The Miami Dolphins (1-7) finally won their first game of the season with a 28-18 victory over their ex-head coach Adam Gase and the inept New York Jets (1-7). Fans in the greater New York City metropolitan area are calling on the Jets ownership to fire Adam Gase after the LOLJets lost yet another ugly game.

New York Jets lose to Miami Dolphins Sam Darnold Fire Adam Gase
NY Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is harassed by the Miami Dolphins during a loss at Hard Rock Stadium. (Image: Getty)

The Jets sunk to a new low after their embarrassing loss to the Dolphins, which many didn’t think was even possible with this sorry team. The LOLJets lost to a Miami franchise fielding a subpar team on purpose so the Dolphins can finish the season with the worst record in the NFL and secure the #1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Jets claim they’re a classy organization that won’t fire a head coach in the middle of the season. To save face, however, the Jets must fire Gase as soon as possible before he does even more psychological and physical harm to franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold. The kid has already sacrificed so much for the team by putting his body (toe nails, sprained thumb, and foot) and life on the line (engorged spleen post-mono), that he’s become meme fodder for trolls after the infamous “I’m seeing ghosts” mic’d up line on Monday Night Football.

The boobirds in Miami, a mixture of both transplanted, diehard Jets fans and Dolphins supporters, let Gase have it late in the game as chants of “Fire Gase! Fire Gase!” echoed throughout Hard Rock Stadium.

“This is the NFL,” Gase said in the post-game presser. “You can’t be embarrassed by this s–t.”

Actually, you can. And should be. This sort of disconnect is the exact reason why the Jets started out 1-7, and he’s about to find himself at the unemployment office.

Grounded Jets, Terrible Coaching

You’d figure the Jets new head coach would have all the inside dirt on his former team. And you’d expect he’d come into this game with guns blazing after the Dolphins also fired him. Instead, we saw the same old Jets, but even worse as they lost to a tanking team.

The offense continued their backwards retreat, and Sam Darnold’s regression as a quarterback continued. Darnold tossed three touchdowns against nine turnovers in the last three games since the Jets upset the Dallas Cowboys. He looked like a frazzled high school team manager trying to win the state championship in a bad Disney flick.

The defense didn’t show up either. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been rumored to take over a team as an interim coach for a second time in two seasons. It happened last year when the Cleveland Browns finally fired Hue Jackson, and Williams took over. If the Jets decide to break tradition and fire Gase midseason, Williams is the logical choice to take over.

Many fans, including this perplexed author, wonder why the Jets didn’t simply hire Williams outright. Or better yet, they should have let Matt Rhule pick his own coaching staff. Rhule declined the open head coaching position because the Jets brass wanted to handpick his other coaches. The current Baylor coach has the Bears undefeated and playing for an outside shot at a national championship. Rhule made the wise choice by staying in Waco instead accepting a job as head clown with the LOLJets. If the Jets come calling once again after they fire Gase, I wouldn’t answer their call if I were coach Rhule.

Gase Dunzo

Gase, the Jets’ first-year coach, is looking more and more like a one-and-done coach. They’re rare, but they do occur. The Jets punted on Pete Carroll after one season. That year, Carroll started out 6-5, but the Jets lost their last five games to finish 6-10. The Jets were embarrassed by the Dolphins in 1994 when Dan Marino and the infamous fake clock spike led to a touchdown that sealed Carroll’s fate. If Carroll could get the axe after a 6-10 season, then Gase should follow suit if the Jets come to their senses.

Everyone knows a dead man walking when they see one. Non-verbal communication speaks volumes when you see a head coach sitting alone on the bench with not a player nor coach in sight.

If I were the owner of the NY Jets, I would have watched the game in person and fired Gase on the spot three seconds after the game clock expired. Not only would I have fired Gase, I wouldn’t even let him on the team plane for the ride home. If Gase wants to fly back to New York City, then he has to fly from Fort Lauderdale to JFK on JetBlue with the rest of the working-class schmucks.

Coffee is for closers, not 1-7 coaches who lost to a team in full-blown tank mode.

Even Mike Francesa is calling for Gase’s head after the Jets lost to the Fish. When the Jets lose a big sports radio dinosaur like Francesa, then you’re dunzo. It’s like the Vietnam War and Walter Cronkite after the Tet Offensive. As President Lyndon Johnson famously said, “If we lost Cronkite, then we lost the war.”

Let the #FireGase campaign begin.

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