Super Bowl 55 features two of the best passing teams in the NFL, with the Kansas City Chiefs meeting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That said, don’t miss the opportunity to make your over/under prop bets on total receiving yards for star players like Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski.

Super Bowl 55 Prop Bet RECEIVING YARDS Kelce Cheetah Godwin Evans Gronk Tampa Kansas City
Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (87) and WR Tyreek Hill (10) will attempt to win back-to-back Super Bowls. Kelce and Hill have the highest over/under total receiving yards on the prop betting board. (Image: Peter Aiken/Getty)

Kansas City relies on its potent offense to win games in the regular season. KC was ranked #2 in offensive DVOA, but ranked #22 in defense. Their defense showed up in the playoffs where they’ve allowed only 20.5 ppg (vs 22.6 ppg in the regular season).

  • Darrel Williams 12.5 o/u
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire 15.5 o/u
  • Mecole Hardman 28.5 o/u
  • Sammy Watkins 36.5 o/u
  • Tyreek Hill 92.5 o/u
  • Travis Kelce 94.5 o/u
  • Leonard Fournette 25.5 o/u
  • Rob Gronkowski 29.5 o/u
  • Cameron Brate 13.5 o/u
  • Antonio Brown 40.5 o/u
  • Mike Evans 63.5 o/u
  • Chris Godwin 77.5 o/u

Tampa Bay’s defense draws accolades for their stifling ability to stop the run (80.6 yards per game). Todd Bowles’ pass defense (246.6 yards per game) faces its biggest test of the season against Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City’s dangerous, and well-balanced, passing offense. Tampa allowed only 23 ppg in the postseason. They finished the season ranked #5 in defensive DVOA.

Tampa Bay: Gronk Time, Evans, or Godwin?

Leonard Fournette 25.5 o/u… If the Bucs utilize RB Leonard Fournette like the New Orleans Saints use Alvin Kamara, then he’ll easily go north of 26 passing yards. Fournette averaged 34 receiving yards per game in the postseason. OVER

Rob Gronkowski 29.5 o/u… Gronk had a fun retirement by becoming a WWE champion and participating on the Masked Singer. But will we catch a glimpse of the old Gronk? Or will Gronk get his one or two short catches and function primarily as a blocker? UNDER

Cameron Brate 13.5 o/u… The public loves Gronk, which is why the Ivy League tight end flies under the radar. Harvard grad Brate averaged 28 yards per game over the second half of the season. He caught 11 passes in three playoff games and averaged 50 yards per game. OVER

Antonio Brown 40.5 o/u… AB missed the NFC title game with a sore knee. He posted only 59 total yards in two playoff games. Since Thanksgiving, AB went over 50 yards only twice. It’s either boom or bust with AB. He’ll have a modest game, or a monster game (like 138 yards and two TDs in Week 17). UNDER

Mike Evans 63.5 o/u… If Evans wasn’t dinged up, we’d love the over. For a guy with a bum knee, he still posted 10 catches for 173 yards and two TDs in the playoffs. UNDER

Chris Godwin 77.5 o/u… With the squares all over Evans and Gronk, we love Godwin. He caught fewer than five passes in only three games this season. Godwin leads Tampa with 14 receptions and 223 yards (or 74.3 yards per game) in the playoffs. He caught for over 78 yards in four out of his previous five games. OVER

KC: Cheetah and Kelce

Darrel Williams 12.5 o/u… RB Darrel Williams is a non-factor in KC’s passing game. UNDER

Clyde Edwards-Helaire 15.5 o/u… During the regular season, CEH averaged nearly 23 receiving yards per game. He appeared in one playoff game due to a nagging hip injury. Screens and quick passes to CEH might be the best way for him to inflict damage against a difficult run defense. OVER

Mecole Hardman 28.5 o/u… If Tyreek Hill wasn’t so fast, everyone would gush over Hardman’s speed. He’s the underrated and overlooked wideout on a team that’s loaded with talent. He averaged 35 yards per game in the regular season, and 31 in the postseason. He caught just two passes for four yards in the AFC Championship, but still went for a touchdown. OVER

Sammy Watkins 36.5 o/u… Watkins nursed a calf injury in the postseason. He practiced this week and hopes to play. He averaged 42 yards per game in the regular season when he was healthy. UNDER

Tyreek Hill 92.5 o/u… The Cheetah averaged 85 yards and one touchdown per game in the regular season. Hill lit up Buffalo for nine catches and 172 yards. He made eight catches for 90 yards against Cleveland. But, if anyone can slow him down, it might be Todd Bowles’ D. UNDER

Travis Kelce 94.5 o/u… This total also represents Kelce’s season average during an epic season. In two playoff games, he caught 21 passes for 227 yards and three touchdowns. He caught 98-plus yards in eight out of his previous 10 games. He caught 109-plus yards in seven out of his last 10 games. OVER

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