Heading into the final week of the regular season, the Green Bay Packers are the consensus favorite to win Super Bowl 56 at +400 odds, but the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t far behind at +500 odds, according to a recent update from DraftKings.

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The Green Bay Packers’ offensive line celebrates a touchdown by Davante Adams against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. (Image: Matt Ludtke/AP)

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t decided if he’ll retire at the end of the season or continue playing with a different team, but one thing is for certain — Rodgers won’t play for the Packers next season. So this looks like it’s the last hurrah for Rodgers to win one more Super Bowl with the Packers.

Super Bowl 56 Odds
Week 18 Week 13 Week 8 Week 1
Green Bay Packers +400 +750 +900 +1400
Kansas City Chiefs +500 +650 +1400 +500
Buffalo Bills +750 +1100 +500 +1100
LA Rams +850 +1200 +650 +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +900 +550 +650 +550
Dallas Cowboys +1100 +1300 +1000 +3500
Tennessee Titans +1300 +2500 +2200 +3500
New England Patriots +1600 +700 +5000 +3500
Indianapolis Colts +1800 +3500 +5000 +5000
Arizona Cardinals +1800 +700 +1000 +3500
Cincinnati Bengals +1800 +3500 +5000 +10000
San Francisco 49ers +3500 +4000 +5000 +1400
LA Chargers +3500 +2200 +2200 +2800
Philadelphia Eagles +5500 +8000 +20000 +5000
Las Vegas Raiders +10000 +20000 +5000 +6500
New Orleans Saints +15000 +15000 +3500 +2200
Baltimore Ravens +25000 +1600 +1000 +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +40000 +10000 +5000 +3500

The defending-champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4) are +900 odds to win the Super Bowl, but fifth on the NFL futures board behind the Packers, Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and LA Rams.

AFC alphas: Chiefs, Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) were preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl at +500 odds, ahead of the Tampa Bay Bucs. After a slow start, the Chiefs looked awful and the public jumped off the bandwagon. They bottomed out at +1400 odds in Week 8 before Mahomes and the Chiefs turned the season around. Over the last four weeks, the Chiefs have been jockeying for the top spot on the NFL futures board with the Packers and Bucs. Heading into Week 18, the Chiefs are second on the board at +500 odds to win the Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills (10-6) saw their Super Bowl odds peak at +400 around Halloween. After a rough stretch in the second half of the season, the Bills bottomed out at +1200 odds a couple of weeks ago after losing to the Bucs in overtime. The Bills won three games in a row since then, including a big victory against the New England Patriots in Foxboro in Week 16. The Bills are currently +750 odds to win the Super Bowl and are listed third on the board behind the Packers and Chiefs.

NFC trinity: Packers, Rams, Bucs

The Packers are the outright favorite to win the Super Bowl for the first time this season at +400 odds. Their odds slowly improved from +1100 in Week 11 to +450 last week. With the best record in the NFL at 13-3, the Packers have the inside track to securing the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs.

The public has eased off the gas a bit, betting the Bucs to win the Super Bowl after multiple injuries to key players. Mike Evans has a sore hamstring, and the Bucs lost Chris Godwin to a season-ending ACL injury. Plus, Antonio Brown is dunzo after a sideline meltdown against the New York Jets on Sunday. Running back Leonard Forunette is also dinged up. But, you can never count out Brady in the postseason, which is why the Bucs were a favorite to win the Super Bowl for almost 10 weeks during the regular season.

The LA Rams (12-4) are on the cusp of locking up an NFC West division title. They hit the skids in November with a three-game losing streak. The Rams sunk to 7-4, but responded with a five-game winning streak. In Week 13, the Rams saw their Super Bowl odds bottom out at +1200 before trending in the right direction as the fourth-overall team on the betting board at +850 odds. The Rams made a couple of all-in moves in recent weeks by signing Odell Beckham and acquiring Von Miller in a trade.

Value town: Titans, Pats, Colts, Cards, Bengals

The Tennessee Titans (11-5) are tied with the Chiefs for the best record in the AFC, yet they don’t get the same respect as Patrick Mahomes and company. The Titans won 11 games without Derrick Henry, who fractured his foot in Week 8. The Titans hope that Henry can return in time for a postseason run. If they expect to return to the AFC title game, they’ll need a healthy Henry to carry the rock in crunch time. If you think Henry’s foot will heal in time to be a legit force in the playoffs, then you can take a flier on the Titans at +1300 odds to win the Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots looked unbeatable during their seven-game winning streak. However, after back-to-back losses against the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills, the Pats came back down to Earth. Even so, I wouldn’t want to face Bill Belichick in the postseason. If you want to back a coaching GOAT, then you can fire a value bet on the Patriots at +1600 odds to win the Super Bowl.

The Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, and Cincinnati Bengals are all +1800 odds to win the Super Bowl. Can any of them run the table in the postseason and win their conference championship to secure a berth in the Super Bowl?

The Cardinals have the toughest path to the Super Bowl because the NFC is loaded with the Packers, Bucs, and Rams. Over in the AFC, the Colts could inflict damage if they just feed the ball to Jonathan Taylor. The Bengals have enough firepower to win a shootout against the Chiefs, and that would be a fun battle between Mahomes and Joe Burrow.