Sanhok, the smallest map in PUBG and PUBG Mobile, offers fast action in a condensed, tropical jungle environment. We compiled a survival guide that includes a list of the best loot spots and other tips for the Sanhok map.

Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map Tips Loot Best
Sanhok, the smallest map on PUBG, consists of three islands and lush jungles in a tropical paradise. (Image: Tencent Gaming)

Sanhok, inspired by the terrain and architecture of Southeast Asia, is comprised of three islands on a 4 km by 4 km grid. The largest island, which comprises roughly 50% of Sanhok, is roughly the same size as Military Island in Erangel. The other two smaller islands make up 20% and 30% respectively of the rest of the Sanhok map.

Sanhok has two high-profile and widely popular loot spots on the map: Paradise Resort and the Bootcamp. The centrally-located Bootcamp is widely regarded as the most difficult landing spot in all of PUBG. However, it has amazing loot. If you can survive the initial free-for-all, you’ll be rewarded with ample loot and complete your favorite load-out with weapons, scopes, and level 3 helmets and vests.

PUBG Sanhok Map – Best Loot Tips
Paradise Resort
Camp Charlie

At 4km x 4km, Sanhok’s size means you don’t need a vehicle to survive the game. Sanhok features a tuk tuk, but you can easily traverse the map on foot.

Sanhok’s small size also means you can jump almost anywhere on the map to start the game, no matter where the initial flight path begins.

With Sanhok, you don’t have to constantly sweat the blue circle like on other larger maps. On the flip side, the blue zones change more frequently than on larger maps like Erangel and Miramar.

Fringe Loot Spots: Ha Tinh, Sahmee, Kampong

If you’re playing PUBG squads or solos in Sanhok, then any of the fringe towns on the map are perfect for you to loot.

Get to know Ha Tinh, Sahmee, and Kampong. These spots have lots of loot, but they’re as close to the urban areas as you’ll find. Keep an eye out for blind spots and dead-end alleys. You’d hate to end up in the wrong spot.

Ha Tinh, one of the larger towns, can be found in the northwest corner of Sanhok on the tip of the smallest island. Ha Tinh is located next to a bridge that connects to the big island. If you can quick-drop into Ha Tinh and gear up, try camping out on the bridge to pick off anyone rotating in/out.

Sanhok Map Best Frings Loot Towns
Ha Tinh

Sahmee is one of the largest towns on Sanhok, and is located on the middle-sized island in the southwest. Be ready to gear up quickly and scamper out of town though. It seems like the final circle very rarely ends in the southwestern corner of the map.

Kampong, on the southeast coast of the big island, isn’t far from the Docks. Since the Docks are popular, Kampong is an ideal secondary location to jump with fewer interlopers.

Sanhok Best Loot Map Survival PUBG
The hot spots for loot on Sanhok for PUBG Mobile. (Image: Reddit)

Overrated: Quarry, Ruins, Docks

The difficulty of the Quarry, along with its average loot, makes it a suboptimal place to drop. Be careful of the road splitting the Quarry in two. That road claims more lives than anywhere else on Sanhok aside from the Bootcamp or Paradise Resort. The Quarry can be a perfect place to set up an ambush, but it’s never fun when you have to navigate it.

Overrated Sanhok Loot Spots
The Ruins

The Ruins are cool to look at, but you have to be among the first to land there, otherwise, you’re going to face a potential bloodbath. The actual temple has multiple levels and that’s where you’ll discover the motherlode of loot.

The Dock has a significant amount of loot, but you could be setting yourself up for a long journey if the first safe zone randomizes to the other side of the map. Instead of the Dock, you’re better off dropping into one of the military camps, like Camp Charlie or Camp Bravo instead.

Underrated: Pai Nan, Cave, Khao

If I had to pick a favorite landing spot, it’s Pai Nan. The central town is divided by a river with half of Pai Nan located on the big island. The other half is located on the middle island. Two small bridges connect the town and a small sand bar that you can traverse without entering the water.

Pai Nan’s central spot alongside two islands makes it easy to jump to another island depending on the next safe zone location. The second story balconies create an ambush spot for anyone trying to cross bridges or whiz through the river on a jet ski.

Sanhok Best Underrated Loot Tips
Pai Nan
Camp Alpha

If you dig secret spots, then check out the Cave on the southwest corner of the big island. Expert parachuters can land safely inside the cave. If you’re a novice, just land near the cave and find the side entrance. Give the jet ski a whirl; it’s a quick way to exit the underground area, especially if you must get to a safe zone on the northern end of the map.

Khao, located on the northern edge of the big island, gets easily overlooked versus the other smaller fringe towns. Most players opt to jump at Paradise Resort or Ha Tinh over Khao, which makes it an optimal spot to loot in a low-risk area to start the game. Khao is also a worthy secondary location to hit up after you’ve survived a hot drop at Paradise Resort

Camp Alpha, the smallest of the military camps, can be found on the smallest island in the northwest corner of Sanhok. If you can find a proper sniper rifle and a scope, then you can set up a sniper’s nest on the nearby mountain.

Sanhok PUBG Map Tips Loot Survival Best
The northeast corner of the middle island gives you access to all three islands of Sanhok. (Image: Reddit)

Sanhok Tips, Tri-Tip

Sanhok’s lush vegetation and hilly terrain make it easy to move between areas. Rotating late to avoid blue circles doesn’t cost you as much as it does in a wide-open map like Miramar. Utilize the trees and boulders to your advantage to set up ambush spots against opponents.

Beware of snakes! Players will often stay on their bellies and snake around in the grass, so keep an eye on your rear. You’d hate to have an opponent sneak up and ambush you from behind.

Much like chess, the center of the board is the key to winning PUBG. In this instance, figuring out which of the three islands will be the final circle location is paramount for success.

The most difficult aspect of PUBG late-game strategy in Sanhok will be navigating safely from one island to another. Assume all bridges will be staked out, so if you must swim, come up with creative tactics.

If you camp out in the northwest corner of the second-biggest island (or the southwest island), then you can put yourself in a good spot to access all three islands with ease via small footbridges. There’s a small village in the northwest corner, which we’ve nicknamed Tri-Tip, that’s just to the east of the Ruins and just to the north of Pai Nan. If you can hold down that Tri-Tip village while waiting for the circles to change, then you can put yourself in the best position to move between islands without getting picked off by bridge campers.

If you’re playing squads, then consider one of the military camps: Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, or Camp Charlie. Those camps aren’t as big as the main Bootcamp, but they can provide ample loot for everyone in your squad. The same goes for duos.

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