James Holzhauer, the sports bettor from Las Vegas who has been crushing Jeopardy! in the month of April and the subject of numerous stories and links in the mainstream media, had a close call and almost lost with only an $18 margin of victory for his 18th consecutive win.

James Holzhauer Jeopardy
Monday was one of the few times that James Holzhauer (left) went into Final Jeopardy needing to get the right answer and bet big to lock up the victory, which he did, but only by a mere $18 for his 18th win. (Image: Sony Television)

Adam Levin, a sports information director from Massachusetts, gave Holzhauer a huge scare. Levin trailed by only $6,517 heading into Final Jeopardy! with $27,000 to Holzhauer’s $33,517. Levin bet his entire stack, minus $1, and correctly answered Final Jeopardy! category “Organizations.” Holzhauer nailed the final answer of “Chamber of Commerce” and bet just enough to secure a win in his 18th straight episode.

Jasmine Leonas $7,800
Adam Levin $27,000
James Holzhauer $33,517

Jasmine Leonas $7,800
Adam Levin $53,999
James Holzhauer $54,017

The $18 margin of victory was by far Holzhauer’s closest to date. The pro sports bettor has now won $1,329,604. He’s more than halfway to catching Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings.

Back in 2004, Jennings set the daily record with $2.52 million during his epic 72-win streak. During that momentous run, the ratings for Jeopardy! jumped 20 percent. According to AdAge, the Nielsen ratings for Holzhauer’s first 12 shows was 10.3 million, or an uptick of approximately 10 percent.

Jeopardy! Link Dump

OnlineGambling.com and OG News brought you one of the original pieces on pro sports bettor Holzhauer after his first episode, and we’ve been following his thrilling run ever since. It took a while for the mainstream media to catch a whiff of this trivia phenom’s prowess. But now they’re paying attention, and putting out some pretty good reads:

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And we cannot get enough of TheJeopardyFan.com for their Jeopardy statistics, deep analysis, and encyclopedic knowledge of the game show’s history.

Jeopardy! James Social Media 

There’s also now numerous James Holzhauer fan sites (and even a few anti-James sites). One of the more intriguing is a Jeopardy James fan page on Facebook run by Holzhauer himself, where he explains how Guitar Hero helped develop his button-pressing skills, and why Monday’s episode featured no Final Jeopardy shoutout.

He also has his own Twitter page now — and @James_Holzhauer isn’t even verified… yet. (As far as we can tell, it’s really him.)

But ha ha, Ken Jennings has a blue checkmark already, and way more followers. He’s also seems to be having fun while recognizing that his stature as the greatest Jeopardy! player of all time could soon be eclipsed.