We’re just over a year away from the US presidential election and nothing is clear yet about who will win, or even, who will be nominated. A wide range of gambling sites are putting out all kinds of prop bets on the election. Some are very intriguing to savvy gamblers who are paying attention to the ins and outs of the US political process.

US Presidential Election
All kinds of prop bets are available on the US presidential Election. (Image: Fact Retriever)

Proposition bets, by their very nature, suggest a wide range of potential wagers. Not just who will win, but who will run, who will lose, and by how much. Some of these odds seem a bit stretched at this point in the political process. Even with the first primaries less than five months away, there is still a lot to be understood about the 2020 presidential election. Educated guesses and relevant information is available in every new poll, or from the lips of every talking head on the cable news channels.

Which Party Will Produce a President (Nov. 3, 2020)

Democratic Party +200 (My Bookie)   +100 (Bet Online)   -120 (Odds Shark)
Republican Party  -300 (My Bookie)   -125 (Bet Online)    -110 (Odds Shark)

An interesting middle exists with the Democratic party leading to win the election, but individually against the 19 democratic candidates, Donald Trump still leads the betting line to win.

Who Will Win the White House in 2020 (Nov. 3, 2020)

Donald Trump       +120 (Odds Shark)      +125 (BetOnline)          +110 (Bet 365)            -125 (Intertops)
Elizabeth Warren  +275 (Odds Shark)      +275 (BetOnline)          +300 (Bet 365)            +425 (5Dimes)
Joe Biden               +700 (Odds Shark)     +700 (BetOnline)          +650 (Betway)            +450 (YouWager)
Bernie Sanders      +1400 (Bet 365)          +1200 (Odds Shark)    +1000 (Bet Online)     +775 (YouWager)

Odds on Sen. Bernie Sanders have been climbing since his medical procedure on Oct. 2.

Which Democrat Will be the Party’s Nominee (July, 16, 2020)

Elizabeth Warren     Even (Bovada)     +185 (Bet Online)     +140 (Heritage)
Joe Biden                +400 (Bovada)      +300 (Bet Online)     +225 (You Wager)
Bernie Sanders       +800 (Bovada)      +500 (Bet Online)     +1000 (You Wager)
Kamala Harris        +1400 (Bovada)    +1000 (Bet Online)   +425 (You Wager)

The strong trend is to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and away from all three other front-runners. This is the first time any bookmaker has had a 2020 democratic candidate at even odds or better to win the nomination or the US presidential election.

Will Trump Be Impeached Before 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Yes $.66
No $.34

These numbers having been jumping around for the last few days from a “yes” low of .44, to a high of .68.

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