Marble racing continued with the Race 6 of the Marbula One: 2020 Short Circuit GP series. Snowy from Team Snowballs won Race 6 in a thriller that included seven lead changes. Snowy helped the Snowballs ladder up to fourth place overall in the Marbula One standings. Speedy from the Savage Speeders finished in third place in Race 6, which pushed the Savage Speeders into first place.

Marble Racing Marbua One Savage Speeders
Race 6 of the 2020 Marbula One marble racing circuit. (Image: YouTube)

Marble Racing by Jelle’s Marble Runs continued as one of the many pro sports substitutes during the coronavirus pandemic. While NASCAR shut down racing, the Marbula Racing season continues.

For this weekend’s action, the Short Circuit track included eight turns covering 11.9 meters. The average lap time clocked in at 0:24.11. Overall, the Short Circuit GP track featured two turns, one drop, and a straightaway.

Marble Racing – Race 6 – Top 5
1. Snowy (Snowballs) 5:27.40
2. Shock (Thunderbolts) 5:29.53
3. Speedy (Savage Speeders) 5:30.53
4. Prim (Team Primary) 5:31.82
5. Yellow (Mellow Yellow) 5:31.96

“The Shot Circuit definitely lives up to its name,” said commentator Greg Woods. “It is a quick track. Those eight turns look deceptive.”

Marble Racing: Race 6

Speedy took early lead, but lost it when they took the inside lane, or the “pit lane,” on the final stretch before reaching the conveyor belt.

After a sluggish start, Snowy moved into sixth by the third lap. By Lap 7, Snowy moved into third overall behind Speedy and Prim as the 14-lap race reached the midway mark.

At the end of Lap 8, Snowy passed Prim when it headed into the slower pit lane. Snowy trailed Spy by 0.56 seconds and built up a lead of 0.76 seconds over Prim in third place.

Snowy shaved a tenth of a second off Speedy’s lead in Lap 9. By the time they reached the conveyor belt in Lap 10, they were neck-and-neck. Speedy’s lead got cut to 0.06 seconds.

At the start of Lap 11, Snowy seized the lead on the first straightaway and built up a big lead, while Speedy fell behind by almost a full second.

At the start of Lap 12, Speedy still trailed by 0.73 seconds. However, Lap 13 would prove unlucky for Speedy. Prim moved into second place when Speedy took the pit lane. By the time those two reached the conveyor belt before the start of the final lap, Snowy extended their lead to 2.72 seconds over Prim in second place. Speedy fell +3.41 seconds off the lead. Meanwhile, Shock made a late run to move into fourth place.

In the final lap, Shock shocked the marble racing world by leapfrogging into second place. Shock held off Speedy and Prim to secure a runner-up finish at +2.13 second behind Snowy.

Snowy won Marbula One Race 6 with a final course time of 5:27.40. Shock finished in second, with Speedy securing third place.

Savage Speeders First Place

Only the top-10 places earn points in the standings. A victory is worth 25 points, while second place earns 18 points, and third place earns 15 points.

2020 Marbula Racing Overall Standings
Savage Speeders 70
Hazers 65
Team Galactic 60
Snowballs 50
O’rangers 50
Thunderbolts 47
Green Ducks 46
Mellow Yellow 43
Team Primary 42
Balls of Chaos 26
Limers 25
Rojo Rollers 23
Midnight Wisps 22
Raspberry Racers 19
Team Momo 16
Hornets 8

The Hazers (61 points) came into Race 6 with a narrow, 1-point lead over Team Galactic (60 points), with the Savage Speeders (55 points) in third overall.

The Snowballs went from 10th place to fourth place with the clutch victory in Race 6, thanks to Snowy.