DraftKings updated its selection of NBA player futures. You can wager on the scoring average for your favorite player or, if you prefer, you can fade your least-favorite player and hope he has a terrible season. As expected, James Harden is at the top of the list with a 33.5 over/under season scoring average.

James Harden NBA scoring average prop bets futures Doncic Durant
James Harden of the Houston Rockets is seeking a fourth-straight NBA scoring title. (Image: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

Harden won the NBA scoring title in three consecutive seasons with the high-octane Houston Rockets.

Luka Doncic, the wunderkind from the Dallas Mavericks, is the second-highest player on the futures board with a 30.5 over/under scoring total.

The Greek Freak recently signed a supermax contract worth $228 million, so he has plenty of incentives to average north of 30 points per game.

  • James Harden 33.5 o/u
  • Luka Doncic 30.5 o/u
  • Damian Lillard 29.5 o/u
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 29.5 o/u
  • Trae Young 28.5 o/u
  • Steph Curry 28.5 o/u
  • Devin Booker 27.5 o/u
  • Kevin Durant 26.5 o/u
  • Anthony Davis 26.5 o/u
  • Kawhi Leonard 26.5 o/u
  • LeBron James 25.5 o/u
  • Karl-Anthony Towns 25.5 o/u
  • Kyrie Irving 25.5 o/u
  • Jayson Tatum 25.5 o/u
  • Donovan Mitchell 24.5 o/u
  • Joel Embiid 24.5 o/u
  • Paul George 23.5 o/u
  • Zion Williamson 23.5 o/u
  • Brandon Ingram 23.5 o/u
  • DeMar DeRozan 22.5 o/u
  • Victor Oladipo 17.5 o/u

Keep an eye on the young guns like Devin Booker and Trae Young. Young saw his average jump 10 points in his second season. Meanwhile, Booker’s average has been steadily increasing since his rookie season.

Over: Back the Big Dogs

James Harden 33.5 o/u… If Houston doesn’t trade Harden, expect him to go full-blown ball hog. Two seasons ago, he posted a career-high of 36.1 ppg during his scoring orgy.

Luka Doncic 30.5 o/u… If anyone averages a triple-double this season, it will be Doncic. With the Unicorn nursing a bum knee, expect Doncic to unlock another scoring level and go north of 31 ppg.

Damian Lillard 29.5 o/u… Dame owns Rip City. He finished last season with 30 ppg, third-best in the NBA. Heading into his ninth NBA season, Lillard has yet to plateau.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 29.5 o/u… The Greek Freak secured the bag, so now it’s time to see more buckets. The Freak apparently worked hard on his 3-point shooting in the offseason. If that’s the case, that could secure him a new career-high scoring average in the 30-plus range.

Steph Curry 28.5 o/u… Curry has only averaged 27-plus twice in his illustrious career with the Warriors. With Klay Thompson injured, expect Curry to flirt with a new career-high.

Devin Booker 27.5 o/u… Now that Booker has Chris Paul to feed him the rock, D-Bo is on the verge of a monster season after averaging 26.6 ppg over the past two seasons.

Jayson Tatum 25.5 o/u… With Kemba Walker expected to miss time to start the season, the Celtics will rely on Tatum to handle the scoring burden.

Donovan Mitchell 24.5 o/u… Spida! The world caught a glimpse of Mitchell’s scoring prowess during the NBA playoffs. If the Jazz are wise, they’ll let Mitchell drive without cruise control.

Brandon Ingram 23.5 o/u… Without Jrue Holiday, expect Ingram to shine. He’ll be the yin to Zion Williamson’s yang.

Coin Flips: KAT and KD

Trae Young 28.5 o/u… We love Trae Young. He’s fun to watch and can explode for 40-plus on any given night. After a strong rookie season, he experienced the opposite of a sophomore slump, averaging 29.1 ppg. Right now, he has the best supporting cast that he’s had since arriving in Atlanta two seasons ago.

Kevin Durant 26.5 o/u… You’re really gambling on KD’s health. If he remains healthy and hasn’t lost a step, he should return to his old form and reach the high 20s. If he’s lost a step post-Achilles surgery, then it could get ugly.

Karl-Anthony Towns 25.5 o/u… No one in the NBA took the pandemic harder than Karl-Anthony Towns, who lost his mother and seven family members to COVID-19. That tragedy could be the wake-up call that pushes KAT toward his full potential. If not, it could be an up and down emotional year for him.

Paul George 23.5 o/u… PG-13 struggled with depression and anxiety during his first season with the LA Clippers, which grew even worse during the shutdown. If PG-13 clears up his mental health, he could return to his old form (28 ppg with OKC two seasons ago).

DeMar DeRozan 22.5 o/u… DDR is still bitter that the Raptors traded him for Kawhi Leonard and then won a title. He’s been in exile in San Antonio for the past two seasons, but this is a contract year, so he’ll be playing for what might be his final big payday.

Victor Oladipo 17.5 o/u… Oladipo played only 54 games in the last two seasons with the Pacers after a career-high 23.1 ppg three seasons ago. If Oladipo remains healthy, he should hit the high teens and even the low 20s. That’s the big question mark, eh?

Under: Fade the Alphas

Kawhi Leonard 26.5 o/u… Mr. Load Management averaged 27.1 ppg in only 57 games last season. Kawhi’s star-treatment irked his teammates, so unless he patches things up with the gang, it’s going to be a long season. Besides, we expect PG-13 to have a much better season, so that should cut into Kawhi’s points.

LeBron James 25.5 o/u… The Lakers upgraded their squad, especially the bench by adding Sixth Man of the Year Montrezl Harrell. LBJ won’t have to work as hard on offense during the regular season, letting him save his energy for the playoffs.

Kyrie Irving 25.5 o/u… The Brooklyn Nets are the hipster pick to win the Atlantic Division, but Irving already pitted himself against the NYC media. That’s one battle he won’t win because he’s just another brick in the wall as far as the media machine goes.

Jimmy Butler 19.5 o/u… Jimmy Buckets scores when he knows that’s what his team needs the most. Tyler Herro should get more court time this season, so don’t expect Butler to average 20-plus.

Under: Fade the Big Men

Anthony Davis 26.5 o/u... The Unibrow was a beast on both ends of the court last season during the Lakers’ championship run. He faded injures last season, but can he survive a championship hangover?

Joel Embiid 24.5 o/u… If the Sixers pull the trigger on a James Harden trade, you can expect Embiid to focus more on defense and rebounding. If they keep Ben Simmons, this might be the year he comes into his own. Either way, expect Embiid to fall below market expectations.

Zion Williamson 23.5 o/u…  It’s a long slog of a season, but if Zion can stay healthy, he could surpass 24 ppg. That’s a big if.

Nikola Jokic 20.5 o/u… Jokic saved his best games for the postseason. This might be the first time that Jamal Murray becomes the primary scorer for the high-octane Nugs.

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