The LA Dodgers came into this season as the favorite to win the World Series and, on the cusp of the postseason, the Dodgers continue to be the favorite at +350 odds, according to DraftKings. Despite their struggles, the New York Yankees are +600 odds to win the World Series. The San Diego Padres, the most exciting and one of the hottest teams this season, are 10/1 odds to win the World Series.

World Series Odds Futures 2020 Yankees Dodgers Padres San Diego
Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres hits a home run against the LA Dodgers. (Image: KC Alfred//Getty)

It’s no surprise to see bookmakers heavily-weight the big market clubs (Yankees and Dodgers) with the best odds, while the Padres get overlooked. But the Dodgers backed it up with the best record in baseball with 43 wins over the pandemic-shortened 60-game season.

The Tampa Rays dominated the Yankees this season and won the AL East for the division crown, but the Rays have identical odds as the Yanks at +600.

  • LA Dodgers +350
  • NY Yankees +600
  • Tampa Bay Rays +600
  • Oakland A’s +1000
  • San Diego Padres +1000
  • Atlanta Braves +1100
  • Minnesota Twins +1400
  • Chicago Cubs +1500
  • Chicago White Sox +1500
  • Cleveland Indians +1500
  • Houston Astros +2500
  • Cincinnati Reds +3000
  • Miami Marlins +3300
  • Milwaukee Brewers +3300
  • St Louis Cardinals +3300
  • Toronto Blue Jays +3500

Odds via DraftKings

Both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox advanced to the postseason in the same season. It’s only happened once (2008) since the two teams met in the 1906 World Series.

NL Stalwarts, Here Come the Padres

Despite the reduced 60-game season, the Atlanta Braves (NL East) and LA Dodgers (NL West) won their respective divisions once again. Atlanta (35-25) saw their biggest challenge this year came from the Miami Marlins (31-29), who advanced to the postseason for the first time since 2003.

The Dodgers are the outright favorite at 7/2 odds to win the World Series, but the Padres (37-23) are the team from SoCal that you should get fired up about. The baseball world thought Manny Machado was crazy for signing a deal with the Padres, who play in obscurity in San Diego. Ever since Tony Gwynn retired, the Padres spent the past two decades as cannon fodder for the San Francisco Giants and LA Dodgers. However, Machado leads a young and exciting squad that includes Fernando Tatis, Jr.

All the money is backing the Dodgers to win the World Series, but the Padres offer up great value at +1000 or 10/1 odds. The Friars lack the postseason experience of the Dodgers (that includes two World Series appearances since 2017), but they’re so much fun to watch, you can’t help but to root for them.

NL Central Cannibals Send 4

The NL Central is the hardest division in baseball due to the cannibalistic nature of its teams beating up on one another all season long. The Cubs (34-26) won the tough division under rookie manager David Ross. Yet somehow, four out of the five teams in the NL Central advanced to the postseason, including the St. Louis Cardinals (30-28), Cincinnati Reds (31-29), and Milwaukee Brewers (29-31).

Only the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates (19-41), with the worst record in baseball, failed to secure a berth in the wild-card series out of the five denizens from the NL Central. The Cardinals, Reds, and Brewers are all lumped together at the back end of the futures board. They’re 30/1 long shots, or higher.

Bronx Bombers, Bomba Squad, No Respect Rays

The Yankees (33-27) were banged-up once again. They were super streaky this season and either won or lost in bunches. But their big dogs are finally off the IL, and Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are ready to mash it up behind home run king Luke Voit (22 HRs). The Bronx Bombers are a perennial betting favorite and no shortage of money from across the tri-state area is backing the Yanks at +600.

The Tampa Bay Rays (40-20) finished the season on an 8-2 clip to become the only other team (aside from the Dodgers) with 40 or more wins. The Rays won the AL East and had the easiest adjustment to fanless games because they drew the lowest attendance anyway. They dominated the Yanks all season, yet they have the same 6/1 odds. The Rays are the Rodney Dangerfield of the MLB postseason. No respect.

Oh, and the Toronto Blue Jays (32-28) secured the final spot in the AL wild-card series, but no one is giving them a chance as the longest shot on the futures board at 35/1 odds.

Slumping ChiSox, Quiet A’s

The White Sox (35-25) and Jose Abreu were the surprise story in the AL this season, and they come into the postseason as 15/1 odds. Everyone in the Midwest will have a meltdown if the ChiSox and Cubbies can meet in the World Series, but who knows what could happen this postseason?

They struggled down the stretch and coughed up the AL Central title to the Minnesota Twins (36-24). The Twins are happy they don’t have to face the Yankees in the wild-card series, but they’re only 14/1 odds to win the World Series.

The Oakland A’s (36-24) quietly won the AL West and dethroned the Houston Astros (29-31). The Astros head into the postseason without their aces, which is why they’re one of the long shots at 25/1 odds. They lost Justin Verlander to Tommy John surgery, and lost Gerrit Cole to the Yankees in free agency.

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