Joey Chestnut relishes the annual Fourth of July 2018 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island. The competitive eating superstar is the overwhelming favorite to win his 11th Mustard Belt in this uniquely American event.

Joey Chestnut
Nobody can inhale a hotdog like Joey Chestnut, the overwhelming favorite to win Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. (Image: ESPN)

Last year, the former construction manager consumed a world record 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes on the famed New York seaside location.

This year Bovada has Chestnut (nicknamed “Jaws”) as a -600 pick to out eat the competition. Matt Stonie, who won in 2015 and is the only person to beat Chestnut since 2007, is at +350. All other participants are listed at +500.

The training regimen for the 34-year-old is fairly rigorous, especially in the few days before the event.

“I’m excited,” Chestnut told “I’m nervous as always. I’m hungry. I’m fasting (Monday) and (Tuesday), so I’ll be nice and empty for Wednesday’s contest. It’s pretty much a cleanse, just drinking lots of liquids and just trying to make sure I’m absolutely empty and loose for the contest.”

Chestnut holds 40 competitive eating records, but is most known for his antics at Coney Island. The annual contest has been held on the famed boardwalk outside the Original Nathan’s since 1972. It will be broadcast live on Wednesday at 12 noon ET on ESPN 2.

The women’s division begins earlier, at 10:50 am on ESPN 3 and their mobile app.

Hot Dog Heroines

Four-time wiener-eating winner Miki Sudo, a Las Vegas resident, is a -500 to win her fifth consecutive belt.

Sudo, 33, ate 41 hot dogs to win last year, but said she has no motivation to break that mark since the women’s competition is not on television. She is more focused on winning.

The line for hot dogs eaten is 39.5 and the over is the favorite at -175, while the under checks in at +135.

Her strategy for winning is to work out as much as possible. She told the New York Post that she believes that gives her an edge.

“A lot of people might think I just have to be hungry to compete, but really I have more endurance and strength when I’m physically fit,” Sudo said. “When I’m out of shape, I get winded earlier, which doesn’t really work to my advantage.”

Sudo’s closest competitor is Sonya Thomas, who’s at +300 to win her fourth title.

Competitive Eating Prop Bets

In addition to being able to bet on the winner, several internet sportsbooks are offering proposition bets related to the contest. Several are related to Chestnut and how many hot dogs he will eat at certain minute marks of the 10-minute contest.

The first over/under bet on Chestnut is how many hot dogs he will eat by the first minute. The line is set at 13.5. Bovada has the line at 12.5 with the over a slight favorite at -135, and the under at -110.

The next bet is the halfway point and Bovada has the line at 46. The under is the pick at -175, while the over is at +135.

A couple of more unique wagers are available. The first is whether or not members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will try and disrupt the competition. Yes is a +700, while the no is at -1600.

The other prop is on whether someone will vomit during the competition. The yes is -2000, while the no is +1000.

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