Just when you think Kevin Durant is headed to the NY Knicks, KD announced on Instagram that he will sign a four-year max contract with the Brooklyn Nets instead.

Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets
All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will sign free agent deals with the Brooklyn Nets (Original Images: Getty)

Last week, Durant narrowed down his choices to four teams: Knicks, Nets, Clippers, and Warriors. In a surprise move, Durant will join Kyrie Irving, who is also expected to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets also landed D’Andre Jordan as well. The Knicks had acquired Jordan and Dennis Smith, Jr. in a trade with the Mavericks for Kristaps Porzingis.

According to William Hill, the Brooklyn Nets are 16/1 odds to win the 2020 NBA Championship. That number is expected to drop on news of the Nets’ free agent haul.

Durant also turned down a chance to return to the Golden State Warriors. KD declined a $31.5 million player option last week. Steph CUrry flew out to NYC to try to entice KD to return to the team, but his effort was futile.

With KD officially gone from the Warriors, the team will be aggressive in making sure Klay Thompson continues to play with Steph Curry.


The Knicks went into full-blown tank mode early into last season. Fans were intoxicated on a sweet scenario with the possibility of landed Zion Williamson in the NBA Draft. Plus, the inevitable signing of premier free agents, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

What a difference a few months makes, eh? The NBA’s anti-tanking measures worked in the lottery this year. None of the worst teams in the league winning a pick higher than #4 overall. The New Orleans Pelicans won the Zion Williamson sweepstakes and the Knicks had to settle on his teammate at Duke, RJ Barrett.

Just when it looked like the Knicks were about to sign a hobbled Kevin Durant, the Knicks were murked like the unsuspecting Starks during an unexpected twist in “Game of Thrones” known as “The Red Wedding”.

The Knicks and Durant were linked together over the past year. However, once he injured his Achilles, Knicks’ owner James Dolan had reservations. Why pay Durant to sit out almost a full season while rehabbing his injury? Word got out that Dolan didn’t want to take a flier on KD. A couple of cources confirmed that KD did not even receive a max offer from the Knicks.

Without the best of the best free agents available, who will the Knicks turn to now? Kawhi Leonard is still technically available, but he’s had his hopes set on SoCal for the last couple of seasons. The Knicks reps are currently in Los Angeles courting Julius Randle.

Kemba Walker is headed to the Boston Celtics. Jimmy Butler loves the Miami Heat despite the fact the Rockets love him. Kris Middleton and Robin Lopez want to stay with the Bucks and the Greek Freak.

NBA Stars Snub Dolan

Several NBA stars snubbed the Knicks is a serious indictment on James Dolan and his poor management skills. The Knicks might be worth $4 billion, but in the eyes of the NBA’s elite, they’re not even worth a cent.

Super fan and actor, Michael Rapaport, posted choice words for owner James Dolan in a NSFW rant on Twitter.

“You never saw ‘Glengary Glen Ross’? ABC. Always be closing!” Rapaport said during his obscenity-laced tirade. “You banned media, you banned players, you banned fans. We’re banning you, you f–k! This is your fault, Dolan. You can’t close a deal!”