A rare pair of Nike “Moon Shoes” is up for auction. They may not be particularly stylish. But the last pair that sold broke the world auction record for sneakers.

Nike Moon Shoe up for auction
The bid for this pair of 1972 Nike “Moon Shoes” is $110,000, but it still has a long way to go to break the record.  (Image: Goldin Auctions)

Goldin Auctions is handling the auction for this latest pair of Moon Shoes, currently owned by Nike collector Lindy Darrell. Even though bids are already into six figures, this pair may have trouble breaking the record. But that’s a pretty high hurdle, considering the notoriety of some of the previous record holders.

Jordan’s Former Record Holders

In 2017, a pair of Converse sneakers worn by Michael Jordan sold for $190,373. Of course, they weren’t just any sneakers. They were the pair worn by Jordan in the gold-medal game at the 1984 Olympics. The lofty price tag broke the sneaker record previously held by another pair of Jordan’s sneakers.

Michael Jordan's 1984 Olympic sneakers
The last pair of sneakers Michael Jordan wore as an amateur sold for $190,373 (Image: SCP Auctions)

In 2013, a pair of sneakers worn by Jordan during the 1997 NBA Finals sold for $104,765. This particular pair of sneakers was worn during Jordan’s famous “Flu Game,” considered one of the top moments in NBA Finals history. But neither of Jordan’s record-setting sneakers could hold up against the Moon Shoe.

Nike’s Moon Shoe Rarity Hard to Beat

Only 12 pairs of the Moon Shoe were ever made, making it the Holy Grail for sneaker collectors. Made for the 1972 Olympic Trials, the soles of these now famous running shoes were based on Bill Bowerman’s experiments with his wife’s waffle iron. They would became the standard for several generations of Nikes that followed.

In July, the auction house Sotheby’s listed a pair of Nike Moon Shoes with an expected sale price of $160,000. But when the gavel came down, the pair went for $437,500 — smashing Jordan’s records. Miles Nadal was the lucky buyer. They are reportedly now on display at his private Dare to Dream Automobile Museum in Toronto.

The pair of Moon Shoes currently up for auction will clearly fetch a lofty price. They may not, however, be able to break the record. For one thing, the Moon Shoe record holder is the rarest of the rare. The Moon Shoe pair auctioned earlier this year is believed to be the only unworn pair of the original 12.

Goldin’s auction closes Dec. 7.

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