Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs scored two touchdowns in a 26-14 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Hill’s celebration dance on his second score included a funny moment when he jumped into a CBS camera well to film his teammates celebrating in the end zone.

Tyreek Hill
Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill took over a camera as part of a touchdown celebration with his teammates. (Image: Jamie Squire/Getty)

With the win, the Chiefs improved to 9-1 overall and 5-0 at home. The Chiefs came into this game as a 18.5-point favorite, which marked a season high for NFL betting.

The Cheetah

Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest players in the NFL. His Twitter handle is @cheetah after all. The speedster stretches the vertical game for Andy Reid’s high-octane offense. In a short time, Hill emerged as Patrick Mahomes’ favorite deep threat.

Against the Cardinals in Week 10, Hill contributed 137 yards from scrimmage. Hill caught seven passes for 117 yards and two touchdown scores. So far this season, Hill scored seven touchdowns and caught 48 receptions.

Less than a minute into the game on the opening drive, Hill scored a 37-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes. Hill dove into the crowd for his celebration dance.

Hill Shares the Spotlight

With 5:31 remaining in the second quarter, Mahomes and Hill hooked up for his second touchdown of the game. The Chiefs went up 19-7 with his 14-yard touchdown reception.

Moments after the score, Hill and his teammates celebrated in group fashion. Hill hopped over the wall and climbed into the stands. He spotted a camera operator and took over duties for a moment.

CBS broadcast the Chiefs/Cardinals game and Hill hijacked the camera for a second while the union camera operator stepped aside. Hill panned the camera onto his nearby teammates still standing on the field in front of him. Hill want to profile his offensive line and share the spotlight with the grunts in the trenches.


As soon as Hill entered the stands and operated the camera, the referee threw a flag. They penalized Hill 15 yards for utilizing a prop in a TD celebration.

Despite a second score of the say, head coach Andy Reid pulled Hill aside to discuss the penalty flag. The league office will probably fine Hill for his antics.

Mahomes and Company

Patrick Mahomes posted ridiculous numbers all season. The biggest surprise this week was that the Chiefs only scored 26 points against a last-place team.

Mahomes is running the top offense in the league that averages 36.3 points per game. The second-year quarterback also has the luxury of multiple big-play weapons on the Chiefs roster. There’s no squabbling about who gets the ball because the Chiefs score so many points that Mahomes can easily spread the ball around.

Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, or Tyreek Hill have the uncanny ability to turn a routine play into a big play or even a touchdown. It feels like there’s a different player every week with a breakout game.