The incoming 2020 class at Cooperstown only includes Derek Jeter and Larry Walker. Pitcher Curt Schilling received only 70 percent of all votes and missed induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame by 20 votes. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, both high-profile steroid users, failed to earn entry in the Hall of Fame when Clemens received only 61 percent of the votes, and Bonds got only 60.7 percent.

Baseball MLB Hall of Fame Cooperstown Misses Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Curt Schilling
Slugger Barry Bonds and pitcher Roger Clemens have Hall of Fame numbers, but their link to steroid scandals have kept them out of Cooperstown. (Image: Getty)

Schilling earned 278 votes for 70 percent overall, which is shy of the 75 percent threshold. Players have a 10-year window in which they are eligible be voted into the Hall of Fame by its 397 voting members.

2020 Hall of Fame Misses
Curt Schilling (278) 70 percent
Roger Clemens (242) 61 percent
Barry Bonds (241) 60.7 percent

Bonds and Clemens missed induction to the Hall of Fame for their eighth consecutive year. This year, they both received very similar numbers to what they got last year. Clemens missed by 56 votes, while Bonds whiffed by 57.

Just Say No to the ‘Roid Boys

It’s fairly clear that enough voters will hold their hardline, anti-steroids stance and not induct either Bonds or Clemens. If either player wants a spot in Cooperstown, they’ll have to earn it through the veterans’ committee.

Clemens pitched for 24 seasons with an impressive 352-184 record. He won the Cy Young Award seven times, and edged out Don Mattingly to win the AL MVP in 1986. His lifetime ERA is 3.12 with a 1.173 WHIP. He struck out 4,672 batters, which is good for third-best all-time, but he never whiffed at least 300 in a season.

Clemens won 20 games six times, with a career-best 24-4 record in 1986. He played 13 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, and six more with the New York Yankees, where he won two World Series rings in 1999 and 2000. He also played for the Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays. Clemens is ranked #7 in all-time starts (707), and #9 in all-time wins.

Bonds played for 22 seasons. He started with the Pittsburgh Pirates for seven seasons, and ended his controversial career with the San Francisco Giants. He holds the MLB record for most career home runs with 762. Many baseball purists want an asterisk next to that record due to his involvement with steroids.

Bonds once hit .370, but finished his career with a .298 lifetime average. He drove in 1,996 RBI (good for #6 all-time) and collected 2,935 total hits. He holds the MLB record for most walks with 2,558, including 688 intentional passes. Overall, Bonds’ slash line was .298/.444/.607. He’s ranked #4 in total bases, #5 all-time in slugging percentage, and #6 in on-base percentage. He finished third all-time in runs scored with 2,227.

In 2001, Bonds shattered the single-season home run record with 73 dingers. He had never hit 50, let alone 60, when he set the record with 73.

Bloody Sock, Twitter Troll

Curt Schilling needs only 20 more votes to secure his plaque in Cooperstown. It appears he’ll probably squeak into the hall next year. If he doesn’t, then his chances will come down to his last year on the ballot.

Schilling might have Cooperstown-worthy numbers, but his brash personality and social media trolling turned off many former fans and Hall of Fame voters over the past few years.

Schilling played 20 seasons and won 216 games with a 216-146 record, a 3.46 ERA, and 1.137 WHIP. He struck out 3,116 batters, which places him #15 on the all-time K list. During his two best seasons, he went 22-6 in 2001 with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and 21-6 in 2004 with the Boston Red Sox.

More Misses in 2020

Former Cleveland Indians shortstop, Omar Vizquel, secured 209 votes for 52.6 percent for his third year on the ballot.

Third baseman Scott Rolen received 140 votes for 35.3 percent of the votes. He doubled last year’s number, but he’s still less than halfway to where he needs to be with 75 percent.

Derek Jeter’s teammate, pitcher Andy Pettitte, received only 45 votes or 11.3 percent.

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