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Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan are among the backers of Sportradar, a statistics company that is reportedly close to striking a deal with the NBA. (Image:

Sportradar is on the radar of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Headquartered in Switzerland with a satellite office in Minneapolis and cloud-based services in San Francisco, Sportradar became a major data analytics company last fall when NBA legend Michael Jordan and franchise owners Ted Leonsis and Mark Cuban made a $45 million investment in the company.

According to its website, Sportradar is a sports data and content provider for various enterprises. The company is a leading sports betting statistics distributor that works with numerous international betting houses including Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes.

Sportradar already gathers statistics on the National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL), and is now rumored to be close to landing its third major US professional league with the NBA.

According to a report by Bloomberg Technology, the NBA and Sportradar are ready to sign a $250 million deal. The contract would give Sportradar the exclusive rights to sell statistics and data on NBA games to betting houses and individual league teams.

Since the agreement hasn’t officially been executed, both sides are staying mum on the rumors.

Live Betting Changes Game

Nevada sportsbooks are no longer confined to point spreads, over/under options, and moneyline betting odds. Live in-game wagering has revolutionized sports betting, and with it how statistics are compiled and evaluated.

Though Montana, Oregon, and Delaware are exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), Nevada is currently the only jurisdiction taking advantage of its legal grandfathering.

In addition to traditional sports wagering odds, Silver State books now offer live in-game options that allow bettors to place bets throughout the contest.

For instance, at William Hill you can place a bet on whether LeBron James will make his next free throw, or if James will score 30 points in the game after scoring only 10 in the first half.

In-game betting keeps bettors engaged and active longer than traditional sports betting methods. But it also requires oddsmakers to decipher a myriad of additional statistics.

That’s where Sportradar comes in.

PASPA Repeal

Reaching a deal with the NBA will give Sportradar another unit in its arsenal, and it’s an important one considering the sport’s international appeal. But domestically, the company is anxiously awaiting a federal repeal of PASPA.

Last October, Jordan, Cuban and Leonsis found Sportradar attractive due to the US seemingly moving towards a more favorable position on sports betting. The NHL has announced an expansion team in Las Vegas, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is easing his previously steadfast opposition, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said it’s time to regulate the market.

A US federal appeals court ruled otherwise earlier this month. In the case between the NCAA and New Jersey, the court said the state’s wishes to legalize sport betting violates federal law and that Congress is the only body capable of changing that reality.

American Gaming Association (AGA) Senior VP of Public Affairs Sara Rayme said the NHL coming to Vegas is a good sign that congressional activity could soon be on the way.

“With outdated barriers, such as opposition to a franchise in Las Vegas, falling rapidly, it’s clear that a new approach to sports betting will bring greater transparency and integrity to the games we all love to watch,” Rayme recently said in a press release.

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