New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone had enough of the poor umpiring and lashed out at umpire John Tumpane’s inconsistent strike zone, which resulted in an ejection. Tumpane threw Boone out of the game for questioning balls and strikes. Jomboy quickly posted a video clip of the ensuing argument that had no shortage of patented Boone f-bombs in his expletive-heavy tirade.

Aaron Boone ejected Yankees manager jomboy video
Yankees’ skipper Aaron Boone argues with umpire John Tumpane after his ejection. (Image: Getty)

The New York Yankees and Miami Marlins met in the final series of the pandemic-shortened 60-game season. Both teams are headed to the postseason for October baseball.

The Yankees clinched a playoff spot in the American League earlier in the week. The Marlins were among six teams still fighting for one of the final spots in the National League Wild Card Series.

The Marlins helped their own cause and clinched a playoff berth with an extra-innings victory over the Yankees. Despite the Marlins locking up their first postseason appearance since 2003, the game trended on Twitter on Friday evening because of Boone’s ejection. A livid Boone stood up for his team on a strike call that was clearly a ball.

Ankle Strikes, Salty Boone

Home-plate ump John Tumpane employed a shifty and shady strike zone all game. After getting hosed numerous times by Tumpane, Boone rode Tumpane hard. Managers and players are supposedly not allowed to argue about balls and strikes, but Tumpane tilted Boone extra hard when he incorrectly called out Aaron Judge on strikes.

Marlins pitcher Sandy Alcantara threw a 3-2 sinker down near Judge’s ankles, yet the ump called it a strike. An apoplectic Boone lost his marbles. Tumpane rang him up before he could even take a step out of the Yankees dugout.

“That pitcher has a good sinker and those pitches are not f-cking strikes!”

Boone utilized a bit of old-timey baseball slang, but he sprinkled his comment with an f-bomb for emphasis.

“Just cause you f-cking kicked the first one, don’t keep kicking it!” barked Boone.

Of course, before Boone left the field and hit the showers, the Yanks’ skip told Tumpane, “Get it the f-ck together!”

Jomboy, F-in Savages, and Catch a Cheat

Jomboy rose to fame last year when he posted video evidence of the Houston Astros cheating in games. He now has 264K followers on Twitter and 686K subscribers on YouTube.

Before the Astros cheating incident blew up, Jomboy was best known for capturing the now-famous “f-cking savages” incident between Aaron Boone and an umpire during a game in 2018. Ever since that viral moment happened, baseball fans all over the world are curious to hear what Boone will say next to an umpire during a heated disagreement.