After a stunning comeback in the fourth quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs forced overtime and defeated the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football. After the victory oddsmakers at DraftKings adjust their lines and the Chiefs are the new betting favorite to win the Super Bowl at +450 odds.

Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 56 odds
Travis Kelce, tight end from the Kansas City Chiefs, scores one of his two touchdowns against the LA Chargers at SoFi Field in LA. (Image: Getty)

The Tampa Bay Bucs are right behind them at +500 odds, followed by the Green Bay Packers at +650 odds, and the New England Patriots at +750 odds.

Kansas City Chiefs +450 +1400 +500
Tampa Bay Bucs +500 +650 +550
Green Bay Packers +650 +900 +1400
New England Patriots +750 +5000 +3500
Arizona Cardinals +1000 +1000 +3500
LA Rams +1100 +650 +1200
Buffalo Bills +1200 +500 +1100
Dallas Cowboys +1200 +1000 +3500
Tennessee Titans +2000 +2200 +3500
LA Chargers +2500 +2200 +2800
Indy Colts +2500 +5000 +5000
Baltimore Ravens +3500 +1000 +1800
San Francisco 49ers +3500 +5000 +1400
Cleveland Browns +3500 +5000 +1500
Cincinnati Bengals +5000 +5000 +10000

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals 30-23 on Monday Night Football and cut their deficit by just one game in a close NFC West divisional fight. The Cardinals are still +1000 odds to win Super Bowl 56, while the Rams are +1100.

Chiefs Upswing

The New England Patriots have been getting a lot of media attention because they won seven games in a row after starting the season 2-4. However, after the clutch OT win on Thursday Night Football, the Chiefs won seven games in a row and improved to 10-4 on the season. Mahomes unleashed 410 passing yards and three touchdowns. Tight end Travis Kelce had a monster game and his best output of the season with 10 receptions for 191 yards and two touchdowns.

The Chiefs were one of the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl at +500 odds, but they stumbled out of the gate. They started 3-4 and saw their championship odds plummet to +1400 at the end of Week 8. Since that low point, the Chiefs saw their odds gradually increase every week during their winning streak. The Chiefs were +650 odds two weeks ago, and Super Bowl co-favorites last week with the Bucs at +500, before taking over the top spot on the futures board at +450.

Aside from last night’s game in which they gave up 28 points against Justin Herbert and the high-flying Chargers, the Chiefs saw their defense vastly improve over the month of November. The Chiefs held opponents to nine or fewer points in four out of their five previous games. Since Week 9, they outgunned their opponents 163-48.

See Ya Next Year?

Bookies took a couple of team off the futures board including the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Detroit Lions. Then again, all four of those crappy teams should’ve been taken off the board at the start of the season.

The two-win Jaguars finally severed their relationship with Urban Meyer and fired the first-year head coach after he lost the locker room and acted like a fool most of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles +10000 +20000 +5000
Minnesota Vikings +10000 +10000 +5000
Denver Broncos +10000 +10000 +3000
Pittsburgh Steelers +20000 +5000 +3500
Washington Football Team +20000 +25000 +6500
New Orleans Saints +20000 +3500 +2200
Seattle Seahawks +20000 +8000 +1600
Las Vegas Raiders +20000 +5000 +6500
Miami Dolphins +25000 +50000 +2800
Atlanta Falcons +50000 +50000 +10000
Carolina Panthers +100000 +20000 +6500
Chicago Bears +100000 +50000 +8000
NY Giants +100000 +50000 +10000

The LOL Jets looked just as bad this season as they did last season. They ditched Adam Gase, but Robert Saleh has not done any better in his first season as a head coach.