With just one week remaining in the NFL regular season, 11 teams have already booked their spots in the postseason. But there are still seven teams fighting for their shot to play for a Super Bowl title, with various playoff-clinching scenarios only now coming into focus.

NFL playoff clinching scenarios odds
The Chargers and Raiders may both need to win their Sunday night game to make the playoffs, according to the current playoff-clinching scenarios. (Image: Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Below, I’ve broken down the clinching scenarios for each of the seven contenders still fighting for a spot. Alongside each team’s name, I’ve included the odds on that team making the playoffs, according to DraftKings Sportsbook. Here’s a breakdown of how your favorite team can still get into the postseason.

AFC Clinching Scenarios

Indianapolis Colts (-1200)

While the Colts failed to clinch a playoff spot last week with a loss to the Raiders, they remain in excellent position to make the postseason. There are three distinct scenarios in which Indianapolis can keep its season alive.

Most simply, the Colts can just beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville next week. Failing that, they will get in if the Chargers lose and the Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh game ends in a tie. Finally, they can clinch a playoff spot if the Chargers and Steelers lose, while the Dolphins beat the Patriots.

Los Angeles Chargers (-150)

When the Chargers beat the Broncos on Sunday, they ensured they would control their own destiny in the final week of the season. Los Angeles will now make the playoffs if they beat or tie the Raiders on Sunday night.

Las Vegas Raiders (+105)

The Raiders face the Chargers in what could amount to a virtual playoff game. If Las Vegas wins on Sunday, it will reach the playoffs. However, the Raiders can also advance to the postseason if they tie the Chargers while Indianapolis loses. If the Raiders lose, they will need the Colts to win and the Steelers to lose or tie in order to make the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1400)

The Steelers kept their faint playoff hopes alive on Sunday night by beating the Cleveland Browns, but they still need help to make the postseason. In order to advance, the Steelers must beat the Ravens on Sunday while Indianapolis loses and the Raiders vs. Chargers game doesn’t end in a tie.

Baltimore Ravens (+4000)

The Ravens need the most help to make the playoffs, but still have a clear path. Along with beating Pittsburgh on Sunday, Baltimore also needs the Chargers and Colts to lose, while Miami must lose or tie its game with New England.

NFC Clinching Scenarios

San Francisco 49ers (-150)

The NFC clinching scenarios are far simpler than those in the AFC. The 49ers can grab the last playoff spot if they win or tie their game at the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. They will also move into the postseason if New Orleans loses or ties at Atlanta.

New Orleans Saints (+120)

The Saints will make the playoffs in every scenario in which the 49ers do not. In other words, New Orleans will reach the postseason only if it wins at Atlanta while San Francisco loses to the Rams.

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