The NFL Week 4 highlights had it all on Sunday. There was a wide receiver pass for a touchdown, a quarterback who looked like a tight end blocking, and an animated pick-six interception on a legend of the game.

Brandon Aiyuk NFL Week 4 highlights
One of the best NFL Week 4 highlights was San Francisco wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk scoring after hurdling Marcus Epps. (Image: Fox Sports)

There was also Indianapolis quarterback Philip Rivers trash-talking an opponent, and Chicago quarterback Nick Foles playing a who lot like the guy he replaced.

Landry Throws a Rope

We love razzle-dazzle in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys knew Cleveland’s Jarvis Landry was a great receiver, but he showed them he’s a pretty good quarterback as well.

How cool was that play? Landry threw a tight 40-yard-plus spiral to Odell Beckham Jr. for the first touchdown of the game. This is exactly the kind of play NFL teams need to run more often.

Trash-Talking Hall of Famer

What do we like more than a trick play? Trash-talking, and lots of it. Indianapolis quarterback Philip Rivers is one of the best.

Here he goes at it with Chicago linebacker Roquan Smith. Is it wise to get mouthy with a guy who can put you in concussion protocol? Rivers seems to be OK with it.

Um, You’re No. 1?

Los Angeles Chargers defensive back Michael Davis wanted to show the fans at Raymond James Stadium how much he enjoyed his interception of Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady. Davis intercepted a Brady pass and ran it back 78 yards for the score.

After the score, Davis gave a one-finger salute to the fans on that end of the field. Fortunately, it was his index finger and not the digit next to it, but it takes looking at the clip a couple of times to make sure.

Hurdle of the Week

It appears hurdling over defenders is becoming standard practice in the NFL. There’s at least one a week, or so it seems.

This one by San Francisco wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk is special because he scored, and he completely cleared Marcus Epps. That’s impressive vertical.

Look What I Found

It was a rough day for Chicago quarterback Nick Foles, who lost to Indianapolis, 19-11. He had an interception on the day, but in all honesty, it wasn’t really his fault.

That’s a catchable pass, it just slipped through hands of Anthony Miller into the somewhat surprised Julian Blackmon.

Hey, Hello, I’m Open

The Cleveland Browns defense decided they didn’t need to cover Dallas wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, and the rookie made them pay for it.

Lamb went from kind of open to totally open in the matter of five yards. It was one of the few highlights for Dallas as the Cowboys were beaten by Cleveland, 49-38.

Let’s Get Physical

Anytime a quarterback makes a block, we’re a fan of it. Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz showed some good form in locking up his man on this play. Wentz blocked 49ers cornerback Dontae Jackson, and kept blocking even after the whistle.

That will earn you some huge points with your teammates.

You make the call

Buffalo wide receiver John Brown made an incredible catch near the end zone. He thought he scored. The refs disagreed. What say you, OG Nation?

We thought the ball crossed the line, but hey, what do we know?

I’ll Just Move That

When the playing days of Philadelphia defensive tackle Malik Jackson are over, he might have a career as a referee.

Pretty sly move. It didn’t help, though, as San Francisco scored.

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