While the consensus No. 1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft is Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett at minus-1000, there are still several picks to attract gamblers who want to bet on the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft
Defensive end, Myles Garrett is the overwhelming favorite to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. (Image: 12man.com)

The long shot pick for the top selection by the Cleveland Browns is North Carolina quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. They have a need for a quarterback and Trubisky is an Ohio native, so the rumor is they will take him over Garrett.

Many disagree with that scenario. Trubisky is not a franchise quarterback in many expert’s eyes and the Browns don’t want a disaster pick like they got when they selected Johnny Manziel No. 22 and then watched him flame out after two seasons.

The safe bet is Cleveland takes Garret, which is why the oddsmakers have him such an overwhelming favorite.

Value Still Available

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other picks that could bring in some money for savvy gamblers.

Trubisky might go No. 2 because San Francisco is in dire need of a quarterback and some have said the 49ers like his arm strength and his knowledge of the game.

At plus-750 to be the next pick behind Garrett, he is very enticing as a bet and if selected second, could pay off handsomely.

Another wager that might be worth making is where Stanford running back/wide receiver Christian McCaffrey goes. The over and under is set at 8.5, with the over being the favorite at minus-185. But some teams think he can be a versatile player in the NFL and one might take a chance on him earlier than that. The under is at plus-170.

Proposition Bets Abound

One of the proposition bets that people might to take a look at is the over/under of South Eastern Conference player picked in the first round.

The line is set at 11.5 and the over is favored at plus -110. This conference always has an abundance of talent and with Alabama projected to have four players taken, and LSU with 3, the remaining teams would only have to have four players to make the bet worthwhile.

The amount of quarterbacks taken in the first round might be something to look at as well. This year’s draft does not have what many consider a franchise QB and many teams might be unwilling to take a chance on someone that is basically considered a work in progress.
The over/under line is 2.5 and the under is plus-150. Trubisky will probably go in the first round, but after that it is questionable if two more will go before the second round.

This will be the first year sports books will offer bets on the NFL Draft, making it easier to place a bet.