The Brooklyn Nets were swept in the first round of the 2022 NBA playoffs, but oddsmakers at DraftKings have still installed them as the favorite to win the 2023 NBA Championship at +500 odds. We like the Los Angeles Clippers at +600 odds to win the 2023 championship because Kawhi Leonard will return to action after blowing out his ACL and missing the entire 2021-22 season.

Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant 2023 NBA championship odds LA Clippers
Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are still on a mission in 2023 to deliver the franchise its first championship. (Image: Getty)

There are still four teams remaining in the hunt to win the 2022 title. The Golden State Warriors are the favorite at +100 odds to win this year, but they’re second on the board at +550 odds to win the 2023 championship next season.

2023 NBA Championship Odds
  • Brooklyn Nets +500
  • Golden State Warriors +550
  • LA Clippers +600
  • Boston Celtics +600
  • Milwaukee Bucks +700
  • Phoenix Suns +700
  • Miami Heat +1100
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1400
  • Dallas Mavericks +1400
  • Memphis Grizzlies +1500
  • Denver Nuggets +1700
  • LA Lakers +2200
  • Utah Jazz +4000
  • New Orleans Pelicans +4500
  • Chicago Bulls +5000
  • Toronto Raptors +5000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +5500
  • Portland Trail Blazers +8000
  • Atlanta Hawks +8000
  • Charlotte Hornets +10000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +10000
  • New York Knicks +20000
  • San Antonio Spurs +25000
  • Washington Wizards +25000
  • Indiana Pacers +30000
  • Sacramento Kings +50000
  • Detroit Pistons +50000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +100000
  • Orlando Magic +100000
  • Houston Rockets +100000

The Boston Celtics are still alive in the postseason and are +320 odds to win the championship this year. They’re only +600 odds next season. The Miami Heat are also in the hunt for this year’s title at +320 odds, but are +1100 odds to win the 2023 championship.

Early 2023 favorites: Nets, Clippers, Bucks, Suns

The Nets had a crazy season that began with James Harden and without Kyrie Irving, and ended with Irving and Ben Simmons. Simmons didn’t play a single game after a trade for Harden, but he’s had back surgery and is expected to play next season. Will Durant and Irving finally win a title for the Nets? The bookies think so, and the Nets are an early betting favorite at +500 odds to win the 2023 NBA championship.

The LA Clippers are also a fond choice. Kawhi blew out his ACL in the 2021 playoffs and he missed all of the 2021-22 season while recovering from knee surgery. Paul George missed significant time with an elbow injury. With Kawhi and PG-13 returning to the lineup, the Clippers should be one of the teams to beat next season. You can back the Clippers at +600 odds to win the 2023 championship.

The Milwaukee Bucks missed winning back-to-back titles when Khris Middleton went down with an MCL knee injury. Giannis “Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo and the Bucks would like to add another championship with the current core unit, but they definitely need to upgrade their shooting guard. The Bucks are +700 odds to win the title next season.

The Phoenix Suns blew a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks, then imploded in one of the weirdest Game 7 blowouts in NBA playoffs history. Chris Paul isn’t getting any younger and their championship window is narrower in 2023, yet the Suns are +700 odds to win the title.

Hopeful maybes: Mavs, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Lakers

The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot to figure out in the offseason, but at least they got rid of Simmons. They’d like to re-sign James Harden, but he’s starting to decline and may not be worth a hefty contract. There’s also the question of whether Doc Rivers will jump ship and head out West to coach the LA Lakers. The 76ers are +1400 odds to win next season.

The Mavs are the fourth team remaining in the current postseason and are a long shot to win the 2022 title. The Mavs are +1400 odds to win next season.

The Memphis Grizzlies gave the Golden State Warriors a tough sweat in the West semis, and that was without Ja Morant for a couple of games. Morant and the Grizzlies are only going to get better. You can bet the Grizzlies at +1500 odds to win the 2023 championship.

Nikola Jokic won the MVP in back-to-back seasons and was particularly impressive this year considering the Denver Nuggets didn’t have Jamal Murray all season, and Michael Porter, Jr. for the majority of the season, due to injuries. If Murray and MPJ return to their old form, the Nuggets could make a run for the title in 2023 at +1700 odds.

The LA Lakers were an utter disappointment and shitshow this season. They were so bad that they bubbled the Play-In Tournament. The Lakers are still searching for a new head coach and have to figure out what to do with Russell Westbrook. They’d love to dump him, but there are few teams out there willing to help the Lakers out. The Lakers are +2200 odds to win the 2023 championship, but those odds should be higher considering their fragile state.

Y’all still suck: Rockets, Magic, Thunder, Pistons, Kings

Based on the title odds for next season, the worst teams in the NBA this past season are the five bottom teams on the 2023 futures board with astronomical odds ranging from +50000 to +100000.

The Orlando Magic hit the lottery and secured the #1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, but they’ll have to decide between Jabari Smith or Chet Holmgren. The Rockets were the worst team in the league last season and there’s little hope they can improve in 2023.

The outlook isn’t bright for the Detroit Pistons, either. Cade Cunningham, last year’s #1 pick in the draft, made the NBA’s All-Rookie team, but they’re still light years away from being a legit threat in the Eastern Conference.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have two first-round picks in the upcoming draft, including #2. They have a young and exciting team that Sam Presti assembled around Australian wunderkind Josh Giddey. The Thunder are still a couple of seasons and one huge free-agent signing away from being a championship contender, but they’re in the best shape among the bottom feeders.

The Sacramento Kings haven’t punched their ticket to the playoffs since 2006. They hope that Mike Brown — currently an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors — can help replicate some of the Warriors’ magic in Cow Town and finally lead them to their first postseason berth in 16 seasons.


  1. I am all in on the Phoenix Suns next season but I will not wager on them unless I get 10/1 odds or more.