up when it was first proposed a year ago between the undefeated (49-0) boxer and the […]

NCAA Tournament Odds May Favor Home Gambler

Thousands of college basketball fans will descend on Las Vegas this week for the NCAA Tournament to make bets, but it might actually work out better for those who choose to stay at home. Some of the offshore sites are offering slightly advantageous propositions for online wagering for both who […]

Betting Frenzy at Sportsbooks for NCAA Basketball’s March Madness

It is almost time for amateur bracketologists to print out their sheets and decide who is going to win this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Oddsmakers are more than happy to help and are also ready to tempt gamblers with some traditional and unusual betting propositions. How fanatical is March Madness? […]

Kurt Busch’s Daytona 500 Victory Win for Sportsbooks

Other than his wife, the only people rooting harder for Kurt Busch to win last weekend�s Daytona 500 were those in charge of Las Vegas Sportsbooks. The Sin City resident was previously winless at the opening race of the NASCAR season and opened as a 20-1 longshot. His numbers went […]

New Jersey Online Gambling Surge May Revive Struggling Atlantic City

Could online gambling actually be good for Atlantic City? A new study suggests that there is a correlation between the two. According to gaming industry research firm Eilers & Krejcik, Internet revenue in New Jersey jumped 32 percent in 2016. But what was more surprising was that money spent in […]

Pete Rose, who was banned from Major League Baseball in 1989 for betting on the sport while he was a manager was interviewed on a recent television show and said he continues to wager legally on sports.  (image: Chicago Tribune)

Pete Rose Still Hitting Out on Sports Betting

Pete Rose, baseball’s all time hits leader, is still swinging when it comes to the subject of sports gambling, defending his wagering on everything from baseball to horse racing. Nicknamed “Charlie Hustle,” the former professional player said on Joe Buck’s television show, Undeniable.� that he only makes lawful bets and […]

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in an interview Wednesday that he is opening to revisit the topic of gambling and believes sports betting should be regulated.

MLB Commissioner Rethinking Stance on Gambling

Could Major League Baseball (MLB) be changing its mind on gambling? Commissioner Rob Manfred hinted to Yahoo Finance that the sport might be softening its stance. The head of the sport talked about fans involvement in the games and how they wager. The rules on betting were set in place […]