PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, released a new mobile update featuring a facelift for the Miramar desert map, which has become the least-popular and most difficult map compared to easier options such as Erangel and Sanhok. The post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” film franchise inspired the redevelopment of Miramar to include sandstorms.

PUBG Mobile Update Miramar Sandstorms Mad
The latest update in PUBG Mobile includes an overhaul of the Miramar desert map. (Image: Tencent)

Miramar, the largest map in PUBG at 8×8 (eight kilometers by eight kilometers), was the second map introduced. Erangel, the original map, found its inspiration in Eastern European topography, while Miramar is based on an arid desert in Mexico.

Due to the sheer size and difficulty of Miramar, it became the least-played map on PUBG Mobile. The PC/console version of PUBG includes a new and fifth map called Karakin. While PUBG Mobile users await the release of Karakin, they have a revamped Miramar map to explore in the meantime.

The latest update by Tencent Gaming includes a specific upgrade to Miramar. The cool kids are calling it Miramar 2.0, while the developers refer to it as Mad Miramar. Color schemes were changed as well, and the dreary brown and yellow map added vibrant colors and enhanced the vegetation to include cactus and desert brush.

PUBG Mobile Miramar Update HIGHLIGHTS
– Mad Miramar with Sandstorms
– Win94 with 2.7x scope
– Canted sight
– P90 added to Arena Mode
– Bluehole Mode (Erangel)
– Jungle Adventure (Sanhok)

Just a heads up, you might want to clear some space on your device before the update. You will need to free up approximately 2 GB of storage. The PUBG Mobile update requires 2.21 GB of space on iOS devices and 1.97 GB on Android devices.

Miramar 2.0: Oasis, Ruins, Golden Mirado, Vending Machines

Before the update, water only appeared at the edges of the Miramar map. The latest upgrade includes a new Oasis location. You will find it in the northern (north-center) most point on Miramar. As expected, lush palm trees and water spots pepper the Oasis.

The new update also adds an upgraded Ruins and adjacent town. The Urban Ruins are near the old ruins area that were previously hidden away in the northwestern corner of the map. They also added cooler-looking ancient buildings.

A racetrack runs throughout the entire map, which will be perfect for high-performance vehicles. Don’t embarrass yourself driving the beat-up hippie bus through Miramar. Save your joyriding for a faster vehicle like the newly-introduced Golden Mirado.

If you’re a car junkie, then you’ll be psyched about the Golden Mirado. One will spawn in each Miramar game and is located in the garage at the Hacienda. Expect that area to be muy caliente in the next couple of weeks while everyone hot drops in that spot to snag the glistening golden vehicle.

Keep an eye out in urban areas and apartment buildings for vending machines. You’ll find painkillers and energy drinks in these newly functioning vending machines.

PUBG Update: Mad Miramar, Sandstorms

Sandstorms will randomly savage your games at Miramar. The sand is similar to the fog or rain effect in Sanhok or Erangel. As expected, your visibility will be diminished during sandstorms, but the sand can also protect you from long-range sniper attacks.

The hardest aspect of Miramar had been its wide-open feeling. You can get sniped from anywhere at any given time. Miramar rewards patient players with top-notch sniping skills. However, many players stopped playing Miramar because it sucks to get picked off by a sniper hiding several hundred meters away.

The sandstorms will reduce the ability of long-range snipers to camp out in a perfect sniper’s nest to knock out you and your squadmates.

Weapons: P90, Shotguns, and Win94

If you’re a fan of the P90 and like venturing into Arena mode, then you’ll love the newest PUBG update. The P90 will be available for deployment in all Arena modes.

The P90 fires up to 50 rounds of 9mm (red) ammo. It has three firing modes: single, burst, or full-blown automatic. This will be a better option than using the Uzi if you prefer fast, burst-type weapons when playing in an Arena mode like Team Deathmatch.

The P90 will be compatible with all SMG attachments. You can use a scope up to 6x with the P90.

The Win94 has always been a fast-shooting sniper rifle. However, finding a scope was always a pain in the butt. The newest update includes a 2.7x scope with every Win94.

Shotguns were rebalanced with a reduced damage rate from longer distances. At shorter distances, there’s a greater spray rate. However, damage per bullet dropped from 1.5 to 1.2 for headshots. It’s only a 10% damage reduction for body shots from 1.0 to 0.9.

According to PUBG Mobile, “The shotgun spread has been remodeled so that bullets are spread more evenly around the crosshair for more consistent damage.”

The max-range for shotguns dropped to 80 meters. The DBS is the lone exception, but its range caps off at 100 meters.

For S1897 fans, the rack speed increased by 20%.

Coming Soon: Bluehole, Jungle Adventure

Tencent typically rolls out some of the more intricate game modes within each PUBG Mobile update, so expect that to happen with Miramar 2.0. If it’s not ready yet, you have to assume the devs are fixing the bugs and glitches. Rest assured, two cool features will be released soon for other maps: Jungle Adventure and Bluehole.

In Bluehole, the Erangel map will have two zones with an inner zone and outer zone. The addition of the Bluehole prevents players from camping out in the middle of the circle. Players will lose health inside the new purple circle (aka Bluehole).

Bluehole mode forces players to navigate the edges, thereby creating more firefights instead of ambushes. You must carefully avoid being too close inside the main circle, but you can’t languish too far behind and get run down by the blue circle.

In Bluehole, there will be a 50% increase in weapon spawn rates. That means better loot in the middle of nowhere. You will also be able to revive your fallen teammates in only four seconds.

Jungle Adventure will be coming soon to the Sanhok map. There will be hot air balloons to move slowly above Sanhok, which is perfect for recon and aerial surveillance of enemy squads.

Totems will appear in Jungle mode that will give players special gifts.

Sanhok’s Jungle Adventure also includes new jungle foods that grow in the wild. Those also give players “mysterious effects,” which sounds like fun.

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