Bridget Wright

All about the gambling. If there’s money to be made on an activity you can watch, she’s got it covered.

Leicester City Overcomes 5,000-1 Odds to Win Premier League Title

The Leicester City Foxes are champions of the 2015-2016 Premier League. 12 months ago, a sentence combining “Leicester” and “champions of the Premier League” was restricted to satire. Listed at 5,000-1 odds of winning England’s marquee football competition to begin the season, Leicester City pulled off the unthinkable, and today […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Accused of Elevating Online Gambling Addiction Rates

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is breeding a supplementary demographic of online gambling addicts, at least that’s according to a new report issued this week by Kaiser Health News (KHN). The California-based non-for-profit healthcare publication concludes that a drastic rise in calls to the state’s problem gambling hotline in 2015 directly […]

Maryland Daily Fantasy Sports Voter Referendum Possible for November Ballot

Maryland daily fantasy sports (DFS) might find its way onto the election ballot this November somewhere after residents are challenged with deciding whether to vote for the Republican or Democratic nominee for president. While nearly two dozen states are currently considering the legality of the emerging quasi-sports betting industry and […]

2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket Madness Commences Tonight

The NCAA men’s basketball bracket is complete. Though each team’s goal differs, 68 college programs are vying to survive March Madness according to their own ambitions and potentially reach the Final Four in Houston, Texas. The NCAA tournament officially begins Tuesday with the First Four play-in games, but March Madness […]

March Madness and Daily Fantasy Sports: A Feeding Pool for Sharks

  March Madness Selection Sunday is this weekend and the first round of the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tips off a week from today on March 17. With no clear-cut favorite to win the tournament, excitement for this year’s Big Dance is exceptionally high. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operators […]

Daily Fantasy Stock Market Contests Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Daily fantasy stock market contests are soon to be a real thing, and it doesn’t take a law degree in gambling or finance to know that the impending offering will cause much controversy. Like daily fantasy sports (DFS) provided by industry leaders DraftKings and FanDuel, daily fantasy stock market contests […]